Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Pretty Deadly, The Von Erichs, Bobby Roode & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Pretty Deadly, The Von Erichs, Bobby Roode & More
May 16, 2023

Are you ready to talk wrestling? You have questions and I have the answers. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s go.

Asuka is back and supposedly a heel after misting Bianca Belair on Smackdown. Thoughts?

Any time Asuka is on my television and challenging for a championship, it’s a good thing. Bianca has had a good run as Champion, but she’s getting a bit stale and it’s time to switch things up for a bit in my opinion. And who is better than the Empress of Tomorrow? Nobody.

Thoughts on the team of Pretty Deadly?

I haven’t seen much of them yet, but the timing and snarkiness are captivating and they remind me of what would happen if Breezango and Lay-Cool had a couple of love children together. I’m very interested in seeing what they can do on the main roster. They’re definitely a team worth watching.

So it’s Roman & Solo versus Sami & KO for the tag team titles at Night of Champions. Thoughts?

It’s an interesting twist that I didn’t see coming at all and it’s going to be fun to see how this all turns out. Will Roman and Solo win the tag titles? Will Sami or KO pin the Tribal Chief? Will the Usos accept this disrespect and help their Bloodline partners win the belts? Will Jimmy and Jey get mad and turn on Roman and Solo? There are so many paths for this angle to take. It’s going to be good.

If Luchasaurus and The Funkasaurus became a team what would they be called?

Luchasaurus, Brodus Clay, Naomi, and Cameron all together as a unit. Wow! Just wow! I’m not sure what you’d call them, but someone had better call your Mama because they would funk the place up.

If Goldberg’s final match was to be an explosive barbed wire death match, who would you choose as his opponent and why?

The King of Death Matches, Matt Cardona. As for why? Why not? It’d be a good match and would be entertaining. What more reasons do we need?

So it’s either Seth Rollins or AJ Styles as the new World Champion at the Saudi Night of Champions. Who is your pick?

Seth is the easy answer and most likely to win. I don’t like easy and most likely. I want to see a swerve. AJ Styles will win and it will be phenomenal.

“A lot of people who hate Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks hate themselves.” Jon Moxley said this. Thoughts?

So if we hate The Elite, we’re self-loathing and hate ourselves? It sounds as if Moxley may have fallen off the wagon because, with that statement, he’s probably drunk. Or maybe he’s just suffering from blood loss and talking out of his head. My dislike of Omega and the Bucks stems from their behavior, the statements that they make, the bad decisions we’ve all seen them make, and the poor attempts at actual wrestling. I love myself and I love professional wrestling. I just don’t much care for The Elite… or Moxley for that matter.

Alundra Blayze (Madusa) recently took a shot at Trish Stratus, saying that she “set the women back and turned them into a sideshow.” Thoughts?

While Trish and her whole “barking like a dog” story didn’t do much for Women’s wrestling at the time, I think she’s redeemed herself enough over the years and become a solid performer who is capable of having strong matches and can proudly be called a professional wrestler with no sense of irony or tongue in cheek. Most likely, Madusa is just talking to be talking or is maybe setting the seeds for a “retirement match”, possibly against Trish. Madusa has mentioned a few times recently how she’d like to go out in style with one last match and what better way than the top woman of the 80s and early 90s fighting the top woman of the Attitude Era in a match in 2023? Works for me. I might be wrong, but I’m smelling a potential angle here. Nothing more.

Ross & Marshall Von Erich, the sons of Kevin Von Erich, will be free agents next month when their MLW Contracts expire. Should WWE try to sign them up? AEW?

If the Von Erich boys are interested in coming to WWE and Triple H thinks they have potential, then a discussion should take place. The Von Erichs are a wrestling family with a great history and heritage and from the few times I’ve seen Ross & Marshall work, they have the skills necessary to be part of the WWE. A few months in NXT, with their father possibly signing a Legend’s Deal and working as an agent or trainer, we could see the Von Erich Dynasty rise from the ashes and be a huge factor again. If WWE isn’t interested, I’m positive that Tony Khan will be making an offer. The only problem with AEW is the lack of a solid training program and the Von Erich boys would get lost in the shuffle sooner rather than later. They’d make some good money based on their names alone, but WWE would be a better option in my opinion.

Bobby Roode was forced to undergo another neck fusion surgery. Does this mean his wrestling career is over?

So far as climbing into the ring and having five-star matches, I would say that those days have probably ended. It wouldn’t be safe or smart to attempt to wrestle regularly with his neck as it is. But I can see Roode working as a trainer, an agent, a producer, or even a managerial figure for WWE. Roode is a good talker and if he was to put together a faction of sorts to manage, that’s a role I think he would excel at. Also, given all his experience with TNA, Impact Wrestling, the WWE, and Independent shows, he’d probably be an excellent addition to the creative team in WWE. The surgeries probably have put an end to one aspect of his career, but for a guy as talented as Roode, there are quite a few other options left to pursue.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, let’s wrap things up. Take care and be well, my friends. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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