Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Miz, Dave Meltzer, The Undertaker & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Miz, Dave Meltzer, The Undertaker & More
February 23, 2022

It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. As famed referee Mills Lane (Celebrity Death Match) would say, Let’s get it on!

Your thoughts on the Miz’s new tag partner?

Logan Paul? Really? Really? Really? I get it that he’s a famous YouTube guy with an abrasive personality and he likes to fight UFC matches. I see why WWE thinks that he can be their celebrity for Wrestlemania 38, and I guess he is better than Snookie. But for me personally, I would rather have seen almost anyone else. Even a reformation of the legendary tag team The Awesome Truth would have been better. I’m sure that some people will be happy and are fans of Mr. Paul, but I’m just not one of them. I mean, after all, really?

Who is the most underutilized AEW talent right now?

The Master of the Tornado DDT, Fuego Del Sol. Also Allen Angels & Aaron Solo. All three of these guys are talented, entertaining, and deserve more of a push in my opinion. AEW should make the VLOG Crew an on-screen faction and push these guys. They are that good.

Will Cody’s first match be against Veer?

That would be funny to have Veer finally show up at RAW, only to get his butt kicked by Cody. It’d be funny, but I doubt that’s the direction that WWE is planning for either of these guys.

Why Logan Paul? Why?

I explained why in my answer earlier, but I don’t get it either. Only Vince knows for sure why.

With the terrible job of selling and actual in-ring work, why do YOU think that Cargill and Hook are getting such a big push? There are more talented wrestlers in AEW, so do you think Tony Khan has McMahon syndrome with looks over talent? Will Thunder Rosa be barking like a dog next?

They’re getting the big push because Tony Khan sees something in each of them that he thinks will translate into a big positive for his company. Hell, I can see it in Hook, and as for Jade, once she gets more experience, she has the potential to be decent as well. The bottom line is though, as with Vince McMahon in WWE, Tony signs the checks, pays the bills, and controls most of the booking. It’s his call who gets pushed and who doesn’t, not yours or mine. I agree that there are others who would be better off if they were to be used more often and better, but what we believe doesn’t matter. As for Thunder Rosa barking like a dog, I laughed at that image in my mind. I don’t think we’ll be seeing that happen, at least not on a public forum. What she does in her personal life though, that’s her business and not ours.

Wrestling Observer (Meltzer) picked Tony Khan as his promoter/booker of the year. Kenny Omega is his wrestler of the year. Thoughts?

Meltzer loves AEW and anything that has anything to do with Kenny Omega. AEW essentially swept the Wrestling Observer Awards, and despite what Meltzer claims, the fan votes are NOT the only thing that matters. Uncle Dave is the deciding factor and he’s got his lips firmly planted on Tony Khan’s and Kenny Omega’s butt cheeks. It’s just that simple.

Triple Threat Match: Don Muraco versus Larry Zbyszko versus Stan Hansen. Who wins?

Muraco and Hansen beat the holy hell out of each other and then Zbyszko slides into the ring from where he’s been hiding on the floor and uses a small package to steal the victory. Zbyszko wins.

Can you see Undertaker being the only induction in this year’s Hall of Fame class?

I’ve heard this mentioned many times and it would be very cool to see, but I don’t think it will quite happen that way. There are so many other talents deserving that spot and induction to the WWE Hall of Fame, and Taker is a team player who would want to share that spotlight with those others. That’s how I see it happening.

What would you say in your opinion would be the best way to reintroduce Cody in WWE?

There is a big show coming up at Madison Square Garden where Brock is defending the WWE title against an opponent of Paul Heyman’s choosing. Have Cody come in, and with the help of Roman and Heyman, take the WWE title away from Brock. Then it’s Roman versus Brock at Mania for the Universal Championship while Cody can wrestle and defend WWE title at the same event against Seth or some other top guy.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and watch out for any foreign objects. I’ll see you at the matches.


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