Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: CM Punk, Kenny Omega, Trish Stratus & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
CM Punk, Kenny Omega, Trish Stratus & More
August 22, 2022

I’m watching the Royal Rumble from2005 as I write this. Damn, it sucked to be Daniel Puder. Hell, it sucked to be Vince McMahon that night as well. But enough on that. Let’s talk about some current events about the world’s greatest form of entertainment. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Will Punk jump to WWE? Or is it all a work?

While it’s pretty obvious that there are some issues in AEW between AEW World Champion CM Punk and some of the other people in the locker room, I don’t think it will come down to Punk quitting AEW and even if he did, going to WWE is very unlikely. Remember that CM Punk’s main issues in WWE were not with Vince, but instead with Triple H, and given that HHH and Steph are the bosses now, that makes a CM Punk return even less likely than ever. I think Punk would go to New Japan, AAA, or even Impact before going to the WWE at this point. I don’t think the issues with Punk are a work, but going to the WWE? That’s not going to happen.

Has Rampage become another AEW Dark/Elevation?

Pretty much, it sure seems that way. Rampage started off with a bang, but seems to be getting the WCW Thunder treatment now in terms of matches, booking, and promotion. Too bad because it was a decent show at points and could have been a contender.

With the AEW Unification bout now taking place on Dynamite do you think it’s a desperate move for a rating boost or a potential return for MJF to face the winner at All Out?

Why can’t it be both? With this match now on Dynamite, AEW should get a big boost in ratings for their efforts and that will give them something to show their new bosses at Warner & help them in negotiations for their next TV deal. And then if someone does make a return, be it MJF or anyone else for that matter, they can be added to the main event of All Out and give that event a big push as well. There is a lot of craziness and uncertainty to the AEW title situation right now and it seems that AEW is trying to make the best of things as they currently are.

Were you excited about the return of Kenny Omega to AEW?

Did he return? Wow? Yay! yawwwn Okay, sure, whatever. I’m excited just to hear what Jim Cornette has to say about this big news. Nothing more.

Trish Stratus is scheduled to appear on RAW next Monday. Do you think we’ll get “one more match” from Trish?

So far as I know, this appearance is simply to make up for a scheduled event in Toronto a few months ago where Trish was scheduled to appear and the event was canceled for some reason, so it’s just a make-up date. But seeing recent pictures of the WWE Hall of Famer, she looks great and it would not surprise me to see her get physical with some of the current talents and maybe even work an angle with Bayley and her crew. It’s the WWE and anything can happen, right? And one more match with Trish? I sure as hell would not say no to that.

Who is the greatest heel in pro wrestling?

Currently? I’ll give credit where it’s due and go with Roman Reigns, albeit he’s a cool heel more than a hated one. MJF is great too. So far as the greatest heel of all time, there are so many to choose from, but my list would include The Sheik, Ivan Koloff, Ox Baker, and Ole Anderson. When these men were on their game, no one could or would cheer for them, probably not even their wives, mothers, or children. When it came to being hated by the fans for their dastardly deeds, these men pretty much wrote the book.

CM Punk’s AEW run officially turns ONE year old today. Overall on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate his entire run back so far?

For the entire year, I’ll give it a 7.5. The injury obviously knocked it down a bit and the fight with Hangman Page was kind of lackluster, but the matches have been solid and the feud with MJF was the best thing to happen in AEW since its inception. Punk, along with Christian, Sammy, MJF, FTR, and Danielson, has been the only consistent good parts of AEW for the past year, while everything else has been hit and miss, mostly miss. Punk lost a lot of momentum when he got injured, but he’s earned his money with the company and has been in the high spot more often than not, at least in my opinion.

Between Bruno Sammartino and Andre The Giant, who created more of a legacy in WWE?

As much love as I have for Andre the Giant, Bruno held the WWWF Championship for more than 11 years. The company was pretty much based around him from 1963 until 1977, so it’s safe to say that if Bruno hadn’t worked out as the champ, there would be no WWE today. Andre is the 8th Wonder of The World and a true legend, but Bruno, well, he’s Bruno. ‘Nuff said!

The Boogeyman versus The Blue Meanie. Who wins?

Did Boogeyman ever win a match in WWE? I know he had that feud against King Booker, but I can not honestly ever remember him wrestling a regular match, much less winning one. As for Meanie, I know he won some tag matches as part of the Blue World Order, and he won that match against JBL, mainly due to a very stiff receipt, aka the chair shot, by Stevie Richards. Hell, let history repeat itself. The bWo gets involved and The Blue Meanie wins.

If Survivor Series this year was AEW versus WWE, what matches would you book for the show?

Obviously, the champions would fight so right now, that would be the main event of CM Punk versus Roman Reigns. The Blackpool Fighting Club (Moxley, Danielson, Yuta, Claudio) could take on The Judgement Day (Finn Balor, Priest) & Dolph/Roode. Orange Cassidy & Danhausen versus R-Truth & Tozawa. Britt Baker versus Charlotte. The Usos versus The Young Bucks. Brock versus Wardlow. Seth vs MJF. Thunder Rosa & Jade Cargill vs Asuka & Bianca. Gunn Club & Acclaimed vs. Chad Gable, Otis, Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali. Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Angelo Parker, Matt Menard, Sammy Guevara) versus Theory, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, AJ Styles & The New Day. Gunther vs Hangman Adam Page. Yeah, I know ten matches are a lot, but this is just off the top of my head. I’m sure that if this event was to happen, sitting down with HHH and Tony Khan to book the show, many changes would be made. But this is how I’d do it.

Jeff Jarrett was released by WWE from his role as a Vice President in charge of live events. Thoughts?

My thoughts are this. Jarrett was hired by Vince McMahon and would be perceived as a Vince McMahon guy. Most likely, HHH & Steph have someone else in mind for the position of Vice President of Live Events and want their own person in place instead of one of Vince’s guys. It’s probably just that simple. Jarrett probably still has the Legend’s Deal in place, plus he has his weekly podcast with Conrad to do so it’s not like he will be lacking for things to do. Most likely, it’s just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the current regime wants its own people. It’s what’s best for business.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any wrestling-related questions you may have are welcome and very appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good, my friends. I’ll see you at the matches.


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