Wrestling Fact or Fiction: CM Punk, ROH, AEW & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
CM Punk, ROH, AEW & More
March 13, 2022

Are you ready to do this? It’s Wrestling Fact or Fiction. You know the deal, right? Jake Chambers, of 411.com/wrestling, supplies the statements and I either agree or not. There’s no time for chit-chat. Let’s get busy and do this.

Statement #1: CM Punk coming out to his old Ring of Honor entrance before the AEW Revolution match with MJF worked for you.

FICTION: I know everyone got excited and was happy to see CM Punk get all retro, but as good as the song from AFI is, I like the song Cult of Personality better. It’s the song I identify Punk with and expect to hear when he makes an appearance. We’re not all historians who watched ROH ten years ago. I didn’t know the song and prefer to hear the stuff I know.

Statement #2: Adam Cole should have won the AEW Championship from Hangman Page at the Revolution PPV.

FICTION: Page is just starting to get into his role as the AEW Champion and it’s far too soon to take the belt off of him at this point. Cole is a good wrestler, but it’s not time for a title switch yet.

Statement #3: You are glad AEW owner/booker Tony Khan purchased the ROH IP and video library instead of the WWE.

FACT: Khan will probably try and keep the company alive and active, most likely as an AEW Developmental Company, but they’ll still be having shows, giving jobs to the boys, and keeping the legacy alive. Vince would just raid the library for what he wants and bury the rest on a shelf somewhere. ROH as part of AEW is the better deal for the future of the company.

Statement #4: Among the four new AEW signings since last Sunday – including Regal, Swerve, and Jeff Hardy – Paige VanZant will end up eventually having the biggest impact in AEW.

FICTION: I’m sure that VanZant will make an impact in the company, but look at the other new signings mentioned? Swerve? Who knows? But VanZant having more impact than Jeff Hardy or William Regal? No, I can’t see that happening. Not now and not ever.

Statement #5: You think AEW should play hot potato with the TNT Title next week and put it on Wardlow after Scorpio Sky just won it from Sammy Guevara this week.

FICTION: I think Wardlow and Sky should have a great match, both put on a strong performance, and then MJF should return the favor that Wardlow did him at Revolution and cost him his opportunity at winning the title. Then, the Wardlow/MJF feud can take off and do its thing, while Scorpio Sky can do his thing as the TNT Champion and go on to a fun and long run, building both himself and the title. It’s too soon to take the belt off Sky and MJF costing Wardlow the belt makes the most sense in the context of their story.

And there you go. My thanks for reading, and thanks to 411mania.com and Jake Chambers for allowing me to use their stuff and run with it a bit. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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