Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Mick Foley, Rick Martel, WWE in Saudi Arabia & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Mick Foley, Rick Martel, WWE in Saudi Arabia & More
November 8, 2022

Good morning and welcome to the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready to converse about the world’s greatest form of entertainment? Well, we’re not. Midget porn is off-limits except for maybe personal messages in the DM’s. Let’s talk wrestling instead. We have a lot of questions today so it’s time to walk that aisle. Let’s do this.

Lesnar versus Lashley in a 3 Stages of Hell match at Wrestlemania 39. Yes or no?

While this would make for a very interesting and fun match to see, I don’t see the Three Stages of Hell concept being used at Wrestlemania due to time constraints. It would make for a good rematch at Backlash after Mania, giving a B-show PPV an A-show main event. But if we get Lashley versus Brock at Mania, I have a better option, The Fight Pit. Bring in Kurt Angle as the guest referee since he has history, both good and bad, with both Brock and Lasley, put them in the Fight Pit, and let them go. That match would have Wrestlemania written all over it.

Me being a huge fan of Mick Foley, I would like to know what are your favorite moments of each Face of Foley.

Favorite Face of Foley Feats & Functions? For Cactus Jack, I’ll go with his Clash of the Champions match against Mil Mascaras. He didn’t win, but that event put him on the map. For Mankind, how about that fall off the top of the cage when he faced Undertaker at Hell In A Cell? Dude Love when he made his first appearance wanting to be Steve Austin’s tag team partner. Remember “Pick Me, Steve”. And for the man himself, Mick Foley, the interactions with Chris Jericho where he was the first person that Jericho put on “the List!”.

Would you rather see Sami Zayn win the tag titles with Kevin Owens or the undisputed championship from Roman?

The Undisputed Championship would be a bigger career moment, but common sense says that Sami would be a transitional champion at best and only hold the title for a week or two at the most before losing it again. Given the relationship and long history with Sami & Owens, I think the tag team belts would mean more to them personally and would be the moment I’d be more interested in seeing.

Would you like to see Rick Martel in the WWE Hall of Fame?

A former AWA World Champion and strong mid-card talent as The Model in WWE, Martel is certainly deserving of a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s not a question of if he belongs, but just when it’s going to happen. I hope it’s soon because I would definitely like to see it happen.

The One Man Gang w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink versus Kamala The Ugandan Giant w/ Kim Chee & Harvey Whippleman. Who wins?

As much as I like Kamala, this one would and should go to The One Man Gang. Have Humperdink get into a fight with Whippleman at ringside, and then when Kim Chee tries to get into the scuffle, another member of the House of Humperdink, maybe Gang’s former partner Nick Kiniski, comes out. It’s chaos and everyone is distracted. While the referee is trying to break up the outside fights, Gang uses his ever-present steel chain to bash Kamala in the head. A big splash and the pin. Gang wins.

It looks as if Nick Aldis will soon be parting ways with the NWA. What do you think is next for the former NWA World Champion?

Nick announced that he is leaving the NWA after his contract expires on 12/31 and as a result, the NWA has pulled him from all future events and suspended him. And it sucks. Aldis is a good wrestler who was the face of the NWA for a long time, but not it looks like personal differences with NWA Owner Billy Corgan have started showing up and are causing problems. I hope that on a personal basis, Corgan and Aldis are able to repair any personal issues and maintain a positive friendship and relationship. As for what the future holds, AEW is the most likely, but if Aldis hates the direction of the NWA, he’ll really hate AEW, where there is no direction, and is mainly just throwing stuff up against the wall to try to create a show. Aldis would quickly be lost in the shuffle and forgotten about. The WWE would be the best option, but I’m not sure how Aldis could handle all the larger life characters, nor how the WWE fans would accept him. Most likely, I think Aldis’s next step is Impact Wrestling, with some side trips to New Japan. I might be wrong, but that makes the most sense in my eyes.

Imagine an Invasion Angle in WWE – the night after SummerSlam, CM Punk & The Revival (FTR) show up and attack Roman Reigns & The Bloodline. Thoughts?

It sounds good to me. Book it, Triple H.

The Enforcers (Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko) versus FTR. Who wins?

A lot of people don’t remember just how good Arn & Zbyszko were as a tag team as they were only together a short time in WCW, but they had a very solid run as the WCW Tag Team Champions and were voted Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s tag team of the year during their brief time as a unit. As for FTR, their skills, reputation, and multiple championship reigns with so many different promotions speaks for themselves. This would be a wrestling clinic of tag team action and an amazing match to witness. As for who wins, my heart goes for The Enforcers, but my mind & gut says that FTR should take this victory. So there you go. FTR wins.

Once the contract is up, do you see Stephanie and Nick Khan renewing the deal with Saudi Arabia?

For the kind of money the Saudi deal brings to WWE, they’d be stupid not to keep it going as long as possible. So long as the Saudi government keeps providing that much financial incentive, the Saudi shows will continue and they should.

After winning the 24/7 Championship on RAW from Dana Brooke, Nikki Cross seemingly threw the belt into the trash. Is this the end of the WWE 24/7 Championship? Thoughts?

As soon as I heard of that, my thoughts immediately went back to WCW when Scott Hall won the Television Championship and threw it into a dumpster, where it was later found and claimed by Jim Duggan. That was a title that dated back to 1974 and had such champions as Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Dusty Rhodes, Lord Steven Regal, Larry Zbyszko, etc. And it was just tossed away and that makes me mad and kind of sick to see that belt be shown so much disrespect. And now, the same thing is happening with the24/7 Championship. Yes, I get that it was a comedy/joke title for WWE and doesn’t have anywhere near the history of the WCW TV Title, but just tossing it away like that seems to me to be a slap to everyone and anyone that ever held that belt for any length of time. Just give it to R-Truth to quietly retire the belt or maybe have Nikki offer up the belt to get a title match with Ronda. Anything would be better or more respectful than what WWE had Nikki do. I just don’t like it.

Ever since the AEW media scrum with CM Punk, it seems most in the IWC find it cool to hate Punk and say very little about The Elite and Tony Khan. Do you think they’re focusing too much on what Punk said rather than why he said it or were they just looking for a reason to bash Punk and found one?

Truthfully speaking, I think that the fans of The Elite were/are just looking for a way to justify their favorite wrestler’s own misbehavior and trash Punk because he made the mistake of drawing better numbers, having better matches, and being a bigger star in every sense of the word that their Elite darlings. No one is disputing what Punk actually said in the Media Scrum and if you recall, Tony Khan was sitting right there next to him the entire time nodding in agreement. The IWC was just looking for a reason to hate CM Punk and by trashing their favorites, he gave them that reason.

How great was Logan Paul at Crown Jewel?

Logan did an amazing job, especially when you take into consideration his actual lack of experience in the ring. I hope has a speedy recovery from his injuries and is back sooner than later. I want to see more.

It’s Election Day in the United States. What wrestling personalities would you like to see as the President & Vice President of the U.S.? And who would you have as part of their “Cabinet”?

Off the top of my head, how about Triple H & Arn Anderson as the top two leaders? James J. Dillon would be the Chief of Staff. William Regal would be Ambassador to the United Nations. James E. Cornette would be the Speaker of the House, while The Undertaker would be the Secretary of State. Renee Paquette would be the Press Secretary, while Steve Austin would head up the FBI.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here. It’s nearly time for the sun to come up and I need to try to get a little sleep before heading out to a long and hopefully fruitful day. If you’re in the United States, don’t forget to vote. I’m out of here. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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