Wrestling Fact or Fiction: Steve Austin, Samoa Joe, Cody Rhodes & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Steve Austin, Samoa Joe, Cody Rhodes & More
April 22, 2022

It’s time once again to do that Fact or Fiction thing. The statements below are courtesy of Jake Chambers and the fine people from 411mania.com/wrestling. The answers and opinions that follow? That’s all me. Let’s do this.

Statement #1: Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar should headline one more Wrestlemania.

FICTION: Roman and Brock have already headlined three Wrestlemania events against each other. Three is enough. I always enjoy watcing Roman and Brock beat the hell out of each other, but give someone else a shot at making history at Mania. If we do end u with an eventual Brock versus Roman IV, so be it, but I just personally feel it’s time for WWE to move on. 

Statement #2: FTR vs. The Briscoes was the best match on Wrestlemania weekend and will likely end up being your Match of the Year.

FACT: I don’t usually do Match of the Year stuff, but if I did, that match with FTR and the Briscoes is absolutely in the running. It was good. Damn good. And nothing else over the weekend even came close.

Statement #3: Cody Rhodes will defeat Roman Reigns for at least one of his championship belts.

FACT: I’ve already said this in one of my Q&A’s (or maybe I will be saying it and just having written that one yet). Cody is in WWE with a purpose and not eventually putting one of the belts on him would be terrible booking and bad storytelling. I’m thinking either during the next trip to Saudi Arabia or at SummerSlam, but Cody as the new WWE Champion. It’s going to happen.

Statement #4: Samoa Joe should dethrone Jonathan Gresham for the ROH World Championship on the first Tony Khan-owned ROH TV show.

FICTION: While I don’t expect to see Gresham keep the ROH title for very long in this new era of Khan’s ROH, I don’t think that Joe is the man who will beat him. Joe has already captured the ROH TV Championship and that’s a good place for him. I think CM Punk as the new ROH Champion has a better ring to it to help get the brand rolling.

Statement #5: Stone Cold Steve Austin will have a match with Goldberg in Saudi Arabia this year.

FICTION: While it would not surprise me a bit to see Steve Austin wrestle a match in Saudi Arabia this year, especially after his great match at Mania, but it won’t be with Bill Goldberg if it happens. If Austin wrestles, it will be against someone who can work safe and make Steve look great. Goldberg is not known for either of those qualities and I think, done with the company. If Steve wrestles, I’d look for a Dolph Ziggler, Happy Corbin, or maybe even a rematch of sorts with (Don’t Call Me Austin) Theory. I think we will see more Stone Cold. I am sure it will not be against Goldberg.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and again to Jake Chambers for the statements. Comments, thoughts, or any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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