Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Maximum Male Models, Orient Express, AEW All Women’s Show & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Maximum Male Models, Orient Express, AEW All Women’s Show & More
August 12, 2022

The first of two for today as I’m playing catch-up again. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Burning wrestling question? OK. Bray Wyatt was set on fire by Orton. Undertaker’s pyro burned him. Cody landed on a flaming table in a match with Andrade. Janela set his own foot on fire. Edge speared Foley through a burning table. Do we need more burning in wrestling or less?

Don’t forget the Inferno Match with Sting & Vampiro in WCW or the match with Steve Austin & Kane where Kane was set on fire. Honestly, the thought of so much fire and flame in pro wrestling burns me up. It’s an unnecessary risk with little reward and while it may get a hot pop from the crowd, that pop quickly burns itself out and only the scars remain. Ask Cody’s back. So no more flame or fire unless it’s for the Brood’s entrance. Aside from that, no way and no how.

Have there been any rumors about Shane O’ Mac’s future?

All I’ve heard is that Vince told him no more WWE and that he and Steph/HHH were not getting along and that brother/sister rivalry was very real. So don’t look for Shane back in the WWE unless it’s for Dad’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. But as a wrestler/agent or anything of that nature, again no way and no how.

Who dethrones Hook?

The person that Tony Khan and Taz agree on that is worthy to hand Hook his first singles loss. In other words, No one and Hook will keep the FTW belt around his waist until Taz decides he wants to take his belt home. And then all recognition of that title will quietly fade away, never go be heard of or talked about on AEW TV again.

Do you think the Maximum Male Model angle is a way for WWE to cater to the LGBTQ community?

If that’s catering to the gay community, then it’s stupid and embarrassing and WWE should be ashamed. I think it’s just a bad idea by Vince McMahon that can play up to traditional wrestling stereotypes and what Vince thinks is cool, nothing more. Hopefully, it gets dropped or repackaged soon. LA Knight, Mansoor, and Mace all deserve much better.

Who were the greatest female wrestlers? I admit I love seeing the stuff from the 70s!

Who were the greatest is subjective and we all have our favorites. My favorites and yours are most likely not the same people. But who would I say were the greatest? Ann Casey. Penny Banner. Luna Vachon. Mickie James. Ivory. Victoria. Charlotte Flair. Sherri Martel. Bayley. And finally, Asuka!

Thoughts on Orient Express?

The Orient Express was Pat Tanaka and Akio Sato, who was later replaced by Kato. A good team, but lacking in size to really be a major factor in the then-WWF, despite their ability and the skills of manager Mr. Fugi. Tanaka was good and I remember him mostly from his time in the AWA, teaming with Paul Diamond as part of Bad Company, a team managed by future WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page. Sato & Kato, I dimly remember from their time with Tanaka as the Orient Express, but not much more. A good team, mostly relying on the stereotypical “martial arts” style of wrestling. Good mid-card talent for the WWE. And there you go.

It’s Drew McIntyre taking on Roman Reigns for the Unified Championship at the next PPV, Clash at the Castle. How would you book that match?

WWE needs to get those titles split back up again in my opinion, so if I was doing the booking, I’d add Karrion Kross to the match and make it a 2 out of three falls with both titles on the line, one title per fall. The first fall is for the Universal Championship and Roman wins. The second fall is for the WWE title and Drew wins, pinning Kross, to win the WWE title. So Roman loses the belt but didn’t get beat. And third & final fall, I’d have Roman pin Kross again to end the match after Drew hits a claymore and the Usos prevent Drew from covering and Roman steals the win. So Drew is the WWE Champion. Roman is the Universal Champion and still strong because he was never pinned. And Kross gets all his heat back on the following RAW by ambushing Drew, thus leading into a program between them for the WWE title. And there you go. Everyone ends up looking good and wins.

Name 1 Current WWE Superstar Who DESERVES To Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall of Fame?

A current WWE superstar who belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame. How about the two-time NWA Champion, a former U.S. Champion, and former 50-plus time 24/7 Champion R-Truth. Few people in the WWE can do what he’s done and now, even as one of the oldest people on the WWE roster, hasn’t missed a beat. So there you go. R-Truth. And that’s what’s up!

Jinder Mahal versus Jeff Hardy. Who wins?

It depends on who is doing the booking, but most likely Jeff would be booked to win.

There are rumors that AEW will be debuting an All Women’s show soon. Thoughts?

It’s not going to happen. AEW barely has enough women who can wrestle a solid match and be entertaining to watch. The women of AEW mostly have potential, but they don’t have the roster depth to pull off a PPV all on their own. Khan may be a mark for many aspects of the business, but he’s not that dumb.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, which should be later today, be good and take care. Watch out for foreign objects. I’ll see you at the matches.


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