WWE Crown Jewel 2022: Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
WWE Crown Jewel 2022
Thoughts & Predictions
November 3, 2022

Coming up on Saturday, live on Peacock and the WWE Network, live from Saudi Arabia, it’s WWE Crown Jewel. Despite threats from Iran, HHH and the WWE have announced that the show will go on. And of course, that means predictions. Eight matches have been announced thus far. Let’s see if we can figure out who the winners or losers will be. Let’s do this.

Unified WWE Universal Title
Roman Reigns (c) vs. Logan Paul

I know that a lot of people have been crapping all over this match, but I expect that it most likely will be far better than expected and turn out to be a match for the ages. WWE has dropped hints that Logan’s brother, Jake Paul, will be there in his corner and when those two are together, anything can and will happen. Add in the Usos and Heyman and well, it could get mighty crazy pretty quickly. Logan is not going to walk out of this event as the WWE/Universal Champion. Of that, I’m pretty sure. But I don’t see it being an easy match or a squash for Roman either. And also, don’t forget that Austin Theory is still running around with the Money In The Bank contract and that has to be kept in consideration as well. I’ll call it like this. A great match, but lots of interference from both sides. Roman manages to get in a spear to get the win, but Logan manages to get in that lucky punch afterward. Roman is out and here comes Theory. Craziness ensues and we get a big brawl with The Paul Brothers, The Bloodline, and maybe even Seth getting a shot in at Theory before he can cash in. And then it all moves on to continue for another day.

Winner and STILL WWE/Universal Champion: Roman Reigns.

The O.C. vs. Judgment Day

I can’t see Karl Anderson missing a booking in New Japan just to come to Saudi Arabia and lose the match, but The Judgement Day has the advantage in numbers and the edge with Rhea Ripley, which has many times already proven to be a major factor. I think she’ll make the difference one more time and thus, The O.C. will be forced to bring in someone to balance out Ripley at RAW next week. Who could they get? Hmmm. But for the here and now, look for another big win by Balor, Priest, Mysterio, and Ripley.

Winners: The Judgement Day

Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley

It’s hard to imagine Brock losing a match, but Lashley has been on fire and more dominating than ever as of late so it’s hard to picture him losing here either. I saw an interview with Lashley where he thinks this rivalry between him and Brock might be going on for a while. With that in mind, let’s go for a double disqualification here. No winner and no loser. Just a big start with much more to come.

No Contest – Double Disqualification.

Cage Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross

Drew has been on the receiving end of some beatings and getting his ass handed to him from Kross quite regularly as of late, so I think he needs to win here. But Kross really can’t afford a loss yet either, so what should they do? A kick-ass brawl that goes back and forth, brought to a finish by a Claymore from out of nowhere. And there you go.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Braun Strowman vs. Omos w/MVP.

This is the match that Strowman said can only be rivaled by Andre the Giant versus Hulk Hogan. I think that Braun is a bit delusional about that theory, but who knows? Two big monsters slapping man meat against each other, it could be entertaining. Okay, it probably won’t be and I can picture the Great Khali watching from India and saying, “Damn, look at this crap!”. Braun wins.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Last Woman Standing for the RAW Women’s title
Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley

I’m honestly not sure where they’re going with this. I’d love to see Bayley get the strong push and have a run with the title again, but Belair is the current golden child of the WWE and although I’m personally getting bored with her, I know that WWE management (HHH) has faith in her and wants to keep her strong, possibly building for a future encounter with Ronda Rousey. Let’s go for a title switch here. How about Damage CNTRL gets involved and Bayley manages to steal a win to capture the title? Works for me.

Winner and NEW WWE RAW Women’s Champion: Bayley

Unified WWE Tag Team Titles
The Usos (c) vs. The Brawling Brutes

The belts are not changing hands here. The Usos don’t have Sami Zayn with them, nor do the Brutes have Sheamus, who is off having a honeymoon. Congrats to Sheamus, by the way. We’ll have a good, stiff fight and the fans will love it, but the final results, are nothing to write home about.

Winners and STILL WWE Unified Tag Team Champions: The Usos

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles
Asuka and Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Dakota Kai and Io Sky

Talk about a title change from out of nowhere. Asuka and Alexa winning the belts on RAW when they previously weren’t even announced to be there before the show was shocking and strange. It’s hard to figure out exactly where WWE is going right now with the Women’s Division. I think it was just a move to allow WWE to make another match for this event. Look for Dakota & Io to regain their belts, thus giving DANGER CNTRL all the belts on RAW and setting up future feuds, maybe with a certain returning Boss and Queen? Who knows for sure? I sure as hell don’t. But the titles will be switching again here.

Winners and NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Dakota Kai & Io Sky.

An appearance by Bray Wyatt.

Bray comes out, talks to the live crowd, gets creepy, and craziness ensues. And maybe we find out who the rest of the Wyatt6 are going to be. After all, a man is always happy to see his little brother show up, right?

And there you go with my predictions for WWE Crown Jewel, this Saturday, live from Saudi Arabia on Peacock and the WWE Network. So who do you think will be the winners and losers on Saturday afternoon? Let me know in the comments, along with any other thoughts, predictions, or questions you may have. It is all very appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here for now. Take care and be safe. Watch out for foreign objects. I’ll see you on Saturday at WWE Crown Jewel.


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