Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Elimination Chamber, The Von Erichs, Bobby Lashley & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Elimination Chamber, The Von Erichs, Bobby Lashley & More
February 20, 2022

So let’s get rocking and do this. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. And away we go.

Did you watch The Elimination Chamber PPV? Thoughts?

I watched the entire event and it was okay. It wasn’t great of historical and epic proportions, but it wasn’t bad at all and was a solid show from top to bottom. Of course, it ran about three hours or so in length so there’s that and helped keep things moving. None of the matches were pure stinkers, although some didn’t keep my interest as much as the others did. It was a decent show.

Who was your MVP’s of the Chamber PPV?

Three names immediately come to mind for the title of MVP of the Elimination Chamber. If the time in the Elimination Chamber was meant to get Austin Theory over, it worked. He looked great. Madcap Moss had a good match, and after taking that sick bump on his head, should really see his star rise. And Lita. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much at all, but Lita had a great match and looked really good. If she can keep this up, she needs to stick around WWE for a bit. She looked great.

Bobby Lashley was pulled from the Chamber due to medical protocol. What the hell?

From what I understand, Lashley went into the Chamber match with a shoulder injury that requires surgery, thus forcing WWE to come up with a way to get the belt off of the then-WWE Champion, but still, keep him strong and this is what they came up with. Now Lashley can go do the necessary surgery, and when he comes back, he has a claim to the WWE title that he never actually lost, as well as a victory over Brock, to put him automatically back in the top of the card. All things considered, it makes sense and works.

Of the three Laurinaitis brothers, Road Warrior Animal, Johnny Ace, & Terminator, who had the best overall wrestling career?

Well, we know it isn’t Marc, aka The Terminator. So that leaves Animal or Johnny Ace. Most people will disagree, but for a better overall career, I have to go with Johnny Ace on this one. Hear me out. Animal had a great wrestling career, a true Hall of Fame career as one of the greatest tag teams of all time. That is undeniable. But Ace, look at it. He had a good career in the ring, and then went on to a management job in All Japan Pro Wrestling, then WCW, and now WWE. He’s still in the business, still making good money, and is married to a Bella (Nikki & Brie’s Mama). Animal had a great career, but Ace is still having one. And in the overall picture of things, longevity counts.

Now that Cody is gone from AEW, what’s next for Arn Anderson?

I would figure Arn will continue his career backstage as an Agent for AEW, and keep coming to the ring as a Coach for his son, Brock. And then, eventually, I’d expect that Tully will ask Arn to stand in for him and work with FTR as a mentor/advisor, maybe giving them and Brock an alliance, with another person to round things out with Tully & Arn as the managers. Shades of the Four Horsemen. What an original idea for AEW. They need to make it happen. But that’s speculation. Regardless, Arn will find things to do and be okay.

Brock Lesnar versus Bruiser Brody. Who wins?

This match would be a no-contest, with a DQ or count-out finish. But let’s say that it’s a Texas Death Match and there has to be a winner. Who wins then? I have absolutely no idea. So let’s flip a coin. Heads, it’s Brock or tails, it’s Brody. And the winner of this match is, Bruiser Brody.

Of the Von Erich Brothers, who was the best wrestler and how would you rank them from best to worst.

Of the entire set, I think David was the best all-around talent in the Von Erich family. He did a run in Florida as a heel and did damn well, something none of his brothers were ever able to accomplish. David could work, talk, and had that “it” factor, as a well-rounded professional wrestler. As for ranking the five brothers, it would go from best to worst, David, Kevin, Kerry, Mike, and lastly Chris.

Thoughts on The Russian Bear, Ivan Koloff?

One of the greatest wrestling heels of all time, as well as one of the nicest guys, away from the ring, that you can find. I used to watch Ivan wrestle when I was a kid, and he was so good at being the dastardly, evil Russian, even I, who always cheered the bad guys, wanted to see him lose and get his butt kicked. He wasn’t the greatest wrestler, but he was an amazing character who lived the role and made it believable. A true iconic legend in every sense of the word. Why he’s not in the WWE Hall of Fame is a tragedy and needs to be rectified. Uncle Ivan was an all-time great and deserves as many kudos as he can get.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have, then drop me a line and let’s talk. Until the next time, take care and be safe. Watch out for the foreign objects. I’ll see you at the matches.


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