Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: FTR, Theory, Tammy Sytch & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
FTR, Theory, Tammy Sytch & More
April 22, 2022

Unlike WWE superstars, our name will never change. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. I’m your host with the most, Doug, and let’s get this baby started. And away we go.

The WWE reportedly has an interest in bringing FTR, formerly known as The Revival, back to their company. Do you think FTR should go back to WWE?

This one, I’m not sure of. When FTR was last in WWE, they were known as The Revival and were miserable and strongly misused there. WWE is not big on tag teams in general unless you’re the New Day or related to Roman Reigns, but that seems to be changing a little. I’m sure that the money and merchandising is better in the WWE and that would have to be something to consider, but the creative freedom with AEW is something to consider too. My call to be to talk to both sides, listen to what they’re offering, and make the decision then.

When you were younger, what wrestling move did you love to see someone perform? For me, it was Double A’s spine buster and Tully’s slingshot suplex.

I was big on the finishers and my favorites were Baron Von Raschke’s claw, the cobra by Masked Superstar, and Abe Jacob’s Kiwi Roll.

Austin Theory is the new WWE United States Champion. Thoughts?

I think Austin Theory is a good talent with a big future and WWE is starting to see that in him and thus, he’s getting a big push. I like the idea of Theory as the United States Champion and I think it’s just the beginning of a long and prosperous future.

Who was your favorite “King” of Wrestling?

There are many to choose from, be it Jerry Lawler, Harley Race, Ernie Ladd, any of the men who won the King of the Ring tournament, or even the Macho King Randy Savage. But my favorite? The King of Hearts, Owen Hart.

I just got the perfect idea. Start a Fed where it’s exclusively guys who are well past their prime that people can go see for nostalgia. We can call it Senior Circuit Wrestling. Thoughts?

We’ve already tried that. It was called WCW. I’m kidding (not really). It’s an interesting concept and I could see an audience for that kind of company, but it wouldn’t last long and nostalgia can only go so far, so for a Senior Circuit Wrestling, I would say no.

Thoughts on Tony Atlas?

A guy who had a great body when he was younger and has a great fake laugh. but aside from that, I can’t really think too much to say about Atlas. He comes across to me as a bit full of himself and truthfully, a little dumb. I’m sure he has his fans and he was decent in the ring back in the day, but he’s never really impressed me much.

Nikki Bella keeps talking about a possible full-time return to the WWE. Would you like to see Nikki back wrestling again?

If she can go a fulltime schedule, I would have no objections. The WWE Women’s Division needs something to stir things up and make it interesting again. I don’t know if Nikki is the one to do that, but it can’t hurt to try.

Should Tammy Sytch be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame?

Normally, I would say no because she’s earned that spot and deserves it, but to every rule, there is an exception, and with Tammy, I think her repeated criminal activities and killing a man, that would be the one. Just quietly remove her from the Hall and let her be.

Describe Vince McMahon using only one word.

Stupendous. That seems to be his favorite word anyhow so it’ll work.

Describe Tony Khan using only one word.

Hyperactive. That’s better than saying alleged cokehead, right? Just kidding, but damn, that man has some energy.

How Would You Rate Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Return Match atWWE WrestleMania 38 On A Scale of 1 To 10?

I’ll give it a solid 8. It was far better than we had any right to expect and the man can still go. And if you agree, give me a hell yeah! ‘Nuff said!

Who would you rank as the five greatest masked wrestlers ever?

In my opinion, that would be The Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie), Mr. Wrestling II, Mil Mascaras, Jushin Thunder Liger, and Rey Mysterio.

Tony Khan’s big announcement was a joint show between AEW and New Japan. Are you excited about this upcoming “Forbidden Door” event?

So far, not yet, but give me time. As the date approaches and once we have more of an idea of who is wrestling on the event and what the top matches will be, I’m sure my enthusiasm and excitement will probably grow.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, or any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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