Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Rankings, Owens versus Austin, Survivor Series of Bald Men & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Rankings, Owens vs Austin, Survivor Series Of Bald Men & More
March 3, 2022

With more brothers than either Hulk Hogan or the Dudleys, it’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. And whatcha gonna do, brutha? Let’s do this.

If you ran WWE, would you introduce the ranking system that AEW currently has?

I wouldn’t mind a ranking system of sorts, but not like what AEW uses. I’d prefer a kayfabe rankings list similar to what we saw back in the old days with the Apter Mags. A Champion is listed and their top 5 or so (kayfabe) challengers. It could be used to work title matches, stories, and is much more adaptable than the legit style rankings that AEW uses.

If you were writing for WWE right now, what storylines would you cut, and what would you add?

The writers in WWE don’t have any kind of real say about the stories. It’s all Vince making the final call on everything. But that being said, I’d try to wrap up everything currently going on, speed up the expected Dominick turn on Rey, definitely drop the Naomi/Sasha tag team stuff (it doesn’t make sense), and make sure we have an R-Truth appearance on every show. And also, push the Cruiserweights again, make that brand stronger, and bring back the Cruiserweight Championship.

What is your favorite championship title in any promotion all time and why?

The NWA World Television Championship. It was a great secondary title, it had that cool time-limit stipulation with every defense, and it was held by great champs like Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, and Steven Regal. What more reasons do you need?

What is your favorite multi-man match type?

I like Battle Royals. The Royal Rumble match is very cool, as is AEW’s Casino Battle Royal event. I just like the whole idea of twenty or more folks fighting it out, every man for themselves. It’s always a good time guaranteed.

Would you rather take a chop from Walter or a Stinkface from Rikishi?

A stink face from Rikishi? I’ll pass on that. Hey Walter, here’s my chest. Light me up!

What do you think is the likelihood that the whole Cody Rhodes situation is a work?

Before Tony Khan announced last night that he’s bought Ring of Honor, I’d say no way, but now that he has another company to build, promote, and develop, I’m not sure anymore. Anything is possible.

Who would be your Survivor Series team made up of only bald men?

The team leader would be Steve Austin, and his four teammates would be Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, The Warlord, and Baron Von Raschke.

I’ve noticed that Seth Rollins has been insulting Texas just as much as Kevin Owens has, and also JBL has been responding to all the Texas insults on Twitter, so how about this? Instead of Owens versus Steve Austin at Wrestlemania, we have a tag team match with JBL & Steve Austin versus Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens. What do you think?

I’d actually prefer to see something like this than just a singles Owens versus Austin match. Austin, and JBL for that matter, are going to have some ring rust. That’s almost impossible to avoid but a tag match, where JBL could take some abuse from Seth/Owens and then do the hot tag to Austin, would work better to protect both of them, shortening their time in the match and allowing them to focus on the highspots. And in the end, Austin gives Owens the Stunner while JBL treats Seth to a clothesline from Hell. We get the beer bash and then JBL does something to piss off Austin and eats a stunner, leaving Austin standing alone at the end. It’d make for a great Mania moment and that is what I’d like to see. Austin versus Owens would be good, but the tag team idea would be, in my opinion, far better.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have about pro wrestling or anything for that matter, just give me a shout and we’ll take care of them. Until the next time, take care and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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