Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Otis, Podcasts, WON Awards & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Otis, Podcasts, WON Awards & More
February 26, 2023

I know I’m not the only one. Pimping ain’t easy! And neither is answering questions every day as part of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. But that’s what I do. And I do it well. And let’s do it now.

Otis is a part of Maximum Male Models. Good idea or nay?

I think it’s a good idea that will help extend the shelf-life of Otis, who has gone about as far as he can with the Alpha Academy tag team role and is in need of some tweaking to stay relevant. And it adds some life and energy to the Maximum Male Models story which has been essentially DOA since the start. All of the wrestlers involved in the MMM storyline have talent and potential, but the roles they’re playing need a big boost and lots of help. Otis is unique enough, talented enough, and just special enough to maybe be the spark they need. I’m interested in seeing where this all goes.

If you were formatting a weekly wrestling show, how much wrestling would you put on it? I feel AEW does too much wrestling which makes the matches meaningless. WWE does not have enough wrestling which makes the matches meaningless. If it were up to me, I’d have a big-time 20-minute match for every hour of television I had and I’d fill the rest of my time with shorter matches and promos designed to get stars over and further angles, plus promote the hell out of those bigger matches.

How I’d format my show would vary from week to week. Are we talking about an hour, two hours, or more? I like the idea of one big match, a main event, for the event and a few other matches as well, but I’d want every match to have a reason and a purpose, which would be built by interview segments, the announcers during the matches, and the occasional backstage segment as well. I can’t say I’d want a set formula or format for my show. I’d play it by ear and do what needs to be done each week to ensure the best show possible and to keep a strong build for the next week or the bigger events. Yeah, that’d be by format. No format, but play it by ear and wing it.

If Roman Reigns and Bron Breakker have a feud, a Paul Heyman/Scott Steiner mic segment would be a must-see, right?

It would absolutely be entertaining to see. No doubt about that.

There are way too many wrestling podcasts out there. Almost everyone has a podcast. And with that being said, what wrestlers would you like to see start a podcast?

I’d love to see Lisa Moretti & Jacqueline get together and do a podcast. Ivory and Jackie both like to talk, and have plenty of great stories, and a female-led podcast about wrestling by two women who know and love wrestling would be fun to listen to. A wrestling-themed podcast by the proprietor of the SMF Cyberspace podcasts, Mr. Brent Robinson, along with a certain salt-tossing Ultimate Wrestling Q&A writer, me, would be excellent as well. And if Brent isn’t available, maybe I and the Fallen Artist, Derk Douglas? It would work and be excellent. Just saying.

Do you consider Johnny B. Badd/Marc Mero a “legend”?

I consider Mero a popular and entertaining wrestler from the past. I loved the Johnny B. Badd character and he had a memorable career both in the WCW and then in the WWF. If that makes him a legend to some, who am I to argue?

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter named Tony Khan as “Booker Of The Year” and “Wrestling Promoter of the Year”. Thoughts?

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter also named Jon Moxley as the Wrestler of the Year and buried the WWE in every category they had. It’s Dave Meltzer and Brian Alvaraz, who are Tny Khan’s favorite cheerleaders and his own personal stooges, giving out their awards that no one believes, cares about, and that have the relevancy of a big steaming pile of fresh dog shit on a cold sidewalk. Tony is easily one of the worst bookers in wrestling history, making Dixie Carter look like a wrestling genius by comparison. Meltzer and his awards are jokes. Nothing more.

Arn Anderson recently stated that he thinks Powerhouse Hobbs is a future champion and star. Agree or disagree?

I’ll agree with this one. Hobbs has a great look, a great body, and so much natural charisma and potential, calling him a future champion is a very safe bet. All he needs is some experience and seasoning in that ring, and to maybe get away from AEW where he’s lost in the shuffle of Khan’s on-again/off-again booking, and there is a big future ahead for this guy. He’s one of the good ones.

Hornswoggle versus Negative 1. Who wins?

I get this match. I saw the VLOG where Swoggle cut a promo on Negative 1, Brodie Lee Jr., and threatened to repeatedly break his jaw. Negative 1 is eleven years old and was having a great time listening to Swoggle cut his promos. In seven years, when Negative 1 becomes an adult, they should wrestle. And my money will be on Negative 1. He is Brodie Lee’s son after all.

Is Ric Flair a Top #3 Wrestler PERFORMER All Time?

If you said “wrestler”, I’d probably say nope, but using the term performer, I’d have to say yes. While he’s done his best to destroy his legacy and the fond memories we all have of his career, the glory days of the Nature Boy, from the late 70s to the retirement match in 2008, that time was mighty spectacular. Flair could talk, wrestle, have a great match against anyone, and was always entertaining. The term “ring general” was made to describe Ric Flair. And since that match against Shawn Michaels, Flair has done everything he can to spit on those memories and drag his legacy into the ground. But Flair is one of the best, in the Top 3 of all time, I can agree with that.

What would you book for Jade Cargill to do next?

How about a feud with someone on the AEW roster, like Ruby Riott or bring in Mickie James or Tessa Blanchard who can help her get better, get over, and make the TBS title mean something? Or maybe a pseudo feud with a B-list celebrity that few remember that can take up TV time and go nowhere? I think Snooki might be available. It’s Jade. Who cares?

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here for now. Take care and be well, my friends. I’ll see you at the matches.


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