Ten Days Of Dougie – September 26, 2017 (Prologue)

Ten Days Of Dougie
September 26, 2017

It’s almost here. Can you smell it in the air? Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 27, 2017, it will be here in full force, more powerful than a hurricane, more controversial than President Trump, more fair and balanced than Fox News, louder than Yosimite Sam, more emotional than a Taylor Swift song and even better than a Beyonce video in the eyes of Kayne West. Or not. It’s “Ten Days Of Dougie” and it’s my chance to cut loose, have fun and do the oogie-boogie-woogie all night long.

But I realized something last night. Some people may not know what “Ten Days Of Dougie” really is. I’ve never used this particular name before although the premise is a familiar one to long time readers of my blogs and pages. What “Ten Days” is and will be is this. For ten days straight, I will pull out what I call “The Magic Box”, although admittingly it’s not a box anymore. I had a box, but now I’m using an old Crown Royal bag. Hell, I work in a liquor store. May as well take advantage of that and besides, these bags are so damn cool. It’s a green bag that originally came with a Fifth of Crown Royal Apple. The bottle of Crown went to a local drinking establishment. The bag came home to me. And none of that is really important right now, is it? I have a bag and that’s all that matters, so instead of the “Magic Box”, we have the “Magic Bag”. Are you with me so far?

So I’ve got this bag and inside of it are at least five hundred small scraps of paper. And on each tiny piece of scrap paper is a word or a phrase. It could be anything and I mean that literally. Each day, I will reach into the bag without looking and pull out three scraps of paper. And whatever is written on those scraps of paper, no matter what the topic may or may not be, no matter how weird or complicated or odd, it doesn’t matter. That’s what I’m writing about for that day.

This is actually something I remember from a class I took back in high school, Creative Writing, and it was to help developing young writers look to think on the fly and adapt more easily. I like to do it something to keep my skills sharp and just to be ouside of the box (or bag as the case may be). I’ve written some of my best pieces because of doing this. I’ve also written some of the most idiotic and stupid things in my life also because of this. And how this time around will go, we’ll have to wait and see. It could be better than sex or it could be worse than Detroit. Time will tell.

I love the things that I do for my site, DougMaynard.com. Once a week, I get political with “Opposing Views”, I do “Fact or Fiction” columns for music and the “King of Sports”, professional wrestling. I do Q&A’s for wrestling, Facebook questions and anything else I can find. I do the occasional survey and let’s not forget the assorted fan fiction stories that I’ve written and shared. I do a lot of different things and it’s all good, but kind of routine and by the numbers at the same time. Only the “This or That” pieces have any kind of cutting loose in them where anything truly goes. With “Ten Days”, I get that challenge again. I don’t know what to expect or what the topic will be until I’m ready to write about it. That’s what makes it fun and a challenge as well.

And that’s what you’re getting for the next ten days. I hope you enjoy it. Just buckle up and hang on and enjoy the ride. That’s all I ask. So now that you know what to expect for the next couple of weeks. Are you excited with antici… pation. I am… and a little scared too. It’s been a while since I just let go and went with the flow. But it’s happening and it starts tomorrow. And now you know.

And now, I’m going to go get ready for work. That liquor won’t sell itself and someone has to be there to check the ID’s and collect the money, that someone being me of course. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow with Day 1. Are you ready?


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