Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Briscoes, Jamie Noble, Matt Riddle & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Briscoes, Jamie Noble, Matt Riddle & More
December 13, 2022

And here we go. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready? I said, ARE YOU READY? Let’s do this.

Six Man Managers Tag Team Match in their prime: Jim Cornette, Captain Lou Albano & James J. Dillon versus Jimmy Hart, Paul E. Dangerously & Bobby Heenan. Who wins?

With six such colorful and unique characters, this would be an amazing spectacle of a match. All six managers are heels so I’m sure there would be some backstabbing and treachery taking place as well. Of these six, Captain Lou, Dillon, and Heenan were all trained wrestlers who could actually put on a good match and be strong in-ring talents if needed. Cornette, Dangerously, and Hart, not really so much. I think that Cornette and Dangerously would be fighting outside the ring and Heenan would also take a powder as he sees Dillon and the Captain coming at him, preferring to avoid conflict. Dillion and Albano would put a beating on Hart before scoring the big win for their team.

Should WWE offer to help Barry Windham, who recently suffered a heart attack, out with the medical bills & expenses?

While they’re not really required or expected to, I think a donation to the Barry Windham Go-Fund-Me would be a nice gesture on their part. That being said, Barry is an adult and should have some insurance available (Obamacare), plus he has a nephew who is under a multi-million dollar deal with WWE that should also be able to help his Hall of Fame Uncle with some of the bills. WWE can’t be expected to cover the bills for every person that has ever worked for their company, but maybe if they set up a special foundation that could help, it’d be a nice gesture. It’s something they should think about. It’s not their responsibility to help Windham, but I hope that they do anyhow.

The Briscoes defeated FTR at ROH Final Battle, but the Briscoes are not allowed on AEW television. What does this mean for the ROH Tag Team Titles? Also, what’s next for FTR?

It really doesn’t make sense to put the titles on a team that can’t even be featured on television, but I’m sure that Tony Khan has figured a way around that by using other people to act as the Briscoes voice and relying on social media to get the team and their appearances over. So far as the titles go, The Briscoes are multi-time champions and are absolutely deserving of the belts. As for FTR, I think this is a punishment of sorts. Dax was recently talking about when FTR’s contract with AEW ends and what their possible plans might be and they don’t seem to include AEW at this point. I’m pretty positive that Khan isn’t happy about that and thus, FTR does two jobs, to the Briscoes and The Acclaimed in a matter of days. Go figure.

Do you think that W.O.W. should bring in GLOW Original Lisa Moretti, aka Ivory, as an on-air Authority Figure?

Honestly, I haven’t been watching WOW so I don’t even know if they need an on-air Authority figure or not, but if they did and she wanted to do it, Lisa Moretti would be the perfect candidate for the job.

Claudio is the new ROH Champion. Thoughts?

He’s a good man, a damn good wrestler, and a former ROH standout. He’s a great choice to be the champion and represent the new ROH in the days and months ahead.

Matt Riddle is out “injured” for the next six weeks, but news has now come out that he failed a drug test with the WWE Wellness Policies and has entered a rehab program. Thoughts?

Is anyone surprised that Riddle of all people would be the one to fail a drug test? That’s not all character out there. But joking aside, I know that behind the scenes in his real life, Riddle has been going through some hard times with legal matters, his wife leaving him, etc. I just hope that he can get back on track, continue to excel in the WWE, and have a safe and healthy life. I wish Riddle nothing but the very best.

Jamie Noble wrestled his last match last night. Do you really think it’s his last match? Thoughts on Noble and his career in WWE.

I’ve met Jamie a couple of times and he’s a very intense, but cool dude. He had a fantastic run in WWE and also a solid run in ROH where he was the top guy for a while. The entire run with Nidia was incredible and well worth going back and seeing again if you get the chance. I think Jamie has done it all and can be well satisfied with his career in the ring, as well as the legacy he continues to build backstage as an agent in the WWE. He has nothing left to prove to anyone. Last match? Probably, but I won’t complain either way. Noble is a hell of a talent and I’d love to see him involved in a few more angles from time to time. He really is that damn good.

There are rumors of a possible Gunther versus Brock Lesnar match for Wrestlemania. Would you like to see this match?

That would be a classic dream match in the making. I would love to see this happen. Let’s hope these rumors are true.

Kronik (Brian Adams & Bryan Clark) versus The Acolytes (JBL & Ron Simmons). Who wins?

This would be like Godzilla meeting King Kong one more time with the chaos and damage it would cause. Stiff muscle and brutality take on destruction and mayhem. For me, it would be a dream match. As for who wins, I have respect for all four men here, but given my past relationship with Brian Adams back in the day, I’d have to give the nod to him and Bryan Clark. After all, then, now, and forever, It’s All About Kronik! ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, or any questions are welcome and appreciated. I hope that everyone has a great day. And with that, I’m out of here for now. Take care and be well and I’ll see you at the matches.


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