A Day of Dougie: Fish, Andy Warhol & Love At First Sight

Tossing Salt Presents:
A Day of Dougie
Fish, Andy Warhol & Love At First Sight
December 11, 2022

Good morning and wake your ass up. Just kidding. It’s way too early in the AM for anyone to be up right now. I feel like I just went to bed. Oh wait, I did. Two whole hours of sleep and I’m back up. Damn cat! But since I’m up, I may as well be semi-productive before I drag myself back to bed for “just a few more minutes”. So what should I do to be productive? How about a quick edition of “A Day of Dougie”? Does that sound like fun or what? Or what. sighs I get it, but I’m up and typing already now so we’re going to do it anyhow.

I’ve got the Magic Bag in hand so let’s find some topics of discussion to ramble about. We’ve got fish, Andy Warhol, and Love At First Sight. This hopefully will be interesting. Let’s go.


Do you like fish sticks? What are you? A gay fish? What can I write about fish? They have bugged-out eyes, live under the water, hang out with Aquaman, and have memories that last about as long as a politician’s promises. Beautiful animals, some of them anyhow, but they’ve never really done anything for me. I do remember my fresh out of high school working days when I worked at Jimmy’s Seafood House and was around fish constantly. I was good at that job, first as a dishwasher and then as a cook, but damn, it sucked! And then I worked at Nic’s and Friday was fish day. I would leave work every Friday night smelling like a can of tuna. My cats loved it, but everyone else, not so much. I don’t eat fish anymore. And I definitely don’t eat fish sticks. I’m not a gay fish. Well, not a fish anyhow.

Andy Warhol…

All I remember of this guy was that he was a weird little man who painted cans of Cambell Soup and was just odd enough to be famous for being odd. He was a big part of the late 60s and 70s and I remember some sort of movie that had his name featured in the title, but I can’t remember what the actual title was or even what the movie was about. I watched it though. I was a weird kid and did stuff like that sometimes.

And Warhol had a magazine called “Interview”. I only know about the magazine because I saw one of those free subscription cards for the magazine somewhere and wanted to get three free issues. It looked interesting with a bigger than-normal size and lots of great and colorful pictures. This was in the early 80s. So I subscribed and I continued to get the magazine for over ten years. I never paid a penny, but it just kept coming, and then finally, it quit. I have so many old editions of Warhol’s magazine here and I don’t think, after the first three or four editions, I’ve ever read a single one.

Oh well. That’s my Warhol story. By the way, the movie was Andy Warhol’s Dracula. Thank you, Google. But I’ve just learned that it was actually made by one of Warhol’s assistants and he had minimal influence on the actual movie. Well, damn. Now my childhood has been crushed. I didn’t need to know that. Let’s move on.

Love At First Sight…

Have you ever just seen someone and all of a sudden, you just get that weird feeling and you know that your life is about to change forever? There is something there that makes that person stand out and makes you all warm and fuzzy in your tum-tum.

Usually, it’s just lust because they have pretty eyes, a great ass, big boobs, or something that stirs the loins and makes you feel all frisky and freaky. But every so often, it’s more. It’s the real deal and that person has, just because of a single meeting or even just a single glance across the room, become the most important person in your crazy little world.

That’s what they call love at first sight. It’s rare, but it is real and when it happens, it’s one of the greatest things in the world. I’ve experienced it a few times, but it wasn’t really for me. It was just lust. Well, that and the other person didn’t feel the same connection. Asshole! But it does happen and it’s a beautiful thing. It truly is.

And with that, it’s time to close this up. Hopefully, it’s not too bad, but my eyes are closing and I can’t read it right now to double-check. Oh well, it’ll have to do. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Take care and be well my friends and if life is wearing you down and being hard, just do what I do. Day drink. No, I mean make it a Day of Dougie. I won’t drink until after the sun goes down, which is 4:30 in the afternoon so it’s all still good. I’m kidding though. Really, I am. I don’t drink… wine. Gads, this is too damn early. I’m going back to bed Take care and I’ll see you at Walmart. I need to start my Christmas shopping. sighs again. See you later.


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