Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Repo Man, Mandy Rose, AEW & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Repo Man, Mandy Rose, AEW & More
December 16, 2022

Do you have questions? We’ve got answers. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

It’s most likely a long way off but who do you have your money on to dethrone MJF?

I’m thinking either the returning CM Punk, not very likely, or Kenny Omega, far more likely, are the two names Tony would probably go with.

I think that Judgment Day needs a belt. Do you guys think JD needs a belt?

A belt or two for Judgment Day would be nice to see. Too bad that the tag team titles are all unified because seeing Dominick & Priest as the tag team champions would be a good thing. Right now, their best option lies with Rhea Ripley going after Bianca and the Women’s Championship.

What is your ideal endgame to the Bobby Lashley story?

Bobby versus Adam Pearce and a partner in a handicap match to determine if Lashley keeps his job or not. Let the mystery partner be a returning or new star, maybe Nick Aldis, who walks out on Pearce and allows Lashley to decimate the authority figure with the Hurt Lock. And then this entire storyline is buried and never mentioned again.

Who are the Final 4 you want to see in the Royal Rumble?

Cody Rhodes, who I’d have winning the match, Sami Zayn, trying to defend his Tribal Chief’s honor, Matt Cardona, making his WWE return, and Dominick Mysterio, just because it would piss so many people off.

Would Repo Man work today in NXT? There’s enough goofy wrestling landscape on Tuesday nights for it!

As a full-time character, I don’t think Repo would work in today’s WWE. As a recurring character though, who just shows up randomly, does the whole repossession routine and then vanishes, it would be fun to see as everyone would be clueless and wondering just what the hell is going on.

Can every day still be Rusev Day?

So long as Rusev exists, regardless of what name he is currently using, every day is and will continue to be Rusev Day!

Do you feel like the hype and the buzz around AEW had died down or soured since the CM Punk debacle?

CM Punk was one of the few bright spots in AEW where you could count on a good promo, a good match, and stories that make sense. AEW was already on the downslide, but since Punk’s been gone, only MJF & FTR keep it watchable. So to answer your question, yes!

Mandy Rose was released from WWE today. Thoughts? Do you think she’ll end up in AEW, Impact Wrestling, or back in WWE?

I can’t blame WWE for this because apparently, Rose was showing far more on her website than WWE or their corporate partners were comfortable with and this was a huge violation of a clause in her WWE contract. WWE did what it had to do and unfortunately for Rose, that meant her run as the NXT Women’s Champion and employment have come to an end. As to where she goes next, I don’t think WWE will take her back unless she deletes her site and I understand that she makes far too much money to do that. My guess will be AEW. They need talented women wrestlers to fill out their roster and Women’s division and I don’t think Khan could care less what a wrestler’s side projects might be. Warner Media might have something to say about all of that, but I still think AEW is her best option.

What wrestlers, male and female, would you like to see start an OnlyFans?

Sammy Guevera & Tay Conti. They’re both sexy, both outrageous, and come as close as possible to getting down and dirty every time they’re in front of a camera, so why not go just a bit farther and get paid for it? I probably wouldn’t watch, but I know a few people who would.

Were it up to you, which wrestler in AEW’s women’s division would be the one to snap Jade Cargill’s win streak?

Based on the current roster, I would say Saraya, aka Paige. If she can handle the matches and stay healthy, she’s arguably the best-known woman on the roster right now. Use that popularity and good faith that she’s brought with her and push her to the moon. And that means titles.

And there you go. That wraps up the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A for today. I appreciate you taking a few moments of your time and reading. Any thoughts, comments, or questions you may have are very welcome and appreciated as well. And with that, I think I’m out of here for now. Take care and be well, my friends. I’ll see you at the matches.


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