Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Johnny Gargano, Victoria, Road Dogg & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Johnny Gargano, Victoria, Road Dogg & More
August 24, 2022

This has been a rough ass day. I’m so freaking tired. Let’s see if a few minutes talking about the world’s greatest sport will up my mood a little bit. It usually works better than a shot of Jack and a massage by an Indian boy named Kip. Let’s do this.

Johnny Gargano is back in the WWE. Thoughts?

We all knew that, once HHH was in charge, Gargano, one of his prize guys from NXT, would be back in the fold, and here he is. And yes, it is a very good thing. Unlike some people, baybay, Gargano has that Daniel Bryan aura around him and can go and be believable with anyone. He’s a Mr. Everyman and will do well in the Land of Three H’s. I’m glad to see him back.

Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) said “never say never” about one more run in the WWE. Would you like to see Victoria back and if so, who would you like to see her wrestle?

I would love to see her back for one more run with the WWE. Victoria has always been one of my favorite women and while I’m a bit hesitant to see how she’s able to go in the ring against the current ladies of WWE, I think that given enough time to prepare, she would be fine. And the best thing about Victoria is that she doesn’t even have to wrestle weekly to be a major impact player. If she was used in a Sherri Martel type of role with someone like Theory, she would add so much to his push and character and it would help him just like Sherri helped HBK get over in the beginning. She’d also fit right in with Owens & Zayn as a valet/manager. But whatever the role, the chance to see Victoria show the world one more time that she’s “not a lady to mess with”, I’m definitely all for that.

Road Dogg is back in WWE. Thoughts?

We all knew that this was just a matter of time. Road Dogg was a big part of the WWE Creative Team for many years and then, when dealing with Vince became too much, he moved down to NXT as part of the magic that took place under the guidance of HHH, and then HBK after HHH was removed from power. He’s a known loyal HHH guy and now he’s back, as it should be. And now, think about this. HHH runs WWE Creative. HBK is over NXT. Road Dogg is a VP for the company. Now if we can just find jobs for X-Pac & Billy Gunn, DX will have totally taken over the WWE. Who would have ever thought?

Should WWE drop the 24/7 Championship?

Most people seem to be saying yes, but I disagree. There has always been a place in WWE for comedy and craziness. Remember the Hardcore Championship? The 24/7 title is just a modern-day equivalent. Just book it to be more serious in the title switches and when the action is away from the ring, crazier than ever. There is an audience for insanity and the 24/7 title caters to this crowd. Use it sparingly and do it right and the 24/7 title can be a valuable asset for the company.

Are you planning on watching NWA74 this upcoming weekend?

I wish I could, but I’m working at the Liquor Store this weekend and don’t really have the money to play with right now, so I’ll just be keeping track on the internet and reading the recaps of the action as they happen. I hope they have an outstanding show and best of luck to all the NWA stars. And good luck Tyrus. I like Trevor Murdoch, but I want to see a Matt Cardona versus Tyrus feud for the NWA World Championship, and for that to happen, Tyrus needs to win the NWA Championship. Plus, he deserves it.

Barry Windham versus Gunther. Who wins?

This match would be awesome! Roughly about the same size and the styles are so different, but would mesh so well together. I like Gunther, although I preferred the name WALTER, and he is going to be a big star for the WWE very soon. And Windham was just so good, the best pure talent of his era, I don’t think he could have a bad match with anyone. I can’t picture either man taking that 5-count and losing, so I’m going with the lazy booking here. A double-disqualification or double-count-out would be the result, nine times out of ten. And if we have to have a winner, Windham would win with the foot on the ropes to steal the win and take that infamous trip to the pay window. But after the match, he would eat about three of those wicked chops from Gunther to the chest as his reward for the win. It would totally rock!

Dr. Britt Baker versus Ivory. Who wins?

This one is tough because Ivory, as everyone knows, is my favorite women wrestler of all time. She’s so good on the stick and such a great character. But I’ll be honest and she was not a great wrestler. She was good in the ring, but her magic was more as a talker and character than in the actual matches. Baker is a damn good in-ring worker. She’s not quite the level of a Charlotte or Asuka yet, but she’s easily the best women’s wrestler in AEW right now. Ivory would make everyone want to see the match with her promos and antics leading up to the match. And then she’d give Baker a good run for the money and come just this close, but Baker would and should get the pin at the end. And there you go.

Should AEW have a Hall of Fame, and if so, who would you pick as the first five Inductees?

I would give it a few more years to make sure that AEW is going to stick around first before thinking about a Hall of Fame, maybe wait at least until the 5-year mark and then take it from there. But if AEW was going to go that route and do a Hall of Fame, I would think that the first class should and would include Sting, Chris Jericho, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard & Jim Cornette & The Midnight Express. Yes, I said it.

Who will be the next AEW star to jump to the WWE?

I don’t know when the contracts are expiring, but I think that Jericho will go back and do some things before he retires. I also think that if given the chance, Keith Lee, Adam Page, Billy Gunn, The Gunn Club & Sammy Guevera might also all be eyeing a chance to head up north as well at some point. They would all do well under the Era of The Three H’s.

Thoughts on WWE shutting down NXT-UK in favor of a future WWE-Europe brand?

HHH has many times talked about a dream of NXT brands all over the world and I think that this is just the start of his attempt to make those dreams come true. It sucks that NXT UK has to suffer as a result, but sometimes, you have to clear out the office to make room for the expansion and I think that’s just what HHH and WWE are doing. If all works as I think HHH has planned, it won’t be long before most of the NXT UK talents are back under the WWE/NXT Umbrella again, but as part of a bigger and better NXT-Europe package. We’ll just have to watch and see where this goes and how it develops.

And there you go. And yes, it worked. I’m feeling better. So now, any thoughts, questions, or questions you’d like to ask, are welcome and appreciated. Drop me a line. And with that, I’m out of here, my friends. Take care, be good, and watch out for foreign objects. I’ll see you at the matches.


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