Pop Culture Fact or Fiction: Lizzo, Bud Light, Pot & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Pop Culture Fact or Fiction
Lizzo, Bud Light, Pot & More
April 25, 2023

For many years now, I’ve been doing a thing called Wrestling Fact or Fiction, where I look at a statement, agree or not agree, and then explain why. Well, it’s not just for wrestling anymore. It’s pop culture and current events. Yeah, this one is going to ruffle some feathers and make some people hot. It should be fun. So are you ready? Let’s do this.

Lizzo is sexy.

FICTION: Yes, I know that some people like big women and it’s more about the attitude than the actual physical body. Hell, I’m a big guy and I know I’m a sexy beast. But I look at Lizzo and I don’t see a sexy attitude. I see a person who is dangerously overweight and is probably going to be dead from a heart attack or stroke before she turns 40 years old. And she promotes her obesity as healthy and sexy. Guess what? It’s not. Lizzo has found a niche audience and is cashing in, but even though the fat makes her stand out and is making her rich, it’s not smart, healthy, or sexy. It’s just asking for trouble and dumb. ‘Nuff said!

The boycott of Bud Light is silly.

FACT: I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been having fun with this and posting memes and videos making fun of Bud Light and its new “woken identity”, but let’s be honest here. There is no difference between this so-called boycott over a stupid reason and the boycotts of Uncle Ben’s Rice for the black face on the label or Aunt Jemimah’s syrup and her picture being removed. It’s silly and dumb to me, as those protests were. If I go get myself a twelve-pack of beer, I’ll still get either Natural Light or Bud Light because that’s what I grew up drinking and enjoying. I get where everyone is coming from and more power to all of the people switching over to Coors or Pabst Blue Ribbon, but I won’t be joining them I’ll just keep having fun, laughing at the jokes & memes, until the next scandal comes along.

CNN was right to fire Don Lemon.

FACT: Lemon doesn’t draw viewers, has constantly lost viewers over the past couple of years, has been involved in a couple of scandals, and has alienated the majority of his co-workers and associates at CNN with his behavior, statements, actions, and arrogance. He’s been far more headaches than he’s worth for CNN management and brings nothing positive to the table. His ass should have been booted long ago, but better late than never.

Fox News was right to fire Tucker Carlson.

FACT: Yes, this may surprise people, and Fox News may have cut their own throat with this action, but Tucker was becoming a liability for the company, especially after the recent Dominion lawsuits, and even though he said nothing that wasn’t true, Fox News wasn’t prepared to keep up the fight against the system and chose to cut the ties instead. I’m sure that they’ll lose a lot of money because of this and plenty of viewers. Hell, Rachel Madcow might even win a night in the ratings now that she’s competing against rotating hosts. Tucker will be okay though and if Meagan Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, and Glen Beck are any indication, will make far more money with much less censorship or interference from management as a result of all of this. True, he’s losing a prime spot on television, but I expect he’ll rebound quickly and be even more of an irritant to the mainstream media and Washington as a result. Fox didn’t fire Tucker. They just set him free.

Marijuana should be legal in all fifty states.

FICTION: Let me be honest here. I don’t care if people want to smoke. That’s their business. And yes, there are some medical benefits to smoking weed. But smoking out the open, stinking up the place, and getting so damn high that you can’t even keep your eyes open, is just wrong and kind of stupid. I hate the smell. It makes me nauseous and want to vomit. I have people come into where I work and there is a cloud of that stinking odor following them around that remains ten minutes after they’ve left. That is disgusting and shows a huge lack of respect for anyone and everyone else. Plus long-term effects need to be factored in as well. Just like alcohol, long-term partaking of the week leads to slower mental reactions and other physical problems. If it was made legal, it needs to be regulated like alcohol where if you’re under 21, you don’t smoke. No one seems to understand or get that so why even bother opening that can of worms? It’s simple. It shouldn’t be done. Keep it illegal unless under a doctor’s care and enforce those laws. That’s how it should be.

And there you go. That’s enough for now, but if this gets enough views and reactions, I’ll probably do it again. There are plenty of things in this world to talk about so let’s see how it goes. But anyhow, thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome. I want to hear your feedback on these so talk to me, my peeps. And with that, I’m out of here for now. Stay well and I’ll see you on the next go-round.


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