No Chaser w/ JHoody & Drunk Dane – Back Porch Shorts: MD 20/20 Sweet Blue Raspberry & Busch Dew

The guys are back with two Back Porch Shorts for your enjoyment. The first is Mad Dog 20/20 and a Sweet Blue Raspberry Punch.

And here is Mr. Hoody with a solo combining two of his favorite things, Busch Light & Mt. Dew.

The first sends chills down my spine, but anything MD 20/20 in the title brings back some bad memories & flashbacks to years ago. Mt. Dew and beer together? Hell, I mix Mt. Dew Zero with everything else so why not? Anyhow, check out the videos. Get informed and entertained all at the same time. These are the guys when it comes to adult beverages. Believe that! Be sure to like the video and subscribe. You’ll be very glad you did. Until the next time, drink safe and be good.


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