Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Austin Idol, CM Punk, The Miz & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Austin Idol, CM Punk, The Miz & More
March 24, 2022

Shaking that booty like the Disco Inferno and Fandango at Studio 54, it’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Austin Idol. Any memories of this guy and what happened to him?

I remember Ido very well from his time in Crockett/Mid-Atlantic, although I more remember him doing an angle coming to the ring and filming wrestlers with a video camera than any actual matches or feuds, but considering this was the early ’80s, that was cutting edge stuff. A good talker with a good look, but he didn’t really do much. I also remember in the Apter Mags where he and Tommy Rich attacked Jerry Lawler in Memphis, and allegedly ruptured his nut-sack. As for what happened to him, he retired for a while and now he’s part of the NWA, as an announcer and advisor for the NWA Television Champion, Tyrus.

What’s a feud that wasn’t the main event, but you thought it was just fun?

Heath Slater versus The Legends leading up to RAW 1000, Hornswoggle versus El Torito, and the legendary WCW feud with Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko all come to mind for this question.

AJ Styles was recently quoted as saying the best heel in pro wrestling is The Miz. Agree or disagree?

It would have to be either The Miz or MJF. Both are so damn good, but for different reasons. MJF is just an asshole, pure and simple, and relishes in it, which makes him so great. And Miz, you just want to punch him in the face, no matter what he says or does, which is pretty awesome too. So I’ll agree with AJ on this one, although MJF is right up there too.

What would be your Mt. Rushmore of storylines? They can be from any company and Era.

Four storylines that went above and beyond and are truly the best? First, we’ll go with the Hat versus The Robe, Ric Flair & Blackjack Mulligan breaking up their partnership and team in 1978. No footage exists that I know of, but the stories about this were awesome. Secondly, we’ll go with Zbyszko turns on Bruno. For the third, how about Dusty versus Ole Anderson. It was the feud that never ended and led to the formation of the Four Horsemen. And finally, let’s go with The Montreal Screwjob. Real or not, that incident led to so many things for WWE including the birth of Mr. McMahon. It definitely deserves a spot.

Konnan says that CM Punk is boring in AEW. Agree or disagree?

Yes and no. Whenever Punk gets on the mic, he scores a home run, draws you in, and makes you believe. A promo by Punk is never boring. Most of his actual matches though, they’re good, but not really memorable or great. He was the same way in WWE though too. Great promos and one of the best talkers in the business, but the actual matches are so-so at best. It’s just how Punk is. A great talker, but just a good wrestler, and yes, his matches are somewhat boring. Oh well.

When I was 14, one match burned itself into my memory: When Ric Flair won the title from Wahoo McDaniel on 20th September 1975, using a set of “brass knuckles.” Flair executed the cheat and hid the knucks like a pro. Wahoo sold it like a pro. What match made such a deep impression on you when you were young?

Strangely enough, it was just a throw-away match at a live event with two old veterans, Gene Anderson and Johnny Weaver. Both men were well on the plus side of their careers and the match had no reason to be as good as it was, but both Weaver and Anderson just seemed to be in a mood to steal the show, put on a clinic, and have a damn good match. I was like 14 years old and watching these two old men just tear it up, it was amazing. Weaver won with the sleeper, of course, but Gene gave as good as he got and they gave the small crowd in that small Armory a match that could have headlined any arena in the world. Two legends showing exactly why they were so respected and good at what they did.

Randy Orton and Riddle versus Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley. Who wins?

The two oddball teams of the WWE and AEW. I’d love to see Riddle under the guidance of William Regal at some point. That would be amazing. As for this match, we have four of the best in the business today. Well, three of the best and Moxley, but you get the point. I think I’d have to go with Orton and Riddle to win this one. It’d be a fun match and great to see, but when the final bell was ringing, it’d be the WWE guys, Roddile and Orton, taking that trip to the pay window.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, or any questions you may have, drop me a line. It’s much appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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