Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: King of the Ring, Dennis Stamp, Trish Stratus & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
King of the Ring, Dennis Stamp, Trish Stratus & More
February 25, 2023

And here we are again with more questions about the world’s greatest sport. Are you ready to rumble? Let’s do this.

Dusty Rhodes versus Dr. Death Steve Williams. Who wins?

If we’re talking about the Mid-south version of Dr. Death or even a legit shoot, it’s Steve Williams all the way. Otherwise, Dusty was always the booker and that ego would never allow a clean loss. But Williams would and should always win here.

WWE is bringing back the King of the Ring and Queen of the Ring in May 2023. Are you excited?

I am excited about this because the King of the Ring was always a great way to take talent and move them to the next level. I can already see King Dom Mysterio ruling over his WWE cellblock and Queen Chelsea Green demanding more respect. There are so many possibilities for character development with those titles. It should be fun.

Did Dennis Stamp ever get booked?

Unfortunately, Dennis Stamp passed away in 2017 at age 70 so I guess he finally did get booked for that big Battle Royal in the sky. Stamp was best known for being an enhancement wrestler, mainly for the AWA, and for his appearance in the Beyond The Mat documentary where he was seen jumping on a trampoline and repeating the phrase “I’m not booked!” repeatedly. He also served as the special guest referee for one of Terry Funk’s retirement matches against Bret “The Hitman” Hart at Wrestlefest.

Do you think they’ll be doing a Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania? If so, who are your favorites to win?

Money In the Bank has become a stalwart match of Wrestlemania for the past several years and unless they’re planning on saving the match for Backlash or maybe even RAW/Smackdown in the weeks after the event, I do expect we’ll see MITB matches at Mania, with maybe the men on Night 1 and women on Night 2. It should happen. As for who wins, I’d go with Damian Priest for the men’s match and Liv Morgan for the women’s match.

The Hart Foundation (Bret, Owen, Neidhart & Davey Boy) versus The Bloodline (Roman, The Usos, Solo). Who wins?

When Sami Zayn gets involved and causes a distraction, the Montreal crowd goes insane, and the Hart Foundation takes home the win.

I think WWE should re-introduce an old matchup if the Sami thing keeps going. Do a triple threat the first fall for the WWE Championship and the second universal. Have Sami win the first fall and Cody win the second. Belts are separated they both get their moment and everyone can be happy. Thoughts?

That sounds like a good plan. Book it, Triple H.

When R-Truth comes back, should he keep working as a comedy wrestler or should WWE give him a run as a serious challenger befitting a former NWA World Champion?

I’d like to see Truth get serious for a change and maybe get a strong push and run as a credible wrestler. He’s not getting any younger and while his career has been pretty damn good, he’s capable of so much more. Even if it’s just a quick run down in NXT to help the younger talent and maybe a few days as the North American Champion, let the guy have a few moments in the spotlight. He deserves it.

Trish Stratus was backstage at the February 20th edition of RAW, but WWE didn’t use her and she ended up leaving early, allegedly due to a creative change. What do you think WWE has planned for Trish, if anything, and will she be part of the storylines leading into Wrestlemania?

I’m just speculating, but I think that Triple H decided to extend the story, and instead of jumping right to a six-woman tag match between Trish, Lits, and Becky against DAMAGE CNTRL, work the angle with the tag team titles first and then when the numbers game takes over with the Bayley Crew getting an advantage, Trish can make a save and we can get a six-woman tag at Mania. Vince would have already had the match and blown the load on TV, but HHH seems more content to draw things out and keep adding layers and building the stories. We’ll see Trish eventually when the time is right, but right now, we shiver with antici… pation.

I think “IF” HHH wanted to revitalize the cruiserweight division, he may want to consider making it intergender. Agree or disagree?

While the occasional intergender match is bearable, depending on the story or who the female wrestler is, like Rhea Ripley or Shayna Baszler, who is believable against most men, as a regular thing, it would never work and would be a bad idea.

When WWE returns to Madison Square Garden on March 12, one of the matches being advertised is a twenty-man Battle Royal with the winner to face GUNTHER at Wrestlemania for the Intercontinental Championship. Is this a good way to determine who GUNTHER’s challenger will be? And who do you think will win?

I think this is a great way to add some prestige to the MSG event by having matches that have meaning and a purpose and most importantly, have consequences. This makes the MSG show a must-see event to determine who GUNTHER will defend his title against at Mania. It’s a big freaking deal! As for who will win, Bobby Lashley and Omos are in the Battle Royal and we know they’re not winning. My thoughts as to who should win? I think Drew McIntyre is the favorite to win.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here, my friends. Take care and be well and be sure to watch out for foreign objects. I’ll see you at the matches.


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