Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – May 9, 2014

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
May 9, 2014
Doug Maynard
I’ll bet you thought that you wouldn’t see me this week, didn’t you?  It almost happened, but not quite.  I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.  I’m Doug and welcome to a new edition of “Tossing Salt Presents:  Wrestling Fact or Fiction”.  I’ll have a new edition of “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News” up tomorrow, but that is then and this is now and let’s just get right to the action, shall we?  Okey-doke!  Let’s begin with those things we call…
First he brings out a whole choir and then it’s one little evil child called “Little Johnny”.  Bray Wyatt is well on his way to making a major mark on the music industry as well as the WWE.  I still think that Vince and the WWE need to release an I-Tunes single of Bray and his “family” singing his song.  If they could release a Jillian Hall Christmas track, which they did, why not Sister Abigail’s favorite brother?
And I want to see more of “Little Johnny” as well.  How about “Little Johnny” versus “Little Jimmy” in a “Creepy Sidekicks” match?  If Vince Russo was still the booker, you know we’d see it.  With Judy Bagwell as the special guest referee.
I loved that match between El Torito and Hornswoggle at the Extreme Rules event.  I want to more of these epic battles between the two tiny tots of Titan Towers.  And it’s getting 3MB and The Colons, aka Los Matadores, some tv time too.  
Speaking of Bray Wyatt, the match between he and John Cena at Extreme Rules was okay, but there is no way that even Super-Cena should have been able to lay out all three members of the Wyatt Family inside that steel cage.  Wyatt won and that was the right call, but the WWE went just a bit overboard in protecting Cena during that match.  Just saying.
Brie Bella versus Stephanie McMahon?  I’d love to see that happen. And the way things are going, it probably will.  
The word is that the WWE wants Ric Flair back on the roster full time, but he has to get his act together first and get his life straight.  Yeah, I can understand why having outstanding warrants for his arrest in his home state of North Carolina, where Ric is arguably most popular, might be a problem.  WWE needs to just give Ric his own talk show on The Network.  Bring back “A Flair For The Gold”.  He’s already dating Fifi so they’re already halfway there.
Word is that Sheamus and Sin Cara were in a bit of a spat backstage at recent TV tapings. Sheamus went to Twitter to try and downplay the situation, but what do you expect since from all I’ve heard, he got his ass handed to him.   What about it, fella?
Look at Adam Rose.  I mean, really look at Adam Rose.  Change the hair to blonde and you’ve got the spitting image of a younger Triple H.  How did HHH find this kid anyhow?  I think he might owe Stephanie an explanation or two. Actually, given the physical resemblence (and that nose – I mean those noses… lol), I think we’ll see a future “is Adam Rose the heir to WWE’ storyline at some point. Based on just looks alone, I think the answer would be yes!
Have you seen the tribute video that the WWE did for Conner Michalek, aka “Conner The Crusher”?  Find it and watch and be prepared to shed some tears. An amazing video tribute to an amazing young man. Major kudos to the WWE on a job done right.
“The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels recently went on the Jim Ross podcast and said that the decision was made to end the streak at Wrestlemania XXX by Vince McMahon roughly four or so hours before the match.  If this is true, all I can say is wow.  I do think it was the right call for the WWE to make, but to think they waited until the very last minute to decide is just crazy.  By the way, did you know that Paul Heyman’s client, Brock Lesnar, ended the streak at Wrestlemania XXX?  Just ask Paul.  He’ll tell you.
And that’s enough thinking for today. I have to rush this up so I can go get ready for work. Sixteen hours last night and this morning and I’m going back in for another eight in about an hour or so.  I thought being the manager was supposed to make my life easier.  I guess they fooled me.  I think we’ve got a few questions in the mail-bag, so let’s tackle them.
Question Time…
Juan Orlando Pabon:  How do you rate the direction of the WWE since Stephanie and Triple H took control of it?
Well, first off we need to clarify that despite their power in the company, only Vince McMahon can be said to control anything. It’s his baby and until he either retires or dies, Vince is the one in control… period.  But even with that in mind, Steph and HHH do have more influence than anyone who is not a genetic jackhammer and I think they’ve done a great job in helping to build and strengthen the WWE leading into the future.  The Performance Center and NXT are HHH’s babies and are really working well to create the stars of tomorrow.  The matches and storylines are making sense (for the most part) and WWE seems to be stronger than at anytime since the Attitude Era.  There might be a few minor things I don’t particularly like, but overall, I think having HHH and Steph helping in the direction of the company has been a good and positive thing for both WWE and their fans.
Ole Kristian:  Do you think William Regal will ever be in the Hall of Fame?
Dustin Helmick:  Do you think that if Magnum TA hadn’t gotten hurt, would Sting have gotten the push that he did?
That’s a good question. Part of the strong push for Sting was due to the fact that WCW needed a strong babyface to challenge Ric Flair and his control of the NWA / WCW World Championship.  Sting was obviously ready to step up and take that role, but if Magnum had still been wrestling, would that spot have been open?  Probably not.  Sting had the charisma and persona to be a big name and that would have happened eventually, but I can’t help but think that a good portion of his success was just being in the right place at the right time.  If Magnum had still been wrestling at that point, the promoters wouldn’t have been needing that strong new face to challenge Flair.  So would Sting have gotten that push?  Probably, but not as early in his career as he did.  It would have been longer in coming and later down the line and probably not quite as big if Magnum had still been a force in that NWA / WCW ring.
Chris Church:  Who would win if this match could have happened?  Blackjack Mulligan and Big John Studd versus Mean Mark (The Undertaker) and Kevin Nash (Oz, Diesel).
Who would have won?  Whoever the promoter wanted to win of course.  Hahahahahaha!  But seriously, if this match happened, it would be a double disqualification or no-contest due to the “partners” fighting among themselves.  Mulligan and Studd were never on the same side and Studd’s claim to fame before going to the WWF to fight Andre the Giant was being a “bounty hunter” who was going after Mulligan.  And I don’t think I can ever recall Undertaker and Kevin Nash, in any persona, ever getting along either.  So I figure that even if this match was booked, you’d quickly have chaos and insanity and partners fighting partners.  So this match would be a no-contest.  But I think Undertaker and Blackjack Mulligan would be the last two men standing in the ring as the action would soon get too heated for Studd and Nash and they’d take a powder to the dressing room.
And now, finally, let’s get to the meat of the column. It’s that “Fact or Fiction” thing I like to do. As per usual, the questions come from my friends over at 411mania.com/wrestling.  The answers come from me.  Lets do it.
Wrestling Fact Or Fiction…
1.  TNA made the right call by keeping the World Championship on Eric Young at the Sacrifice PPV.
FACT:  TNA made the decision to have Eric Young as their champ and they need to stick with it and him.  They made the call and gave EY the ball.  Now they need to let him run with it.
2.  Dusty Rhodes is an all-time To 5 talker in the wrestling business.
FICTION:  Maybe a Top 10 and definitely in the Top 20, but Rhodes has never really been one of my favorites and I can easily think of several men I’d rank over Rhodes where the promos are concerned, such as Jim Cornette, Jake Roberts, Flair, Piper,  Blackjack Mulligan, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Gary Hart, etc.  See, there’s 8 right there and I’m not even trying hard.  Dusty was good on the stick and had charisma, but was he in the Top 5 talkers?  Not in my opinion.
3.  Adam Rose will end up like the Heart Throbs, a developmental act with a fun and popular entrance, but ultimely no shelf life on the main roster.
FICTION:  Truth be told, I liked the Heart Throbs and thought they had some amazing potential, but they were tag wrestlers, not singles guys, and if I remember correctly, got a little too wild on a live edition of LiveWire and that’s what led to their termination from the WWE.  Adam Rose has a great character and only time will tell if it catches on with the fans, but comparing him to The Heart Throbs is like comparing the wrestling skills of Aksana to those of Rick Steamboat… it shouldn’t even be attempted.
4.  WWE running two to three live NXT specials a year is a great way to  expose the NXT brand to their fan base.
FACT:  Anything that draws positive attention to the NXT roster and gets the fans of the WWE Universe watching has to be considered a good thing.
5.  Cody Rhodes and Goldust are more valuable to WWE as a tag team than as singles competitors.
FICTION:  They are a talented tag team and add a lot to the tag team division, but both men are great performers and strong singles wrestlers as well and I think that using those skills is where the best interests for both the men and the WWE would lie.
6.  You have no desire to see Kane and Daniel Bryan continue their feud.
FICTION:  While I was enjoying the issues with Kane and The Shield, this is a feud that had to happen.  Kane is a good wrestler and dependable to put on a good match and Bryan is phenomenal in that ring.  They’re having good matches and with the exception of that crap from Monday night, where Daniel and Brie were running away from Kane, the storyline has been decent.  Might as well just let it run it’s course.
7.  Batista has every right to be upset with the WWE if promises they made prior to his return have been broken.
FACT:  If the WWE lied to Batista and he’s not getting what he was promised, he should be upset.  That’s just natural. But taking the dirty laundry public?  That part of it doesn’t seem too smart to me.  Just saying.
8.  Jim Ross is correct when he says that TNA has “zero momentum or leverage with which to negotiate” in terms of a TV deal.
FACT:  Despite everything they’ve tried, TNA’s ratings have been stagnant. The house show crowds suck and from all reports, moral in the company is at an all-time low.  If they can get a good TV deal in place, they’d better be extremely thankful.
9.  WWE made the right move by having Sheamus win the United States Championship.
FACT:  As much as I like Dean Ambrose, the title was being ignored while he was the champion.  Putting the belt on Sheamus, especially in the way it was done, via a Battle Royal rather than a regular title defense by Ambrose,  gives it attention and a chance to have Sheamus as a fighting champion out to make his mark.  With Sheamus, the title can mean something again. With Ambrose, it was just a mostly forgotten prop.
10. NXT reportedly making a move to take NXT bi-weekly instead of monthly is a good idea.
FACT:  If they air it, people will watch, especially on the Network.  Great move by WWE to build the NXT brand.
11. CM Punk is not coming back; people should get over it and move on.
FACT:  I’ll never say never because I think that eventually he will be back in the WWE, but we can’t wait on him or dwell on it. He’ll be back when he feels ready to return and not a second sooner.  We need to quit speculating and move on so when it does happen, it will be even a bigger thrill and surprise.  And if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay too.
12. Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling announcing an official working agreement with AAA in Mexico makes you more interested in the product.
FICTION:  I think it’s a good move for Jarrett and it adds credibility and talent to his company, but does it make me more interested?  Not really.
13. AJ Styles winning the IWGP Title is the biggest accomplishment of his career.
FACT:  At this point and time, given how little the NWA Championship and TNA Championship actually mean to wrestling fans these days, winning the IWGP Championship has to be considered a major achievement for Styles.  It means credibility and respect and he’s well deserving of the honor.
And there you go.  I’m going to cut it off here since I just glanced at the clock and need to get to moving.  Questions and comments can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com.  Come visit me at Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/saltpalace.  Add me as a friend. You know you want to.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a new edtion of “Tossing Salt”, featuring a whole new “Who Am I?”, so look for that. I’m Doug and dat’ is all de’ people need to know.  See you tomorrow .

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