Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: CM Punk, Emma, Chelsea Green & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
CM Punk, Emma, Chelsea Green & More
October 30, 2022

I told you I’d be back today. It’s yet another fun-filled edition of the only wrestling Q&A that truly matters, the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Okay, maybe we’re not the only one, but we’re right up there, damn it! Tammy Sytch called me a “dumb-ass” once, so yes, we matter. Let’s talk about some wrestling.

Chris Jericho allegedly called CM Punk a “cancer” to the AEW locker room. Agree or disagree?

I’m mixed on this because Punk is known to be outspoken, opinionated, and not always the most pleasant person to be around, but he truly does love pro wrestling and just a few months ago, everyone was talking about how happy he was backstage and how he had time for everyone, etc. My, how quickly things changed once he made the EVPs mad. Punk was the only guy having consistent matches, drawing steady ratings, and actually working to put talent over instead of just singing songs with them and trying to leech off the younger wrestlers rising stars to keep himself relevant. Jericho is wrong here. To a locker room full of kids who don’t want to listen, feel entitled, and have never drawn a dollar in their lives, Punk may not be Mr. Sunshine because they don’t want to face the truth, that they’re jokes & only pretend wrestlers. I don’t think Chris truly believes this crap, but he’s the consummate backstage politician and he’s not going to say anything to rile up Tony or the EVPs. AEW needs more CM Punks and anyone with common sense knows it.

Tell me the dumbest feud you’ve ever seen in wrestling.

So many are coming to mind, but the one that stands out for me is that Booker T and Edge had a feud at Wrestlemania based on wanting to be part of a shampoo commercial in Japan. Yes, they really did. And it was as dumb as it sounds.

Crazy to think the chances for mediation have sailed. No reason that AEW couldn’t have made money off of this. If it were up to me, CM Punk would’ve been named Commissioner and made life hell for The Elite until he was medically cleared to compete. I don’t know about you but I would’ve tuned into AEW programming for that rivalry. Oh well.

Given how badly all the people involved have acted and how little actual control Tony Khan has over his wrestlers, I don’t think that your idea would have worked. It would have made for interesting TV to be sure, and I do agree that AEW is throwing a lot of money away and dropping the ball by not following up and at least trying to turn this into an angle/storyline, but given all the parties involved, it would have most likely ended up blowing up in his face instead. Maybe somewhere down the line, after Punk has healed up and some time has passed, maybe cooler heads will prevail and Punk, The Elite, and Khan can all sit down, be professionals, and salvage this entire mess to make money, but I’m not holding my breath on that.

If Magnum TA had not been hurt, would Flair still be called the greatest today?

Magnum was exciting and popular but injured or not, he was not the performer that Flair was in his prime. Flair could have a match with anyone, go back and forth between heel and face effortlessly, and adapt to the audience’s reactions and situations. Magnum was a good wrestler, but an average promo at best and wasn’t nearly as versatile as a character. Ric would still be The GOAT!

Dusty Rhodes, André The Giant & Mil Mascaras versus Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) & Seth Rollins (The Shield) versus The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane, Dennis Condrey) w/ Jim Cornette. Who wins?

The Express would take the pin here and do the job. That’s pretty much a given because that’s what the heel teams do in big matches, even when they’re better than the teams they’re facing. With the egos of Dusty and Mascaras, who eliminated himself from the Royal Rumble match so as not to be eliminated and put anyone else over, plus the pure size of Andre, it’s pretty obvious who would be taking that trip to the pay window if you will. Andre, Mil & Dusty win, probably pinning poor Condrey in the end.

The Midnight Rider, Charlie Brown, The Black Scorpion, Stagger Lee, and Mr. America versus Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Valiant, Ric Flair, Junkyard Dog & Hulk Hogan. Who wins?

It’d be declared a no-contest because Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express, accompanied by Paul Jones’ Army, would charge the ring, determined to unmask The Midnight Rider and Charlie Brown. Chaos would ensue and the ref would throw the match out as all the wrestlers would take turns beating up on Jones & Cornette.

Do you think CM Punk should try to become a Hollywood actor? Do you think that could work for him at this point?

He’s made several movies and was also regularly featured on the series, Heels, so I think at this point, if he chose to go that route, Punk could have a nice life only working in TV and movies. That being said, I think that Punk still loves professional wrestling and being only 44 years of age, still has a lot to offer and do in that ring. To have his wrestling career end with the recent stuff in AEW would be a shame. Hopefully, he’ll find a way to come back and give his career a proper, Hall of Fame-worthy ending, as it should have.

Emma is back in the WWE. Thoughts?

I’m glad to see her back. She’s a talented lady who has a lot of skills and worked well in her previous stints with the company when allowed to by Vince. She adds more depth to the roster and it’ll be interesting to see what WWE, under the guidance of HHH, will be able to do with her.

Rumors are that WWE is interested in bringing in Chelsea Green. Thoughts?

Chelsea is another name that, due to injuries and the Vince factor, didn’t really get the chance to show WWE’s main roster what she was capable of. Since her release and marriage to Matt Cardona, she has really developed and grown both as a character and in the ring. I’ve enjoyed her antics and hope that she (and hopefully Cardona as well) can return to the WWE and build upon the success that they’ve had in Impact, the NWA, GCW, etc. I want to see them both back as part of the WWE. Woo woo woo – you know it!

Who is Uncle Howdy?

For those who didn’t see it, Uncle Howdy was a new character who interrupted a promo by Bray Wyatt on Smackdown Friday night and made some threats, etc. It’s a psychological deal where Uncle Howdy appears to have some control over Bray and they’re doing the mind-games stuff. As for who it is, my guess is that it will be Bray’s real-life brother Bo Dallas. At least that’s what I Bo-Lieve now.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have, about wrestling or anything at all, just give me a shout. Until the next time, take care and be safe. Watch out for foreign objects. I’ll see you at the matches.


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