Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: WWE Survivor Series, Johnny Gargano, Guest Announcers & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
WWE Survivor Series, Johnny Gargano, Guest Announcers & More
September 21, 2022

After two weeks away, I’m back. Did you miss me? Let’s just do this.

Roman Reigns versus Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel. Thoughts?

My first thoughts when this match was announced were, “What the hell?”, but after thinking it over, I’m good with it. Paul is a famous guy who has been impressive thus far in his few matches on WWE. This match attracts eyes to what would otherwise be a throw-away show and it should be a fun and interesting match. I don’t expect Paul to win, nor should he, but he’s a big fellow with a legit background and he’s good for getting publicity. Just consider this the modern-day equivalent of Mr. T at Wrestlemania I and it’s all good, at least to me.

WWE is bringing back War Games to the Survivor Series with two matches, one for men and one for women. Thoughts?

Hell to the mother-fucking yeah! ‘Nuff said!

With the rise in the number of factions appearing in WWE at the moment, can you see Survivor Series being faction vs faction rather than Red vs Blue, and if so, which factions do you want to see in action?

With the announcement of two War Games matches for Survivor Series, the whole red versus blue has been tossed out the window and it will be exactly as you said, faction versus faction. My guesses for the matches will be for the women, Damage CNTRL, along with possibly Sonya Deville as the fourth woman versus Bianca, Asuka, Shotzi, and perhaps Mandy Moore. In the men’s match, I’d go for The Bloodline (Roman, The Usos, Solo Sikoa) versus Drew McIntyre, Logan Paul, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens. A least, that’s how I’d book it right now, subject to change of course.

Who would you have Johnny Gargano feud with to establish him on the main roster? Who could he wrestle to help show main-roster-only viewers what he can do?

Well, it looks as if Gargano is currently getting involved in the Kevin Owens/Austin Theory rivalry. That works for me.

As someone who’s not watching wrestling in about 5 years is it a good time to come back? And if so, WWE or AEW?

Right now is an excellent time to come back if you like wrestling with the emphasis on wrestling and only a slight bit of sports entertainment sprinkled around the edges. And definitely the WWE. AEW is, well it’s AEW and except for Bryan Danielson, Moxley, Jericho, or FTR, the rest is rushed booking and kind of sucks. If you’re truly a lapsed fan & your first look back is AEW, you’ll never watch wrestling again. It’s true. It’s damn true!

What do you think of Austin Theory cashing in at Money in the Bank and the winner of the ladder match cashing in on him?

I think you’ve had too much to smoke or drink and need to step away from the booking sheets. No, just no.

How long do you see Death Triangle holding the Trios title, and who do you think will win it off from them?

To be honest, I’d already forgotten that they have the Trios title, but I expect that most everyone in AEW has as well so I’d say that they’ll keep those belts for about 3-4 months, or until The Young Bucks return from their suspension. And then the Bucks & Adam Page will relieve them of the titles and thank them for keeping the belts warm while The Bucks were away.

In a WWE vs AEW Survivor Series match, which 5 guys and 5 gals do you have for each company, and who wins?

For a men’s match, I’d go with the Blackpool Combat Club (Moxley, Claudio, Danielson, and Yuta), plus Sammy Guevera taking on Roman, Seth, Owens, Lashley & Randy Orton. As for the women, how about AEW’s Britt Baker, Jade Cargill, Ruby Soho, Kris Statlander & Toni Storm versus Asuka, Bayley, Charlotte, Bianca & Becky Lynch. The AEW guys would win their match while the women’s match would go to WWE.

Sami V Roman. Main Event Wrestlemania. Slow build. Sami wins the Rumble. Still, a heel after but Bloodline eventually turns on him leading to him facing Roman at WM. I’d have the titles split before this. Sami wins the WWE title (that’s the main one right?) Can it work?

It could work and it would be a fun story to watch play out, but would WWE book it? Probably not. If Sami fights the Bloodline at Mania, my feeling is that it will be Sami & Kevin Owens beating The Usos to win the tag team belts.

While Pat McAfee is off doing his other stuff, who would you like to see filling in as an announcer for Smackdown with Michael Cole?

Nothing against Corey Graves, but I think WWE should use this as an opportunity to use different announcers, switch things up, and maybe rotate color commentators until McAffee returns. Use Wade Barrett one week, fresh from his role in NXT, and then the next week, how about bringing back Renee Young? Jerry Lawler can sit in on the commentary for the next week and then Paul Heyman filling in the next one. Aiden English did well on commentating for NXT so bring back English for a week. Jeremy Borash works backstage so use him and Road Dogg as guest announcers. My point is that there are so many talented talkers available, use them. And for a big surprise, how about flying in Jim Cornette for one night only as Michael Cole’s cohost? Imagine the ratings that would get. The names are there and are available. WWE should use and take advantage of every single one while they can. Just saying.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. And I definitely need questions. IM me or send them to Doug28352@yahoo.com. Thank you! And I guess now it’s time to close up shop. I’m back! And I’ll see you next time. Take care and be good.


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