Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: La Park, Mike Tenay, Sexy Star & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
LA PARK, Mike Tenay, Sexy Star & More
April 13, 2022

More stuff than Buff, but not quite as sexy in a top hat, it’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

I saw that GCW and MLW have both tried to get Mike Tenay to come out of retirement and return to the announce booth. Would you like to see Tenay return to wrestling, maybe in AEW?

I’ve never really been a big fan of “The Professor”, but I will admit he’s a smart guy who knows his stuff. AEW has too many people on the payroll as announcers and also, given the legit bad blood between him and Tony Schiavone, I don’t think it would work out too well with Tenay at that particular company. But for MLW or even Game Changer Wrestling, Tenay might be a good fit. It’d be interesting to see what he could do with either of them.

Would you like to see Big Show return to wrestling as Captain Insano in AEW?

For maybe a one-shot, that would be cool, but I really have no desire to see Big Show return to wrestling on a regular basis in the ring at all.

Who are your top 5 tag teams in AEW (IN ORDER)?

In order, it’s FTR as the top team, followed by The Hardys, Jurassic Express, The Gunn Club, and Moxley & Danielson rounding out the group.

I saw where Sexy Star was wrestling on a show in Mexico against Sammy Guevera & Tay Conti. Isn’t that Baby Doll’s daughter? Does this mean we get to see Tully Blanchard’s “Perfect 10” return to wrestling?

Don’t I wish, but Baby Doll’s daughter is named Samantha Starr, aka The Perfect Knockout, and is not the female luchador you’re thinking of. Sexy Star is a popular performer who has been wrestling since 2006, mainly south of the border, and has a long and solid career in the square circle. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her turn up on AEW Dark at some point. As for Samantha Starr, I’m not sure if she’s even still wrestling. The most recent info I could find for her was 2019. Her Mom though, the legendary Baby Doll, can be found on Twitter and Facebook and remains active with signings and appearances. I doubt we’ll be seeing her in AEW or WWE anytime soon, but maybe a WWE Hall of Fame induction? One can only hope. She absolutely deserves it.

The LA Park Family (the original La Parka, LA Park Jr., and El Hijo de La Park) were fired from MLW for going into business for themselves and legit injuring Jacob Fatu and Alex Hammerstone with legit punches and chair shots. Should AEW hire these guys?

As much as I love La Parka and was a big fan of his back in the WCW days if he and his sons can’t follow the rules, listen to the boss, and deliberately hurt other wrestlers, then they don’t belong in any wrestling company, be it AEW, MLW, or anywhere else. Wrestlers have to be able to trust their opponents with their bodies and health and if a wrestler can’t do that because someone wants to go into business for themselves, then the wrestler who’s broken the trust needs to go… period!

Harley Race, Dick Murdoch & Wahoo McDaniel versus Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley & Omos. Who wins?

If Harley can’t beat them, he’ll just shoot them lol. Just kidding. This would be a very interesting match to see. It’d be fun to watch Wahoo chop Omos down while Harley & Roman wrestle and Murdoch slugs it out with Lashley. And the new kids, Roman, Omos, and Lashley would win.

What if there was a bait & switch at BASH AT THE BEACH 96? For instance, Hogan comes out and signals he’s with The Outsiders. Then Hall & Nash turn on Hogan inside the ring. All of a sudden HBK comes out the entranceway. Would that have been better than what we got?

Hogan and his ego and “creative control” would never allow for something like this to happen, but for me personally, I would absolutely rather have had Shawn Michaels as the “mystery partner” for Hall & Nash instead of Hogan. Hell, for me personally, I’d rather have seen the Disco Inferno as the mystery partner for The Outsiders instead of Hogan. I just don’t like Hogan.

Thoughts on Elias and Ezekiel?

Elias was taken off of television for almost a year for this? Really? Really? Now he’s shaven and pretending to be his own younger brother? sighs I think someone in WWE Creative needs to be fired, or maybe Vince just needs to change his meds. This whole angle and story? All I can do is shake my head and wonder why.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, or any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. I can be reached via the comment box, my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.com, or on Twitter at @Doug28352. And if you’d like to use the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A on your website or as part of your group, just let me know and we’ll work something out. And with that, I’m out of here. Take care and be good. Watch out for the foreign objects. I’ll see you at the matches.


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