Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: CM Punk, Hell in a Cell, NWA/WWE & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
CM Punk, Hell In A Cell, NWA/WWE & More
October 30, 2022

Greetings, salutations, and welcome to the show. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. I have a lot of great questions to get to so no chit-chat for now. I’m sure I’ll bloviate with many of my answers to the questions below. Are you ready? Let’s talk pro wrestling. And away we go.

Who would you say was the greatest AWA world champion of the 1980s?

Of the decade of the 80s, there is only one real answer for this. No offense to guys like Curt Hennig, Rick Martel, Stan Hansen, Otto Wanz, Jerry Lawler, Mr. Saito, or the Living Legend Larry Zbyszko, but the for the era that was the 80s, the AWA was Nick Bockwinkle. He dominated that territory and rarely did you see him without that big gold belt around his waist.

If you could bring back one PPV name from the past to use now, what would it be? Doesn’t matter what company it’s from.

I’d bring back Starcade, but not for an NXT event. It was the first true annual PPV extravaganza, even before Wrestlemania, and is truly the Granddaddy of them All. It belongs on the main WWE Premium Live Event calendar as one of the “Big Four”, along with SummerSlam, Mania, and The Royal Rumble.

Do you think CM Punk will end up back in WWE at some point?

Once he’s healed up from his most recent injuries and is free of any no-compete with AEW, it wouldn’t surprise me if Punk and the WWE at least sit down and have discussions. Given the personal issues with Punk and HHH, I’m not very optimistic about their abilities to work together and reach a deal, but it truly would be, as they say, best for business, and if it does happen, it would be a pleasant surprise. My optimism isn’t very high on this, but I could see it happening.

Rumors are that HHH will be discontinuing the Hell In A Cell PPV. Good idea or not?

I think it’s a good idea because the whole Hell In A Cell concept and match was supposed to be a special event and having an annual PPV built around the match defeats the whole purpose. Now, if the Hell In A Cell match is brought out, it’s because the shit has really hit the fan and things are reaching a climax. That’s the way it’s supposed to be and definitely a better way to book that particular match.

What are your top 5 factions in AEW?

Honestly, I don’t watch AEW enough anymore to even know what the current groups or alliances are. They change so often and then are added to and then forgotten so quickly, how can anyone keep track? I like The Dark Order so I guess that’s one. The Best Friends & Orange Cassidy would make two. The Blackpool Combat Club makes three. Jericho Appreciation Society is four. And for the fifth, let’s go with Sammy Guevera & friends in the VLOG Crew. Not an official faction, but my personal favorite of that company.

Billy Corgan, the owner of the NWA, recently revealed that he’s spoken with HHH and is optimistic about possibly doing business together at some point. Thoughts?

While I don’t see the NWA Championship being defended at Wrestlemania anytime soon, I do see this as a positive move for both men. When it makes sense, use the NWA stars to supplement the WWE events, and when there are NXT/WWE stars that need some additional training or to be repackaged, the NWA shows could be used to help accomplish this, much like OVW was back in the older days for WWE. The NWA and WWE are both professional wrestling companies, but they’re not enemies and not in competition, so keep that respect alive and everyone wins. And if we do end up with maybe a Nick Aldis in the Royal Rumble match or an NWA World Championship defense as part of SummerSlam or Mania, even better. I sure wouldn’t be complaining.

Ox Baker, Jos LeDuc & Ernie Ladd versus The New Day (Kofi, Xavier & Big E). Who wins?

Just to hear Ernie Ladd cut a promo on the “Uncle Toms” in the New Day, would be incredible. Ladd was never politically correct and his promos were second to none. LeDuc and Ox would just have to stand there and look mean, something both men excelled at. And the responses by the New Day would be just as amazing. The match would be an interesting contrast of multiple styles, but it would work. And as for who wins, you guys know I’m going for the legends. A distraction by Ladd on Xavier leads to Xavier betting nailed by the Heart Punch by Ox and then a power slam by LeDuc to get the win.

Better rivalry? Flair versus Dusty, Flair versus Steamboat, Flair versus Sting, or Flair versus Bret?

All of these were excellent in their own ways. Don’t forget about the Flair matches against Barry Windham, the “Hat versus The Robe” wars with Blackjack Mulligan, the battles with Harley Race, the wars with the Von Erich brothers, and the fights with Terry Funk as great Flair rivalries as well. But of the ones you listed, the best was, in my opinion, the history with Dusty Rhodes. We got the formation of the Horsemen from that, as well as Flair’s first NWA World Championship title reign, the first of many. So let’s go with The Dream, if you will.

Nikki Cross. She’s dropped the “Almost Super Hero” gimmick and is now back to being psycho. Thoughts?

I’m glad to see this. Cross was impressive when she was in NXT and first came up to the main roster, but quickly became the victim of bad-booking and Vince McMahon with that whole, very stupid character change to become an “Almost Super Hero”. The only time a superhero character has ever worked was with The Hurricane and Nikki, she’s awesome, but she’s no Shane Helms. Now she can go back to being the deranged & effective character she once was. I’m glad to see it happen.

And there you go. I still have several more questions to go, but I’ll tackle them later tonight. This is getting a little long already & I don’t want to make you fine folks suffer my ramblings too much. So more to come later today. Watch for it. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are very welcome and much appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be safe. Have a great Halloween and watch out for The Boogeyman. He’s coming to get you! I’ll see you next time. Love you, mean it.


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