Wrestling Fact or Fiction: August 30, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
August 30, 2013

I’m awake (barely). It’s 6:33 am. Let’s do the Fact or Fiction thing.

1. Bill Goldberg will wrestle in WWE again.

FACT: He’s talking about it. The fans are talking about it. It would make money for both Goldberg and the WWE. So why the hell not. If not for a short run, at least a cameo or one-up match, like everyone and their sister was doing with Heath Slater last year. He’s got the itch. He’ll be back.

2. Ted DiBiase Jr’s WWE run was disappointing.

FACT: It started off great and ended with a whimper. DiBiase is a money guy if used right, but WWE dropped the ball. He’s right to take a break and see what else is out there. He’ll be back in a few years though, I hope.

3. Sami Zayn needs to be called up to WWE’s main roster ASAP.

FICTION: He’s a great talent, but there are so many names right now fighting for that spot and TV time, that he’d be lost in the shuffle on the main roster. Better to stay in developmental and wait for the right time and situation rather than get lost in the crowd.

4. AJ Styles should not re-sign with TNA.

FICTION: Almost said fact because there isn’t much left for him in TNA, but what would he do in WWE? He’d be much like Sami Zayn as I mentioned above and end up stuck in WWE Developmental or lost in the shuffle. At TNA, he’s a big fish in a small pond, but it’s got stability and he’s one of their top guys. At WWE, he’d be just another name and body. Better to deal with the devil you know.

5. Brooke Tessmacher is a step up from Brooke Hogan for Bully Ray.

FACT: Tessmacher is better looking, better established, can actually wrestle and is not named Hogan. Definitely a step up for Bully Ray.

6. John Cena deserves to be #1 in the PWI 500.

FACT: Again, I almost said fiction because he’s not, in my opinion, the best wrestler by any means. What about Punk or Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles or Christopher Daniels or Kurt Angle or anyone else? But Cena is the most recognized face in wrestling right now and the face of the WWE (despite what they’re trying to say about Randy Orton… lol). He’s a good guy and busts his ass for the business so why not be ranked #1? It’s all opinion anyhow.

7. Jerry Lawler wrestling Austin Idol on the one-year anniversary of his heart attack is a good idea.

FICTION: It’s probably not a good idea, but for a sixty-plus year old man to be wresting at any point probably isn’t a good idea anyhow. But that being said, if the doctors say it’s okay and Lawler wants to do it, then so be it. He’s an adult and knows what he’s capable of better than I do and who am I to judge anyhow? If it makes him happy, what the hell. Go for it!

8. Eric Bischoff is right when he says the IWC hurts wrestlers.

FICTION: Eric is a smart man and knows more about TV production and pro wrestling than most of us, but he’s wrong here. The IWC can hurt wrestlers, but it can also help and be a positive thing as well. It’s all in who the person is and how they use the internet and social media and such. Could be good – could be bad – it’s one of those things that could go either way.

And there you go. I’m done.


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