A friend of my mother’s recently wrote a letter to her local newspaper. This is the letter that she wrote…


I am writing this article in reply to Mr. Roy Young’s theory about the Republicans, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

First of all, Mr. Young, where is your proof to back up your information to these things you speak of? I have watched Fox News for at least 10 years and find that they are the most reliable news source of news on television. They have been No. 1 in cable news for more than 13 years, and so has Bill O’Reilly, who tries to get to the bottom of things, and tries to help people who have been wronged.

To be exact, President Obama will only remain in office for two more years and about one month, as his term expires in Jan. 20, 2016, when the new president takes the oath of office. We sure do hope that a Republican is elected at that time, in order to get this country back on track, if there is any money left after the Democrats and the president gets done with his waste of government money. He wants to bankrupt this country, and is doing a good job of it so far.

The Republicans still have a lot of work to do. So don’t count on the Democrats too much in the coming year of 2014, as they have sided with the president on about every issue, including the Affordable Care Act, which they signed in the middle of the night, and implemented on March 23, 2010, and the president has refused to meet with the Republicans still, on other issues, as he seems to think he has the authority to do as he pleases without their consent. He is violating the Constitution every day. Also, don’t forget that he took out more than $500 billion dollars to finance his ACA and still plans on cutting Medicare.

So don’t blame the Republicans for everything. You should blame the Democrats for going along with him on legislative matters. So wise up, Mr. Young! Let’s put the blame where it belongs.

(The writer lives in Little River.)

And a few days later, in her mailbox, she opened it up to find this letter…

This isn’t the first time you’ve written some pathetic latter to the Sun News in defense of the raw sewage that passes for information at FOX “News”. Could it ever enter your dim mind that Hannity and Limbaugh and O’Reilly and the rest of those idiots are professional liars and paid propagandists for the Republican Party? After 10+ years of swallowing their filth, do you even have a functioning brain? Hey, you forgot to mention the “death panels”, you dumb old twat.

Jesus Christ, it took exactly ten sconds to determine that (name omitted) of Little River, SC is 81 YEARS OLD! Why does some elderly moron who is collecting Social Security and getting Medicare have a reason to oppose the Affordable Care Act? Well, the phrase “fucking hypocrite” does come to mind. Perhaps you’re suffering from senility, but in case you haven’t noticed, the Republican Party easily lost the elections of 2008 and 2012 and is FINISHED as a national party since you illiterate angry old white people are dying off in droves. Have no doubt that you will not live to see a Republican elected president in 2016 or any time after that, assuming that you’re still alive and stealing oxygen from somebody more deserving.

You profess to worry about the Government wasting money. Did you give one good Goddamn when the cretin George Bush and his cronies spent trillions of tax dollars to invade and occupy Iraq and Afghanistan, the longest and most unnecessary wars in the country’s history? Of course not; It didn’t affect you personally. Nobody in your family was killed or crippled. Asshole.

I was prepared to simply ignore your profound ignorance as just the rant of another stupid, selfish old person, but then I got to reading stuff like this:

“I was out on a business trip and I’m still catching up. Reading Soonergrunt’s post about his daughter reminded me of how I felt the day Obamacare passed. I was relieved because I knew that my daughter, who has a serious, lifelong pre-existing condition, will always be able to get insurance. Obamacare saved her, my wife, and me thousands of dolars and years of worry.

My dad is a lifelong Democrat because he felt that Roosevelt and the Democrats gave a shit about their kids during the Depression. I’m a Democrat because it’s clear who gives a shit about my kid, and none of them have an R after their name.

They don’t give a shit that hating gays leads to teen suicide.

They don’t give a shit if kids go hungry because food stamps were cut.

They don’t give a shit if teenagers can’t get birth control.

And they certainly don’t give a shit that a kid who has epilepsy, or Crohn’s, will be saddled with a life of worry over whether she’ll be able to buy insurance.

After all the noise over the website dies down, after the Republicans try to shut down the government three more times and vote to repeal another dozen times, this is what’s going to be left for thousands of American families: a man and a party that gave enough of a shit about them to endure a five year temper tantrum from a party that clearly has a broken give-a-shitter when it comes to children.”

I read that and tehn go back and read your swill again. It wakes we want to track down dispicable scum like you and bash in your worthless skull with a baseball bat. Maybe you could learn to sleep with one eye open, you evil old hag!

Here’s another opinion on vile people like you:

“Take all the shit characteristics that a human can possess – greed, violence, self-absorption, bigotry – all of them, EVERY shot characteristic that makes a human indecent; leave out every deent characteristic a human can possess – empathy, humility, honesty – all of them, and what you have, THAT being (not really human) is the prototypical modern day Republican: all crap, no redeeming value. Republicans are a pox on humanity and what it means to be human.”

May you and all the degenerates at FOX “News” die in a fire.

Yes, she has contacted local law enforcement authorities in regards to this. I think that this, regardless of how a person thinks politically, is extremely disgusting and kind of frightening. Thoughts? Comments?

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