Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Colt Cabana, Jeff Jarrett, King of the Ring & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Colt Cabana, Jeff Jarrett, King of the Ring & More
November 3, 2022

Are you feeling Ucey today? Let’s get busy and talk a bit about the world’s greatest form of entertainment. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Matt Hardy says that he wants to see The Hardy Boyz versus Edge & Christian one more time. Would you like to see that match happen?

Right now, all four men are in decent enough shape that it could happen and be a good match. It wouldn’t be what it was, but seeing these four guys have one last hurrah, would be very cool to see. The only major problem is that Edge is currently under contract with WWE, while Christian, Matt, and Jeff are all bound to AEW and Tony Khan. Add the questions about Jeff’s legal issues and if he will even be able to eventually come back to wrestling, and I don’t think this match will ever happen. I’d like to see it and I’m sure all four men would enjoy it, but the odds of it ever happening, are not very likely.

AEW brought Colt Cabana back to wrestle Chris Jericho on Dynamite. Was that an intentional shot at CM Punk?

Jericho was supposed to fight a former ROH Champion and they bring in Colt as the opponent when he was only a co-holder of the ROH Tag Team Titles twice, both times with CM Punk as his partner. Yeah, it was a blatant shot at Punk. Nothing more and kind of childish to be sure.

Jeff Jarrett is All Elite. Thoughts?

So far this year, Jeff has wrestled in GCW, been an Executive with WWE, wrestled as part of Ric Flair’s last match, and now has debuted for AEW. Not bad for a semi-retired old guy, right? I’m glad to see Jeff as part of AEW, but not for the in-ring and TV spots. Part of Jeff’s role at AEW will be backstage as an executive in charge of touring and events, the same role he performed in WWE. That’s all well and good and I’m sure that we’ll see AEW doing more live events and house shows as a result. But what I’m hoping is that, since Jarrett is a second-generation promoter and booker, as well as being a top star, maybe he’ll be able to help Tony Khan develop stronger stories, use logic, and make AEW into a watchable program for fans of wrestling and not just high-spots and crash TV. Khan needs someone to step in and use logic and continuity as part of his company, both of which Jarrett should be good at. So while crashing guitars across the head of your favorites is a fringe benefit, I expect that having Jeff as part of AEW will end up serving a bigger purpose and help improve the company as a whole. I truly hope so.

I think it’s silly that WWE didn’t address Ava Raine being The Rock’s daughter. Do you think they should have, or should they only address it if they were ever able to get The Rock to show up?

Everyone already knows who she is, but why put extra pressure on Ava as she begins her on-screen career as a professional wrestler? I think WWE is doing this right. Let her grow and learn and develop as a performer and wrestler first and then when the time is right and she’s ready to have her Dad come in without overshadowing her, use his presence and name. But let her find her own way first. She deserves the chance to make her own way and be her own person.

Do you think CM Punk is truly done with professional wrestling?

When it comes to someone who is as talented and loves the business as much as CM Punk does, never say never. I don’t think he’s happy with the crap that happened at AEW right now, but in pro wrestling as a whole, I think the fire and love are still there. It’ll just take a little time to get over the injuries and then, let’s see what happens.

How effective would Powerhouses Hobbs be if he had the same push/look Wardlow was given? I think Powerhouse Hobbs has the main event superstar written all over him, but they don’t push him like it.

I think Hobbs has a lot of potential and talent and given time, will grow and evolve and possibly be a top talent in professional wrestling. I can’t really compare him to Wardlow because there’s a big difference in the experience level at this point and Wardlow was ready for his push when it happened. Hobbs, at that time, wasn’t quite ready for that level of push yet. And hell, look at what good that whole push is doing Wardlow now. Lost in the shuffle and just another face on the roster. Any momentum he had is dead and gone. It’s a shame because he really does deserve better.

Dana Brooke has made some comments about how she’d like to see the 24/7 Championship evolve into a secondary Women’s Championship. Do you think WWE should do something like that with the 24/7 title?

A secondary title for the Women makes sense, especially with HHH in charge of the booking and the recent additions of more ladies to the roster such as Emma, possibly Chelsea Green, Nikki Cross being herself again, etc. But the 24/7 Championship being the title used to change into a new Women’s title? Nope. Let’s keep them separate. Put the 24/7 title back on R-Truth and retire it. He can bring it back occasionally like the Million Dollar Championship for special events and, aside from that, Truth can just keep it at home. So far as a secondary Women’s title, pick a name and hold a tournament or Battle Royal to determine a new champion. Let the belt start properly so it can have a chance of success.

Who has the better career trajectory ahead for them in pro wrestling: Dominik Mysterio in WWE or Hook in AEW?

Definitely Dominick in the WWE. He’s working with top guys, getting a lot of television time, and seems to be getting better each and every week. Hook was hot, but seems to have faded into the locker room, is rarely seen, isn’t growing as a performer, and has become just another face lost in the crowd at AEW. He had so much potential and was on fire, but then Tony seems to have lost interest and any momentum he had is gone, just that quickly.

WWE is allegedly considering bringing back The King of The Ring as a PPV. Thoughts?

With the elimination of the Hell in a Cell event from the Pay-Per-View calendar, there is a hole there needing to be filled. King in the Ring was a popular event and was a proven way to make new stars and push talent to new levels, so bringing it back makes sense in my opinion. No complaints here. It sounds like a good idea.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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