Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Austin Theory, Baron Corbin, Women’s Wrestling & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Austin Theory, Baron Corbin, Women’s Wrestling & More
November 9, 2022

It’s another long one. I’ve been slack and the questions keep showing up. My thanks to Vincent, HV, and Michael for that. You guys are keeping me on my toes and it’s much appreciated. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. So are you ready? Scissor me, Daddy. Let’s do this.

Austin Theory tried to cash in the MITB contract for the U.S. title & failed. Is this the end of any push for Theory by the WWE?

I don’t think it’s the end for Austin. He’s too good and has a good presence. I just think that the push with the MITB deal was too much too soon in HHH’s eyes and he wanted to take Austin out of the title scene for now. I expect that we’ll still see plenty of Austin Theory on our television, maybe working with Riddle or Elias until HHH feels he’s ready for the main event stories. Theory may not have the briefcase any longer, but he’s not going away anytime soon.

With Orange Cassidy defeating PAC for the All-Atlantic Championship on Dynamite, there was some expected blowback to a “comedy” act holding a title. The detractors argue it cheapens the prestige of a title if held by a comedy act, but what’s your opinion if that act can actually work a match and is over with a crowd?

If the person can actually work, like Cassidy, R-Truth, or “Broken” Matt Hardy, I don’t think it really cheapens the title as just shows another aspect of the championship instead. An example for me would be Disco Inferno winning the WCW World Television Championship. Yes, Disco was portrayed as a comedy act and a goof, but the story was that he was trying to be more serious and when he was focused, he was actually quite competent and a good wrestler. So if a “comedy act” works a serious match and as a result, manages to win a title, I have no problems at all with it. It actually makes for good storytelling and television.

Which was your favorite Nelson Frazier Jr persona: Mabel, King Mabel, Viscera, or Big Daddy V?

What about the Cassanova/Romeo version of Viscera? That was pretty cool. But my favorite version was Big Daddy V. He was used and presented as a monster heel and it worked well and he was over. That’s the way a man like Frazier should be presented and used and in the Viscera/Big Daddy V characters, the WWE finally got it right.

There are rumors that both John Cena and Steve Austin will be returning to the WWE for Wrestlemania 39. Do you want to see them return and if so, who would you have them wrestle against?

For Austin, if he does return, I’d like to see him go against Baron Corbin. It’d be a good match and also, with the JBL factor thrown in, would be very entertaining. As for Cena, how about against The Miz? Miz is just such a great heel and has that punchable face and a loss to Cena wouldn’t hurt him in the slightest, plus you know it’d be a great match. Yes, it’s been done before, but it would be great, work well and be believable, plus maybe it could be set up with a Miz cameo on a Cena movie or the set of Peacemaker. Maybe we could get the extra bonus of seeing Cena and the cast of the Peacemaker series doing that dance on the Wrestlemania stage. I want to see it happen.

BamBam Bigelow versus Vader. Who wins?

It’d be a fun and very stiff match, but I think the man they call Vader would stand tall at the end and be the last man standing.

How many more repackages do we need of Baron Corbin before it is time to move on?

Just keep doing it until it works. Corbin is a very underrated performer and an excellent wrestler. This latest rebooting, with JBL at his side, has piqued my interest and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Is “Scissor Me Daddy” the new “Suck It”?

It sure seems that way. The Acclaimed has really struck gold with that phrase and having “Daddy Ass” as part of the scenario, it’s even better. So after twenty-plus years of “Two words for you!”, now it’s “Scissor Me, Daddy Ass”. It’s evolution.

If WWE can’t get The Rock to take on Roman at Wrestlemania 39, should they go all in on the Bloodline angle and do Roman Reigns versus Sami Zayn?

That’s the great thing about this current Bloodline angle. There are so many ways this can go, in so many directions, it’s an amazing story. But as for your question, I don’t think Sami versus Roman at Mania would be the way to go. It’d be fun and exciting, but as a singles guy, does anyone really believe that Sami can beat Roman? If we do get Sami versus The Bloodline at Mania, I still think the most likely and best way to go would be Sami and Kevin Owens taking on Jimmy & Jey for the tag team belts. And if The Rock can’t fight Roman, then Cody or maybe GUNTHER can step up and fill that spot.

Nick Aldis implied in a recent interview that NWA Owner Billy Corgan “hates women’s wrestling”. Corgan has, of course, denied this and brought up NWA Empowerrr, an All-Woman PPV that he claims lost money. Do you think Corgan hates Women’s wrestling?

No, Billy Corgan doesn’t hate women’s wrestling. My feeling is that he’s as big a fan of good women’s wrestling as anyone in the business and if the ladies have a good wrestling match, he’ll be the first in line to compliment them on it. Aldis just seems bitter that he’s not Corgan’s golden child anymore and is lashing out, talking to be talking. Not wanting to do a second NWA Empowerrr doesn’t mean Corgan hates women. It just means he didn’t make a profit on the show and as a businessman, is rethinking the situation and his options to make money and not lose anymore, as a good businessman should. Nothing more.

Speaking of Women’s Wrestling, Natalya mentioned that she’s hopeful that Stephanie McMahon & Triple H will bring back the WWE Evolution PPV. Do you agree with Natalya and should WWE bring back that event?

I hope that WWE does. The first Evolution event was excellent and I greatly enjoyed it, and now that WWE has decided to drop the Day One and Hell In A Cell shows from their PPV calendar, there are some openings available, so why not WWE Evolution II? Works for me.

Demolition (Ax, Smash, Crush) versus The Judgement Day (Finn Balor, Dominick Mysterio, Damien Priest) versus The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts) versus The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane, Dennis Condrey). Who wins?

What a crazy and chaotic event this would be. Rhea Ripley, Mr. Fuji, and Jim Cornette on the outside and twelve of the best performers in wrestling faction history in the ring. And who wins? The Midnight Express team. And why? Because they have Jim Cornette on the outside. What more reason do you need?

WWE could conceivably have The Rock, Cody Rhodes, and CM Punk available for the next Wrestlemania. If all of them were able and willing to work Wrestlemania, in order of preference, who would you rather have to face Roman for the title?

If it’s a title match, then Cody would be my preference. I want to see Roman versus Rock, but that would only be a one-shot since The Rock doesn’t have the time to do anything more than that. So Cody would be the first choice, followed by CM Punk, and then finally The Rock. Or WWE could split the titles up again and we could have Roman versus The Rock on the second night’s show while the first night’s show could be headlined by Cody defending the title against CM Punk. How does that sound? Works for me for sure.

And there you go. I think we’re through for the day. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and very appreciated. Just drop me a comment, message, IM, etc and we’ll see what we can do. Until the next time, take care and be good, my friends. I’ll see you at the matches.


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