A Day of Dougie: New Year, New Me (Site Updates)

Tossing Salt Presents:
A Day of Dougie:
New Year, New Me
January 1, 2023

Welcome friends to a new year and the first post, to set the mood, for the site. I know we all hear it so often every year. It’s a new year and I’m going to do this and this and the world will be a better place and all that crap.

And for me personally, I think it’s all a lot of bunk. So far as the usual “New Year – New Me” hype goes, have no fear. I’m moody. I’m sarcastic. I love wrestling. I love to write about random topics and things that go bump in the wind. I have a dirty and somewhat perverted mind with an absolutely weird sense of humor. I’m not politically correct. And I’m not changing a damn bit.

But for the site that bears my name, DougMaynard.com, there may be a few changes. I know the biggest problem with this site is consistency. I have an eclectic way of thinking and trying to stay focused is not an easy thing for me. This site is certainly a reflection of that. It’s all over the place and while I can guarantee that if you look around long enough, you’ll be entertained, finding the good stuff isn’t always easy. I need to work on that and I will.

So for the new year, despite 2022 being the best year in this site’s existence, with well over 8500 views and more than 3500 visitors, some changes will be made. Every day, I will post something. The Ultimate Wrestling Q&A will continue, as well as prediction columns for major wrestling events from WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling, NXT, and ROH. A day of Dougie where I draw random topics from the infamous Magic Bag and with no preparation, advance warnings, or any other kind of prior notice, then write about said topics and whatever comes to mind, that one is too much fun to quit doing. I’ll also be sharing videos of No Chaser w/ JHoody & Drunk Dane and Gimmick Talk by The Fallen Artist, Derk Douglas when available. And I have an idea for something called “The Crazy Book”. It’ll be regular and watch for it. That’s where things really get fun and personal.

So that’s quite a bit and in keeping with what seems to go over well with the kids. I also plan on doing and adding videos of my own to the mix once I get more comfortable in front of the camera and hearing the sound of my own voice. Hey, I’ll admit it. I’ve got a face made for radio and a voice made for writing. I’ll never be Mr. Television, but I’m willing to give it a try.

The bottom line is this. If anyone who reads this site wants to contribute, let’s talk and do it. This site might be written from a Dougie perspective, but I want to allow differing opinions and thoughts as well. I’ve always been open-minded and versatile so why not embrace that and use it to make this site and your entertainment viewing even better?

And the real bottom line is, I just want to tighten up and make things better, for the site, for myself, and for anyone and everyone who ever hears the name DougMaynard.com. So stick around. New Me? Hell no! A better site. Damn straight! And yeah, this is all over the place. I get that. Just keep watching and reading and you’ll be glad you did. ‘Nuff said!

Oh yeah, more cat pictures too. You’ve been warned.

And I’ve rambled long enough and not really said anything. I do that sometimes. I’ve got an edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A to type up and then bed, so watch out for that. And thanks for the support.

DougMaynard.com is essentially my way of commenting on the world. I do it to express my thoughts and keep myself semi-sane. I also do it for you. And I always will.

I’ll talk to you later.


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