A Day Of Dougie: A Very Weird Dream & Gypsy Souls

Tossing Salt Presents:
A Day Of Dougie:
A Very Weird Dream & Gypsy Souls
March 24, 2022

I woke up after some very weird dreams this morning. It started off with me, breaking in my new foot, and helping to clear out an old storage unit or barn. My sister was helping me and some were some guys I don’t recognize. We loaded up the truck and went to a home, presumably mine, and they all vanished inside, saying that they needed to eat. I was complaining about getting back to get the rest of the stuff because it’s getting dark.

So I got mad and got into a truck to head back to the place to finish cleaning it out and there was a man there. A huge, bald man with a creepy smile. He was trying to get into the house. I brushed past him and went into a house and my Mom and Step-Dad, who passed away in 2000, were there. And they were handing me weapons to shoot the guy trying to get in. Yeah, this is getting odd.

So I took a rifle and put it to his face, but he was laughing and said, “You’ll never shoot me!”. I tried to pull the trigger, but the safety was on. He laughed and said, “I told you so!”. My Mom is swinging a golf club, hitting me more than anything else, and my step-dad has walked out past the creepy dude and is looking in his truck for something. I finally got the safety unlatched on the rifle, and after ducking another swing from the golf club by my Mom, I pulled the trigger. There was a loud bang.

But he didn’t die. Instead, we were all at a glass structure, kind of like a Dairy Queen. The big guy was inside and asking what we wanted. And Kevin Nash was there and I was yelling at him for being a sell-out and hanging out with a murderer. He just shrugged his shoulders. The big guy was smiling a sick and twisted smile and started to climb through the small glass window to get to us. And he was grabbed from behind and a guy who looked like Roddy Piper was there, complete with a kilt on, and this guy poked him in the eyes. And then he pulled out a poker, as you use for a fireplace, and stabbed him in the chest. The guy fell over, dead. Nash just put his hands on his head and said, “Wow!”. And then I woke up.

So what does all of that mean? Am I moving? Will my friends and family not help me move? Will I be fighting off crazed serial killer nutcases? Is Kevin Nash a sidekick to a murderer? Will Roddy Piper save my life at the Dairy Queen? Do I watch too much wrestling? It was a weird freaking dream. I’m surprised that I remember as much as I do, but it’s like I was watching a bad movie by Miramax. Just strange. Now I understand why I don’t sleep nearly as much as I should and often stay up all night.

And I’m closing this up right here. I have more to say and talk about, but the distractions are awake and now talking… a lot! I’ll be back later. My thanks for indulging me and listening to me talk about my weird dream. Thoughts and opinions are welcome. I’ll see you on Elm Street.

And I’m back. And I’m going to do one more thing. It’s not original thoughts, but something I had stashed on my computer. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where it came from or who wrote this, but it’s all about what is a “Gypsy Soul”. I wish I could take credit, but alas, I can not. I can only share it. So here you go.

Gypsy Souls

What does it mean to have a Gypsy Soul? The Gypsy Soul is said to be wanderers who dream to travel the whole world. These souls are basically a person who explore new things in life. These people cannot be abiding by rules and regulations. They have a soul with full liberty. Some characteristics found in Gypsy Soul: The soul does not have boundaries.

We Have a Restless Spirit:

This does not mean anxiety. Restless, in this context, is having the feeling of wanting to go somewhere; not staying in one place; ready to plan for the next move or new adventure. Now, of course, this can describe the desire to travel. And that is great! But traveling is much more than seeing a new place. Traveling gives you new eyes to see; can open your heart to new cultures and people; can clear your mind and improve your thoughts, and can even improve your health.

But being restless is more than wanting to travel. It’s about the desire, or need, to see or do something new and different; to want to break up the routine or the status quo; to feel deep down the need to change…ourselves, our situation, our direction…something. This doesn’t mean you are not content where you are. But rather, having that desire to see more, do more, experience more all while loving your present moment.

We Desire Freedom:

Freedom is the first idea of what it means to be a modern gypsy. Being a gypsy invokes a sense of freedom. We embrace a free spirit, a spirit that wants to keep soaring but one that can also be content with stillness. Freedom to be who we are and yet continue to learn and grow in ourselves and our soul. Freedom to break the everyday routine and seek new paths and journeys. Freedom to dream, to let our hair down and run a little wild. And freedom to wander…whether down the street, across towns, or across countries. But we do not all wander; some have found freedom in one place…home.

We Embrace Being Different:

Being different is also what it means to be a modern gypsy. A gypsy doesn’t follow the crowd. We embrace our uniqueness. We enjoy being slightly ‘different’. We don’t have to ‘keep up with the Jones’. Our ‘wealth’ is in people, experiences, nature, and beauty. We choose to embrace life instead of chasing the corporate ladder. We aren’t afraid to try new things, new opportunities, or new paths. We are excited to find new ways to enjoy life, however simple it may be.

We Have Creative Souls:

Gypsies are creative by nature, but that doesn’t mean we all have to be professional artists. Some are, but others simply find joy in the art of others and soothe their creative spirit in viewing and experiencing that art. We love to create, whether with a paintbrush, a camera lens, a computer graphic, a garden, a fantastic outfit, or a colorful, eclectic room. We never stop creating…in some way. We also appreciate and revel in God’s creation and find joy, satisfaction, and renewal when we spend time outside in nature.

We Often Have Dirty Feet:

We love to be barefoot, to feel the ground and the energy from the earth, to walk through fields, and water and sand with childlike fancy. Shoes are fine, but we are most comfortable when our feet can be free. Having our toes in the sand, dipping our feet in the coolness of an ocean or river, and feeling the velvety softness of grass under our feet makes us happy. Having dirty feet is another aspect of what it means to be a modern gypsy.

We Are Dreamers:

We plan, we dream, we think of all the people we want to meet, the places we want to go, the adventures we want to take, and the things we want to do. But we don’t just dream about it. We take action. We go after the dream, make it a goal and work to achieve it. Some call us starry-eyed. But we prefer hopeful-eyed. We believe in possibilities.

We Are Beautiful and Deep:

We are full of fire, energy, independence, spark, and a touch of wildness. We love people. We stand for faithfulness, freedom, friendship, family, fearlessness, flexibility, and fierceness. We like living in the moment and enjoying life now. We are honest, respectful, open, and kind. We are heart and soul lovers.

We are determined…we do not quit, no matter how messy life can get. We choose to see the good and the positive. And we still see the wonder in the world. And even though there is a carefreeness and a somewhat unbridled spirit, we are deeply respectful of our family roots and are grounded by a supportive community.

And there it ends. There was probably more, but that was what I had saved. And while all of that is cool, I know you’re wondering what’s the deal with gypsy souls? Keep watching this site and within the next day or so, you’ll understand. We love you, Josh!

And with that, I’m calling it a day. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good. I’ll see you in my dreams, and hopefully, it won’t be as weird as that last one. I’ll see you later friends.


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