In Loving Memory: Joshua McVicker

Heartbroken! It’s a word I’ve seen used quite often and it fits so well. A beautiful man, a beautiful soul, Joshua McVicker, has been called home to those golden gates. Heaven needed another angel, but for those of us who knew Josh, spoke to Josh, traded jokes and comments, played music, loved this man, whatever the case may be, the angels may rejoice as he joins them, but for us, heartbroken is truly the word.

I can’t pretend that I knew Josh well, but I was blessed enough to know him and that was enough. Late-night conversations on Facebook Messenger about the most random of topics are memories that I’ll forever treasure and enjoy. The quick wit, insightful remarks, and addictive laugh. It was impossible to remain mad or sad after Josh decided to make his presence felt. He was a bright light who was just there, always reaching out, looking to make you smile or laugh. He had that big heart and just wanted to share and bring a smile, or at least a smirk. And it always worked. Always.

We met when he would come into the place I worked, the local ABC store. Josh had his demons, no doubt, and he was drinking a lot then. He would come into the store, usually when one particular coworker and I were working, and my coworker would get mad and annoyed. He said that Josh talked too much and my then-coworker would get all huffy. And Josh didn’t care. He would do his business, talking the entire time, oblivious to my coworker’s annoyance, or maybe relishing in it.

And I would talk back and we talked about his music, my website, just anything, and everything. I enjoyed and looked forward to those visits, and if I saw him come into the store. I’d stop whatever I was doing and make it a point to be behind that register when he was ready to check out so we could talk for fifteen minutes, and both enjoy watching my coworker huff, puff, and then step out to go smoke a cigarette. We’d both laugh at him and then just keep on talking.

And then there was the music. Josh’s love for music was so obvious and apparent. And unlike so many who had big dreams, he had the talent as well. To watch and listen to him get excited as he talked about music, and about his brothers in the band, Antietam. He was so happy and so proud. He loved that band and the magic they created. It was a beautiful sight to see his eyes light up and feel the emotion he was projecting.

I could go on and on about how awesome a guy and special Josh was, but I think everyone knows already. Yes, he had his demons, as do we all, but he was better and the light always managed to shine through, no matter how dark things seemed to get. He lived to make music, to make people happy, and to bring light into a dark world. I am far better a person for having known Josh, even for just a short period of time, and will always remember, respect, and have love in my heart for this truly good guy.

Rest In Peace, Joshua McVicker
You will be missed – you will be remembered
And we will always be better off because of the influence
and happiness you shared with us and placed in our hearts.
December 2, 1993 – March 8, 2022
We love you bro!

This is not quite what I wanted, but I hope it’ll suffice. I have tears in my eyes right now and can’t see to write anymore. Comments, thoughts, and memories are welcome. Go fly high on that mountain, good Sir. You’ll always be with us in our thoughts and hearts.



  1. A beautiful tribute to one of the friendliest and loving guy I have ever met.. Beautifully written 👏 ❤️

  2. Such beautiful words about a truly beautiful soul. Josh was one of a kind and anybody was blessed to know him. He never knew it but he saved me so many times in high school by asking me how I was doing and telling me it would all be ok. And I always believed him. Every time. I wish I could’ve helped him the way he helped me but I just know he’s up there’s singing in that angel choir waiting until he can be reunited with those he cares about.

  3. What a beautiful tribute. I never met Josh but I know his mother and family. The more I hear about him now, the more I feel cheated that I never got to know him. Obviously he is one of those people that passes through one’s life and makes a difference.

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