NWA ‘Nuff Said PPV: Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
NWA ‘Nuff Said PPV
Thoughts & Predictions
February 9, 2023

Coming up on Saturday, live from Tampa, Florida, and airing on FITE.TV is the National Wrestling Alliance pay-per-view, ‘Nuff Said! And of course, that means it’s time to break out the Magic 8 Ball and do a few predictions. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

NWA Champion Tyrus vs. Matt Cardona with no outside interference and everyone banned from ringside.

With two mid-card stars from the WWE who have reinvented themselves and moved on to bigger and better, this should be an excellent match. I love seeing Tyrus as the NWA Champion. He brings publicity and eyes to the product every time he appears on TV, which is quite often. And Matt? Since leaving the WWE and taking control of his career, no one has been better. This is a hard call for me, but I think Cardona deserves a chance to get back the title he never lost and have one more run with the ten pounds of gold before eventually heading back to the WWE later this year. Cardona wins. Woo woo woo, you know it.

Winner and NEW NWA World Champion: Matt Cardona

NWA Women’s Champion Kamille vs. Angelina Love – No DQ.

I’ve always been a fan of Angelina Love, but Kamille has been a dominant champion ever since she won her championship and I don’t see her losing that belt anytime soon. Love will give her a good match and it will end up being one for the ages, but the championship is staying right where it is.

Winner and STILL NWA Women’s Champion: Kamille

Trevor Murdoch vs Chris Adonis.

Honestly, after the main event match, this is the match I’m most looking forward to seeing. Murdoch and The Masterpiece going one on one. It could easily go either way and I’ll be happy. My money is on Trevor Murdoch for this one.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch

NWA Jr Heavyweight Champion Kerry Morton vs. Alex Taylor.

I don’t know much about Alex Taylor, but I have been impressed with Kerry Morton on the few occasions I’ve seen him wrestle. Morton hasn’t been the champion for long as of yet, so I don’t see a title switch here.

Winner and STILL NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Kerry Morton

NWA National Champion Cyon vs. Homicide.

Cyon has impressed me every time I’ve seen him wrestle. And Homicide? It’s freakin’ Homicide. This should be a fast-paced and very entertaining match. Cyon beat Homicide to capture the National Championship if I recall correctly. I don’t see him losing it here.

Winner and STILL NWA National Champion: Cyon

EC3 vs. the debuting Kevin Kiley, fka Alex Riley during his WWE run.

I’ve always been a fan of Alex Riley and I don’t see him being buried or losing in his debut match. EC3 may control his narrative, but the storybook ending won’t be a good one for him here.

Winner: Kevin Kiley, aka Alex Riley

Thom Latimer vs. Fodder in a Singapore Cane match.

What the hell is “Fodder”? I supposed that I could go look him up, but it is late and I’m tired. I hear that name though and what immediately comes to mind is “Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh. Here I am at Camp Granada”, a lovely song by Allan Sherman from 1963. Yes, I’m old. But now I’m wondering something. Did they have Singapore Canes at Camp Granada? Inquiring minds want to know. I’ll make a note to look it up one day and find out. But back to this match. I don’t know who Fodder is. I know who Thom Latimer is though. And Latimer is a bad man.

Winner: Thom Latimer

NWA Tag Team Champions La Rebelion vs. Blunt Force Trauma (with Aron Stevens)

La Rebelion (Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf) defends the NWA Tag Team Championship titles against the former Damien Sandow-managed team of Blunt Force Trauma (Damage & Carnage). I know that Blunt Force Trauma is somehow aligned with Tyrus, but I’m not too familiar with them. The champions, La Rebelion, are in their second reign as the NWA Tag Team Champions and while I’m not a big fan, I do remember them from days past. I think this will be a good match and Aron Stevens will be the difference-maker for his team. Look for new champions.

Winners and NEW NWA Tag Team Champions: Blunt Force Trauma w/ Aron Stevens.

Dak Draper and Mims vs. Jax Dane and Blake Troop.

Who versus Who? I’ve heard of Jax Dane before, but the other three? Not so much. Let’s go with Dane and Troop to take that trip to the pay window.

Winners: Jax Dane & Black Troop.

Mercurio and Natalia Markova vs. Jennacide and Max The Impaler with Jim Mitchell.

Never bet against any team affiliated with The Sinister Minister, James Mitchell. Look for Jennacide and Max The Impaler to lie, cheat, steal, and dominate their way to a big victory.

Winners: Jennacide and Max the Impaler w/ Jim Mitchell.

Odinson vs. Joe Alonzo.

If a guy is named after the Norse God of Thunder, you know he’s a bad dude. And if a dude shares the same name as a cup of coffee, aka a cup of Joe, you know he’s an eye-opener worth watching. But I like Norse mythology. I don’t like coffee. Odinson wins.

Winner: Odinson

Missa Kate vs. La Rosa Negra.

I’m not familiar with these two ladies, but I did a quick google of each and both are young and relatively new to the sport of pro wrestling. They look good though and I feel will have a good future ahead of them in the months and years to come. As for this match, let’s go with La Rosa Negra. I like her name better and it stands out.

Winner: La Rosa Negra

And is that it? Twelve matches? This is going to be a long show. Oh well, but there are my predictions. Are you planning on watching this event or just following along online? I’ll honestly probably just do the latter. But I still want to know, who are your picks for the winners and losers of the night? Let me know, your comments, thoughts, and any questions you might have.

And with that being said, thanks for reading. Have a great week and take care, my friends. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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