Wrestling Q&A – September 3, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
September 3, 2017

Instead of letting it all pile up and getting too far ahead of me, it’s time to sit down down and do some Q&A of the world’s greatest sport, professional wrestling. Are you ready? I said, “ARE YOU READY?”. It works so much better when DX does that. Let’s get to the questions, shall we?

Best #Heel ever in JCP era ?

Some would say Tully Blanchard, but as good as he was, I think I know of two more that were even better. I’d go with Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson. Piper was so convincing as a heel that he ended up getting shot after a show in Raleigh, NC. And Ole was attacked and sliced from head to toe with a knife by a crazy fan, requiring over 200 stitches. If you can incite a fan to attempt murder on you, you’re doing something right as a heel. People really hated these guys and they earned it week after week by being the best heels in the business, ever.

So besides Jericho, who had the best debut in WWE?

I’ll go with Eric Bischoff. His first appearance on RAW, debuting as the new RAW General Manager, hugging Vince McMahon, was a total surprise and shock to everyone. It was a great moment that sent shockwaves all over the wrestling world. A great debut to be sure.

Who wants to see Renee Young make history and replace jbl and become first full time female commentator?

Not me. Nothing against Renee because she is good, but I want someone who has in-ring experience and a more distinct personality to work that color spot with Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton. Renee is not the one I’d choose. But to find out who I would pick, either go read the last question in this Q&A or else go read my blog from yesterday about “JBL Leaving Smackdown! Top Ten Picks To Take His Spot!”, up at DougMaynard.com.

What’s better than wrestling?

Good sex and / or a good shit. Other than that, nothing.

Is Ronda Rousey coming to WWE?

I think she’ll eventually be coming in and working some with the WWE in a limited capacity, probably around Wrestlemania. That would make the most sense. But as a full time performer, I don’t think that will ever happen.

Best female wrestlers in the world?

The names that immediately come to mind for me when asked this are, from the past, Ann Casey, Penny Banner and Madusa. Sherri Martel was awesome too. From the “Attitude Era”, I’d go with Ivory, Molly Holly and Victoria. And from today, it has to be Charlotte Flair and my new beloved, Asuka.

You’re given the call to name the person to replace JBL on Smackdown Live. Who would you pick?

If I could make that call right now at this moment, the new color analyst for Smackdown Live would be… the Disco Inferno. Yes, I went there. And remember, it’s your duty to shake your booty! ‘Nuff said!

And that’s enough of this for today. I’m going to go take a shot. I can feel my sugar rising pretty quickly. I guess I shouldn’t have drunk that second Pepsi. Oh well, I’m down and gone. Until the next time, have a great one and take care. All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Love ya – mean it!


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