NWA Alwayz Ready PPV: Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
NWA Alwayz Ready PPV
Thoughts & Predictions
June 10, 2022

Coming up tomorrow from Knoxville, TN, is the latest pay-per-view offering from the National Wrestling Alliance. It’s a packed card from top to bottom, streaming live on FITE.TV, and of course, that means prediction time.

Obviously, there will be some “card subject to change” activities due to an injury and surgery for current NWA World Champion Matt Cardona this past week, but I’ll talk about that in a few minutes. We’ve also been told that the former Bubba Dudley, aka Bully Ray, will be on commentary, and former NXT/TNA talent Samuel Shaw, aka Dexter Lumis, will be showing up in some capacity. It’s going to be a very interesting night to be sure. Now, that’s enough of the chit-chat. Let’s break out the crystal ball and make those predictions.

NWA Champion Matt Cardona vs. Nick Aldis

As we all know, NWA Champion Matt Cardona suffered an injury and was forced to undergo surgery this past week so it’s obvious that he will not be able to wrestle and defend the NWA World Championship against former Champion Nick Aldis. So what is going to happen?

The possibilities are, as I see it, strip Cardona of the title and award it to Aldis, allow Matt to have someone, a proxy, wrestle in his place, or do the AEW thing and allow Aldis to wrestle someone else to determine an Interim Champion who will wrestle Cardona in a Unification Match when Cardona is cleared to return to action. I don’t think they’ll go the AEW route with the Interim Champion, nor do I think they’ll do the stripping of the title and awarding to Aldis routine. The AWA did that one time when Verne Gagne retired and Nick Bockwinkle was awarded the AWA World Championship. That didn’t go over very well.

My prediction is that Matt will be allowed to select someone to wrestle in his place, with Cardona at ringside of course, against Nick Aldis. And who would this person be? My guess? The debuting Samuel Shaw. He has a bit of history with Aldis from TNA, plus he has a history with the NWA. What better way to have this guy debut than as the weapon for the NWA Champion? Shaw is damn good and a future headliner for the NWA. Of that, I have no doubt, so I’d use him for this match.

And Samuel Shaw versus Nick Aldis for the NWA World Championship, with Matt Cardona and most likely Chelsea Green in his corner? Works for me. And through shenanigans and interference, we see Shaw get the win and allow Cardona to retain his title.

Winner: Samuel Shaw (Matt Cardona retains the NWA World Championship).

NWA Women’s Champion Kamille vs. KiLynn King.

I’ve become a fan of Kamille. She’s no Ivory of course, but who is? She’s a good wrestler and will have a great career ahead of her in the years to come. KiLynn King? I looked her up on YouTube, and while she’s definitely got some skills, she just doesn’t scream out “champ” to me.

Winner and STILL NWA Women’s Champion: Kamille

NWA Tag Team Champions La Rebelion vs. The Commonwealth Collection, Doug Williams & Davey Boy Smith Jr.

LaRebelion are Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf 450. This one should be an interesting clash of styles as we have Lucha versus the European style of wrestling, but it should make for a fun and exciting match. I think we’re going to see a title switch here.

Winners and NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Davey Boy Smith Jr.)

NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Homicide vs. PJ Hawx.

This one is a tough call for me. Homicide is so damn good and a true legend in every sense of the word. PJ Hawx is the up-and-coming star, the mainstay for the NWA, and the star of the future for pro wrestling. Should Homicide pass the torch or should the legacy continue, with Hawx coming just so close, but not quite there? I don’t know so I’ll go to old faithful. Let’s flip a coin. Heads for Homicide and tails for Hawx. Heads it is. Homicide keeps the title and wins the match.

Winner and STILL NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion: Homicide

NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) vs. Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige)

The Hex is awesome. They’re keeping their belts.

Winners and STILL NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions: The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle)

NWA TV Champion Tyrus with Austin Idol vs. Matthew Mims.

Who is this Matthew Mims? Easy call here. Tyrus is a part of the most-watched show on Cable every week and he proudly carries the NWA World Television Championship with him every time he’s on the TV. He’s also the author of one of the best-selling books in the United States right now. And Austin Idol is in his corner. There is no way he’s losing here.

Winner and STILL NWA World Television Champion: Tyrus w/Austin Idol

NWA National Champion Jax Dane vs. Chris Adonis.

It’s time to put some gold back around the waist of The Masterpiece. Look for a newly crowned NWA National Champion as the man formerly known as Chris Masters takes that trip to the pay window.

Winner and NEW NWA National Champion: Chris Adonis

Trevor Murdoch vs. Aron Stevens in Stevens’ announced final match.

Do I really think that this is the last match for Aron Stevens? It’s pro wrestling and I think he’s got a few more retirements left in him. Maybe it’s the end of Stevens, but the return of Damien Sandow? WWE could surely use him right now. But regardless of what the future holds for Mr. Stevens, I think this match will be excellent and we’ll see Mr. Stevens do the time-honored traditional thing on his way out.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch

The debuting Taya Valkyrie vs. Natalia Markova with Taryn Terrell.

Taya Valkerie is making her NWA debut. She’s not losing her first match.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Ricky & Kerry Morton vs. The Fixers vs. AJ Cazana & mystery partner.

The Fixers are Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky. Ricky Morton is of course one-half of the legendary Rock & Roll Express and Kerry is his son. And AJ Cazana and his mystery partner, I have no clue or idea. I’ll just go with The Fixers to win because that would fix things as to determine the next top contenders for the NWA Tag Team titles. And hell, any person named Wrecking Ball reminds me of Miley Cyrus. So there you go.

Winners: The Fixers (Wrecking Ball Legursky & Jay Bradley)

Jake Dumas versus Rodney Mack

Is this the return of the 5-Minute White Boy Challenge? Dumas is a white boy, but he’s a little bigger than the jobbers Mack used to destroy on Sunday Night Heat all those years ago. A tough call here, but I’ll go with Mack, just because.

Winner: Rodney Mack

And there you go. The card may change between now and tomorrow, but those are my predictions for the show as it stands right now. Am I right? Am I wrong? Who do you think will walk out of the event with the fabled ten pounds of gold? Let me know what you think, along with any comments, thoughts, or questions you may have.

And with that, let’s bring this to a close. Take care and thanks for reading. Be good and watch out for foreign objects. I’ll see you at the matches, because here at the site, DougMaynard.com, we’re always ready. Take care.


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