No Chaser w/ JHoody & Drunk Dane: Mr. Boston Egg Nog, Margarita Concoction, and Proper 12 (Smoked)…

More fun and reviews from the Dynamic Duo of Drunkenness, Mr. J. Hoody & Mr. Drunk Dane, the team supreme that brings you great insight and wisdom about the world of adult beverages. They drink them so you don’t have to. We’re playing catch-up as I’ve been slack on the updates. Check out the videos, be sure to subscribe, and enjoy. Let’s do this.

First, it’s a Back Porch Short about Mr. Boston Egg Nog.

J. Hoody’s Margarita Concoction. This one is hilarious…

And some smoking going on with Smoked Proper 12.

And there you go. More to come later and thanks to Mr. Hoody & Mr. Dane for allowing me to share. Be sure to subscribe to their channel and give them some likes & comments. Thanks for your support.


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