Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: June 20, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
June 20, 2013

Yes, I took the questions from 411mania. (I’m too lazy these days to come up with my own… lol). But the answers? They’re all me, baby. It’s Fact or Fiction time. Let’s do this…

1. You totally bought into Mark Henry’s “retirement”.

FICTION: It was a master ruse from the World’s Strongest Man and while I admit to having a doubt or two while he was speaking, the back of my mind kept saying that Mark has never been the WWE Champion and I can’t see him leaving the WWE roster without having at least one run with that title. And considering that he came out to interrupt a John Cena promo to do his “retirement thing”, it was pretty obvious that he was going to end up laying Cena out. But the speech, the whole segment, was great. And I loved that jacket. Mark Henry just broke that glass ceiling and cemented his spot in a future Hall of Fame.

2. Alberto Del Rio turning heel & Dolph Ziggler turning face is the right move.

FACT: In my opinion, Del Rio sucks as a face. Ziggler is a heel, but he’s likable and has that “it” going on where you want to pull for him, no matter how “heelish” he’s acting. This double-turn was well done and was the right thing for both men and their characters.

3. You’re excited about Rob Van Dam returning to WWE.

FACT: And the bad thing is that I’m not really what one could call an RVD fan. His ring-work is sloppy and he seems to move in slow motion, missing as much as he hits with the moves. BUT it’s RVD and like him or not, he’s a name with a reputation and adds excitement and some new energy to the WWE product. Just like Chris Jericho is now doing, RVD adds a veteran presence and main event quality to the product. It can’t hurt and just adds more flavor to the mix. This should be fun.

4. AJ is the more likeable performer in her feud with Kaitlyn.

FACT: AJ has a personality. Kaitlyn is just kind of there. And who doesn’t like crazy chicks, right?

5. CM Punk & Paul Heyman parting ways is for the best.

FACT: And I hate saying this because I like the Heyman / Punk partnership, but if Punk is going to be a face, or at least a tweener, he doens’t need Paul Heyman there by his side. As Punk himself said, he’s not Paul’s client and doesn’t need Heyman. Brock needs Heyman to be his mouth-piece because he’s not there every week and not good on the mic. Punk is there and kicks ass on the mic. Curtis Axel needs Heyman because he’s just starting to establish this character and isn’t really over that much yet. Punk is way over, the best in the world, whether Heyman is there or not. This gives Punk a chance for new feuds with Axel and Brock (and maybe another Paul Heyman guy named RVD) and us fans some amazing and excellent matches to match and witness. With Heyman and Punk both involved, the promos and matches are going to kick ass for some time to come. Right idea and right time to do it. You’re welcome!

6. You’re looking forward to Sting re-forming the Main Event Mafia.

FICTION: I wasn’t impressed with the MEM the first time around and I could care less now. Leave the old angles buried and come up with something new… please!

7. The TNA Gut Check Challenge has been successful thus far.

FICTION: While I like the idea and concept, the actual product thus far has been highly forgettable and a waste. Who has TNA gained with this that has stood out and has the makings of a big name for TNA? I can’t think of anyone. I like the concept as I’ve said, but it’s nothing special.

8. The Bound For Glory Series has a good roster of talent.

FACT: TNA has some great performers and talent. That’s never been an issue or in doubt. It’s just the way they book their talent and who they choose to push that leaves me scratching my head sometimes. The wrestlers are good and I have no doubt that the BFG Series will be exciting and interesting. But who wins in the end and is left standing, that’s generally where the problems lie. With the right powers and booking behind them though, the TNA roster is strong and does know their craft extremely well.

And that’s it… Yeppers, it’s short and sweet. I was going to do more, but “House M.D.” just came on the tube and it’s an episode I haven’t seen yet so I’m going to go watch that. Yeah, I have my priorities. Catch you later, Peeps!


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