Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Rock, Sterling Golden, Wardlow & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Rock, Sterling Golden, Wardlow & More
December 31, 2022

Yes, it’s yet another edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. It’s New Year’s Eve and we’re going to end this year with a bang. I may also be ending this site as you know it, but I’m not 100% sure about that just yet. Maybe I just need a vacation? That’s a decision I’ll make soon. But for now, let’s proceed with business as usual. Let’s do this.

Nikita Koloff versus GUNTHER. Who wins?

The Russian Nightmare versus the man formerly known as WALTER. Damn, this would be a stiff and brutal match. Nikita has the power and strength edge, while GUNTHER has those brutal chops that can cave a man’s chest in. With these two men, you’d just have to flip a coin because it could go either way and it would not be an upset in the slightest. So that’s what I’ll do. Heads for Nikita and Tails for GUNTHER. Heads it is so Nikita would get the win.

So out of curiosity, I just looked up how many talents are signed to AEW, and yeah, it’s 190. How does everyone get a check if 2/3 of the roster never makes it into the ring?

I think a majority of the talents are either on a low base salary with extra money via appearances. There are some guys making guaranteed money, but most only get paid if they’re being used. How the large roster balances out with the money paid out, I have no idea, but Tony Khan’s daddy is a billionaire. They can afford it.

Who Wins: Batista & Ric Flair Vs The Bar?

Batista & Flair versus Sheamus & Cesaro. That would be a fun match to see. I think that The Bar was a much better-rounded team and should get the win here.

Do you remember Sterling Golden? Why didn’t this guy ever become a big star?

I remember him from seeing him in Georgia for a few weeks. A big, musclebound guy with a great tan and was balding on top. He didn’t last long in Georgia and moved on to Memphis next under the name of Terry Golden. Or maybe Memphis was first and then he went to Georgia. He was a so-so wrestler, but he did have some charisma. I think he did a run up north and feuded with Tony Atlas before getting a movie role with Stallone and working for Verne Gagne. He then went back to New York and did some preaching about prayers and vitamins while being one of the worst rulebreakers I’ve ever seen. He had the hype and got some big pushes, but I was never a fan. Last I heard, he made a sex tape and his wife cleaned him out of everything. I wonder where that guy is now, brother!

Which Marvel character can the Rock play in the MCU?

A natural choice would be Hercules since the Rock did make the movie, Hercules, so that may be an option. Luke Cage, aka Power Man, would be good, but Mike Colter has made that character his own and has done an excellent job. The X-Man, Bishop, would be a possible role for the Great One, and hell, how about playing Ben Grimm, aka The Thing? The Rock would be great in any of those roles.

Samoa Joe squashed Wardlow and then cut his hair. Has AEW destroyed Wardlow?

Any credibility that Wardlow had built up over the past year, it’s been totally destroyed. Wardlow was made to be Samoa Joe’s bitch, period. What’s next? Jobbing out to Marko Stunt? At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me. I guess Wardlow pissed off a Young Buck or something. Too bad! So long Wardlow. We’ll miss you!

What was the biggest story of the year?

Vince was forced to resign from the WWE and retire. Nothing else even comes close.

Gobbledy Gooker, Mantaur, The Mountie, The Renegade, and Gillberg versus Issac Yankum, Kerwin White, Nailz, The Yeti, and The Great Oz. Who wins?

Would this be a weird match or what? Only Vince Russo on an acid trip could book this match. It’s the Ultimate Bad Gimmick Ten-Man Tag Team Event. This is Jim Cornette’s worst nightmare coming true. Can you imagine his commentary for a match like this? It would be awesome! As for who wins, I’ll go with the second team. Bad gimmicks, but it’s Kane, Chavo Guerrero, and Kevin Nash all on that team. Team A has The Mountie. Yeah, the second team would definitely get the win here.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here for now. Take care and be well, my friends. I should have one more Q&A up later today before we say goodbye to 2022. I’ll see you then.


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