Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – August 23, 2013

Wrestling Fact or Fiction
August 23, 2013

Got a few minutes to do that ‘rasslin’ thang. Congrats to my co-worker and all around cool dude Eric Barton on the birth yesterday of his beautiful new daughter. As usual, most of the questions have been “borrowed” from 411mania.com. And the answers? Well, that’s just me, me and me. Oh yeah, and me too. Let’s do this…

1. Randy Orton cashing in on Daniel Bryan after his match with John Cena was the perfect move.

FACT: As a fan hoping to see Daniel Bryan get his big moment of glory, I hated it. But it got the attention of the fans, it set up storylines and events that can last until Wrestlemania, it took attention off the John Cena injuries, it set up HHH, the McMahon’s and Randy Orton as the coporate heel team and it will help cement Bryan as top babyface. So while I’m not personally happy with it, it’s “good for business” as Vince and HHH would say and the positives outweigh the negatives.

2. Daniel Bryan will succeed as a top babyface.

FACT: Yep! The fans love him and he’s an amazing wrestler. He might be the perfect man for the role of top face right now.

3. Triple H will be very effective as a heel authority figure.

FACT: HHH is a great heel and the role of the top heel / authority figure has gone from Vince (over the past couple of decades) to him. HHH should do a great job.

4. CM Punk & Brock Lesnar had the best match on the SummerSlam card.

FICTION: Almost said “Fact”, but it’s a toss up between the Punk / Lesnar match and the Bryan / Cena match. Both matches were great and it’s hard to pick out exactly which was the best one of the two.

5. Ric Flair should not be hired by WWE after his actions at Saturday night’s WWE 2K14 symposium.

FACT: I love Ric Flair more than most – he’s a true legend and icon, but showing up allegedly intoxicated at a public forum and essentially hijacking the event as he did shows that Ric is out of control. He needs to grow up and take responsibility for his actions and while I’m sure that the WWE has a place for the “Nature Boy”, he shouldn’t be rewarded for being an ass. It’s so sad to watch Flair now. In the ring, he was truly one of, if not the very best all around performer / pro wrestler of all time, but it seems as if he’s intent on destroying his legacy and proving just how sad and pitiful a person can be. Flair, the wrestler, is a legend. Flair, the man, is a joke. WWE has tried to help him repeatedly, but it’s time for them to step back and let Flair pay the fiddler for a bit.

6. Darren Young & Titus O’Neil deserve to be featured performers on WWE television regardless of the PR created by Young coming out last week.

FACT: They’re a good team and entertaining. Use them (and Zack Ryder) and help build up a solid mid-card for the roster.

7. Chris Sabin gained nothing from his TNA World Title run.

FACT: I like Sabin and he’s a good wrestler, but he didn’t seem like a potential World Champion to me before he was given his run, and he still doesn’t seem like one to me now. He’s the “Tommy Rich” or “Ronnie Garvin” of the TNA World title line. Just a name and statistic – nothing more.

8. ROH is on their way back to the level of Internet acceptance they had when Gabe Sapolsky was booking.

FICTION: They were on the right track with Jim Cornette, but they’ve got a long way to go to get back to where they once were. Not headed in the right direction either.

9. WWE will be strongly hurt by the absences of John Cena and Sheamus over the next six – eight months.

FICTION: Actually, I think this will help the WWE because it will allow other talents to step up and build their characters / reputations, etc. There’s a void and opening now and all the mid-carders and lower level superstars will step it up and put out 150% to move in and help fill that void. And the winners will be us fans because we’ll be the ones to get to benefit and enjoy the experience.

10. Goldberg will be at Wrestlemania XXX.

FICTION: It’s not going to happen. He’s too old and has been away from the business too long to be ring-worthy and wrestle. I just can’t see Vince or HHH going for it.

And there you go. Another column in the books. I’m out of here. See you on the flip side.


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