Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Cody Rhodes, Mercedes Moné, Money In The Bank & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&AQ
Cody Rhodes, Mercedes Moné, Money In The Bank & More
April 12, 2023

Did someone say wrestling? It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s go.

Do you see Cody returning to AEW at some point? I know he intends to retire in the coming years but could you see him returning behind the scenes or in a managerial role?

Once Cody has accomplished whatever he desires in the WWE and his contract is up, I can easily see him weighing his options and taking all offers, be it WWE or AEW into consideration. If AEW makes the best offer, then a return can most definitely be a possibility. Cody will do whatever he thinks is best for his career and his family so AEW always will be an option.

Do you think we see Mercedes Moné at either Forbidden Door 2 or ALL IN?

AEW is going to need to put together a super-card of matches with quality wrestlers to fill Wembley Stadium in the UK so I can see them trying to bring the former Sasha Banks in for a match for either that event or the Forbidden Door 2 event. It’s good business and makes sense.

With WM40 being in Philly and Cody losing at 39, we gotta be working toward a Rocky-themed comeback for Cody right? I can see him running up the rocky steps in Philly in preparation.

Somehow, I can’t see WWE waiting that long to pull the trigger on the Cody/Roman situation, but if they do decide to wait and make it a spectacle for WrestleMania 40, a Rocky-themed story would be interesting to see. And yes, the vignettes would be awesome.

My question is who do you think will be the person to take the International title off of Orange Cassidy?

For some reason, I’m thinking it might be Ricky Starks. I don’t know why, but that was the first name that came to mind when I started to think about it. So that’s my answer. Ricky Starks.

Who is you’re biggest “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills” wrestler that you just don’t get the love for, mine is Sting.

Sting would fall into that category for me as well. Other wrestlers that everyone seems to love, but I don’t get are The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Darby Allin. Yeah, they’re okay in the ring, but with all the hype that they get, I just don’t get it. Another one is Jon Moxley. He was barely tolerable as Dean Ambrose, but now that he’s free to be himself, he’s just annoying and nothing else.

Cody Rhodes has not been harmed by that WrestleMania loss, and honestly, Cody vs Brock seems like it could be great. Who would you like to see Cody feud with on his climb back to the world title? Give me Cody vs Logan Paul!

Cody versus Logan would be a fun battle to see. I’d also like to see Cody clash with Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Lashley, and if he ever decides to come back to work, Bray Wyatt. All of those matches could be mighty fun if booked correctly.

Who wins MITB? For the Men’s, I could see Logan Paul or Drew. I want it to be McAfee.

My choice is Dom Mysterio. Either Con Dom wins or we riot!

What’re the chances Paul Heyman backs Solo Sikoa in a turn against Roman Reigns, turning the Tribal Chief into a baby face once again?

It’s happened in the past when Heyman sided with the Big Show to turn on Brock Lesnar so what’s to say it couldn’t happen again with Sikoa and Roman? It would make a good twist for the Bloodline story and Sikoa would make a good Paul Heyman guy. I’d like to see it.

Do you guys think that if Moxley had stayed in WWE as Ambrose, with all the hokey stuff that he was doing, he would have been given the role that they put Sami in?

Nope. Ambrose and Sami are two different characters and I can’t see the fans taking to Ambrose in the same way that they took to Sami. With Ambrose in the role, I don’t think the Bloodline story would have worked. With Sami, it does. So Ambrose in Sami’s role? Not a chance.

With the Street Profits looking likely to be separated by the draft, what do you think the next steps are for a well-overdue Montez push?

If the Profits are split up, the next step would be for Montez to embrace his sole status and challenge either the United States or Intercontinental Champion, depending upon whatever brand he’s a part of. Go after singles gold and become a champion. That’s the next step.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, take care, my friends. Watch for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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