Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Judgement Day, Hook, Sasha Banks & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Judgement Day, Hook, Sasha Banks & More
July 17, 2022

Let’s get right to it and talk pro wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A and the special referee is Jeff Jarrett? No, I don’t get that either. Let’s do this.

Should Alexa Bliss join The Judgement Day and should WWE be giving them all the gold(obviously apart from the WWE title)? I believe it would enhance the group with both of these.

Alexa as part of The Judgement Day? I just don’t see that working out very well or happening. Alexa is better as a solo character or maybe in a relationship with one other as she did in the past with Nikki or Nia Jax. Part of a faction just doesn’t fit her character. As for giving The Judgement Day all of the belts, it would enhance their presence and importance to the WWE, but truthfully, it looks as if they’re already being downgraded and forgotten. Maybe once Edge returns to fight with them, their status will improve, but for now, I don’t see them with any belts soon, much less gaining all of them. I just don’t see that happening.

With WWE’s new TV-14 rating going into effect soon, what changes would you like to see the most? More blood, more intense storylines, etc?

So far as the blood goes, less is more, and as AEW has shown, too much blood hurts the product more than it helps. I would like to see the storylines and promos get more intense and realistic. Maybe changing the ratings will help a bit with that.

You’re remaking ‘3 Men in a Boat’, who do you cast? I pick Eddie Kingston, Nyla Rose, and Ricky Starks.

I’m not even sure what “3 Men In A Boat” is, but I’m assuming that it’s three men sitting in a boat. So who would I cast? How about Aaron Solo, Fuego Del Sol & Griff Garrison. It could be a Sammy Guevera VLOG skit.

You’re starting a new promotion and can pick one of the following wrestlers; Bret Hart, Taker, HBK, Flair, Roman Reigns. Who do you take?

Roman Reigns since he’s the only one who is actually capable of wrestling on a regular basis and is young enough to be around for a while and make a difference. The rest of these gentlemen are retired, older, and plagued by injuries. I’d consider them for backstage roles or maybe as an authority figure, but truthfully, of this list, Roman is the only one really worth investing in.

Do you see Hook coming back into the Team Taz fold and then potentially adding more members now they have lost again? Who would you like to join them?

While Hook will always be loosely affiliated with Team Taz, due to who his father is, I’d rather keep him as a solo act instead of just one of the guys. As for who could/should join Team Taz, how about Lance Archer or maybe even Griff Garrison & Pillman Jr.

According to Fightful, Sasha Banks’ asking price for conventions is $30,000. Her price is comparable to Sting & the only talent more expensive were the likes of Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair. Thoughts?

If she can get anyone to pay that amount, more power to her. Personally, I think she’s way overestimating her drawing power and appeal, especially when it gets factored in that she won’t be able to use the name Sasha Banks anymore. Does she think she deserves as much as Hogan or Flair? Well, she’s no Hogan or Flair by any stretch. Let’s see how that works out for her.

Top 5 Knockouts ever?

In no definite order, Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Mickie James, Chelsea Green, and Tessa Blanchard.

Why aren’t the AEW ratings getting higher?

Because the product isn’t consistent and isn’t getting any better. The booking for AEW is, in my opinion, a chaotic mess with no structure or set formula. It’s just throwing stuff out there and seeing what sticks. We get some good, some bad, and some bowling shoe ugly and nothing is consistent. Tony Khan has done a good job thus far and has exceeded all expectations as a booker for AEW, but he needs someone there beside him to pull things in, add some consistency, and tell him no when necessary. If he would do that and make some subtle changes to the formatting and development of stories, it would make a big difference and ratings would most likely improve.

Who would you recommend to Tony Khan to be the booker for AEW?

Well, Paul Heyman and Triple H are out of the question, as is Jim Cornette, so that leaves out the usual suspects. I think William Regal could be helpful here, as could former ROH Booker Gabe Sapolsky. Bryan Danielson & CM Punk have been successful at booking their own programs, and The Road Dogg, Brian James, who was once head of the WWE Creative Team, could also be used to help make things tighter and more structured. So the folks are available, but the question remains will Tony Khan accept that he needs help and reach out to any of these folks. If he did, it would absolutely make AEW a better product.

And there you go. It’s time to call it a day. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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