Questions (Not) By Casper #17: Random Twitter Q&A

Tossing Salt Presents:
Questions (Not) By Casper #17
Random Twitter Q&A
March 18, 2023

In a world full of questions, it’s always fun to reply with an answer or two. I used to do a regular piece called “Questions By Casper”, but alas, Casper has gone MIA. But others have stepped up to fill the void. Just random questions from my Twitter friends. Are you ready? Let’s go.

You’re stuck in an elevator with the main character of the last TV Show/Film you watched, who is it?

Well, the last movie I watched was Strange Brew, a classic by anyone’s standards, so I would be in the elevator with Bob & Doug McKenzie. Good day, eh! I just hope we have plenty of beer available in that small, confined metal box. I’d hate to come across as a hoser, eh? Good day!

If you could rid the world of one thing no questions asked, what would it be?

Pedophiles are the first thing that comes to mind and I do wish we truly get rid of those disgusting, sorry-ass pieces of trash. But also, sauerkraut. Ma was cooking some earlier and this entire house/kitchen area reeks. It is some nasty stuff so it’d have to go as well.

Have you ever watched a man hit a woman in public? Did anyone Step in?

I have seen it happen, but no one stepped in. And in that particular case, the woman in question hit the man first and was repeatedly hitting him and he had enough and popped her one time. Then he walked away and she followed, bitching and raising hell the entire time. They got into the same car and left together. Go figure. This is a messed up world sometimes.

Who is the greatest Jerry of all time?

Jerry Lewis? Jerry Springer? Jerry Lee Lewis? The mouse from Tom & Jerry? Jerry “The King” Lawler? It’s hard to pick just one and decide. Let’s go with Jerry Riggins, the former owner of the landmark restaurant Jerry’s Deli here in Laurinburg. He’s a cool dude and the food at his restaurant is awesome. Yeah, I’ll go with that and him.

Who in your life most makes you feel a sense of home?

My cat, Mouthie. He gets on my nerves sometimes, but he’s an amazing fur baby and I love him. He’s good people.

What’s the most unjust debt ever levied against you?

I can’t think of anything. Maybe being the one responsible for clearing out my brother’s and then sister’s homes after they passed. I didn’t mind, but with my health the way it was, the lack of any help or aid from my family or anyone else really, and the stress it put on me when I was already going through so much at the time, and still am, both personally and financially, it sucked big time.

What is the greatest Broadway Show of all time?

I’ve never been to a live Broadway show, but I have seen videos of the Broadway presentations for Hair, Rent!, Hairspray, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Oh yeah, and Cats! too. All were amazing in their own way and very enjoyable. And the greatest in my opinion. I’ll go with Rent. It’s damn good!

Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans announced they are working on legislation that will make it a felony for you to have an illegal alien in your home or vehicle in the state of Florida. DO YOU SUPPORT THIS?

I do support this. Illegal immigration is out of control and getting worse every day. These new laws are rough, but it’s gotten to the point that we can’t afford to be nice anymore and this problem needs to be taken care of. It’s called “Tough Love” and whatever it takes, so be it.

Elon Musk Says He Might Buy “The View” Just to Cancel It: “It’s Nothing But Trash” Do You Think He Should?

I can’t see ABC selling just one show, plus what would stop the network from just creating a new show with the same idiots and concept to take its place? ABC just needs to cancel it altogether and do something different instead. If Musk can buy ABC, that would be good, but I don’t think buying a show would work or even be possible.

Are turtle necks still a thing?

Of course, they are. How else would turtles stick their heads out of their shells and look around?

What good deed have you done today?

I haven’t killed anyone or even cussed anyone out. I went to Food Lion and wanted to, but I refrained. That’s pretty good, right?

Who is the first group or artist you think of when you think of New York?

I think of The Chairman, Mr. Frank Sinatra. And as for why, because of this right here.

Should America stop funding the war in Ukraine?

Yes. No explanation is needed. Just, YES!

What’s something you need to add to your diet?

I guess more Vitamin D and protein. I’m not sure why, but those were the first things that came to mind. I think I’ve listened to too much of Ma’s lecturing over the past few days.

If Elon Musk offered you 1 Million Dollars to never watch the NFL again, would you take his money?

I don’t watch it now anyhow and only keep up with just enough to be part of the conversations at work, but if I can get paid for not watching, then hell yeah. Sign me up.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And now, I’m out of here. I’ve got people to do and places to do and things to bitch, piss and moan about. Be well and I’ll see you next time.


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