Opposing Views – October 3, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Opposing Views
October 3, 2017

As Minnie Pearl would say, if she wasn’t dead that is, “Howdy!”. Welcome to “Opposing Views”, the one time a week that I get all political. There is a site from out of California that has a Facebook page that asks some great questions. And of course, I have great answers. Really! Have you taken your blood pressure medicine yet? Okay then. Let’s do this…

Is Donald Trump the best president we’ve had in the last 20 years?

Going back only twenty years, the other men to hold the office of President have been Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. And of the four men, it’s too early to determine if Trump can beat Bush 43, but he’s certainly on the right track. Bill Clinton was strong on domestic issues, but weak on foreign matters and personal character (he has none). Obama was a bad President in almost every way possible with bad policies (both domestic and foreign), a weak character and no sense of leadership. I won’t say that Trump is the best yet, but he’s keeping his promises and trying to get things done so that’s a great way to start.

Do you think some Americans hated Obama because of his race?

Of course some people did. But the majority hated him because he was a poor President, had terrible policies that weakened and hurt our nation, blatantly lied to the American people time and time again and put our nation in more debt than every other previous President combined.

There’s growing nationwide movement to enact mandatory term limits for Congress. Do you think that’s a great idea?

Absolutely. Power corrupts and far too many of these folks in Congress, on both sides, tend to forget the reasons they were elected to office and instead it all becomes a power-trip where all they care about is staying in power. If someone is elected to Congress and can’t get anything done in say, four terms maximum, then they need to be replaced. And for Senators, two terms should be the maximum and if they can’t get the job done, give someone else a chance. We don’t need life-long politicians. We need people instead who work for us and our best interests instead.

Do you think Trump will be a successful leader for America if people give him a chance?

Just think of everything that could be accomplished if everyone in Washington would quit fighting for sake of fighting and actually try to work with this President or at least allow him to do his job. It would be amazing. All the fighting doesn’t help anyone and is hurting our nation and it’s people. Congress needs to learn and understand that.

President Trump is serious about bringing back a work-for-welfare policy in America. The policy would require healthy adults to work or volunteer at least 20 hours per week if they wish to receive public assistance. Do you think the policy should be implemented?

Nothing in life is free and if people who are healthy and able to work want help and assistance, they should be able to work for it in some manner. If they aren’t willing to give a little to get a little, then they don’t need to be given anything. It’s just that simple.

President Trump wants the NFL to enact a policy requiring all players to stand for the national anthem. Would you support that?

It doesn’t matter if I support it or not because that’s a decision that needs to be made by the NFL and the owners. However, if they don’t want to show respect for our nation and it’s flag, they don’t need to be getting money and subsidies from our Government to help finance and build their stadiums, do they? Something to think about, right?

Do you think the Clintons are a disgrace to America?

Not only to America, but to the whole human race. One is a rapist and the other is a habitual liar. Both belong in prison, never to be seen or heard from again.

Parkway High School in Louisiana just announced a policy requiring all student athletes to stand for the national anthem. Do you support this?

It’s a public school in the United States and should pay proper homage and respect to the nation that pays for and supports it. If student athletes don’t want to stand for the Anthem, then don’t play sports and go sit in the audience. But for the privilege of playing sports in the high school, standing for the flag and the National Anthem is a small price to pay.

Under Mitch McConnell, Senate Republicans have failed to send any major conservative legislation to Trump’s desk. Do you think it’s time for McConnell to retire?

McConnell is a weak and poor leader for the Senate Republicans and he’s one of the ones that I was talking about earlier, more concerned about keeping his power and staying in office than to risk offending anyone and actually doing his job. He’s a freakin’ joke. Yes, he needs to retire and we need a strong leader for the Republicans, much like Harry Reid was for the Democrats, who gets what they want passed and buries bills they don’t like. It’s not fair or right, but it works and the Democrats and Reid didn’t care what anyone else thought. They got their agenda through and to their President’s desk. If McConnell can’t do the same, he needs to be replaced by someone who can.

Presidents Obama and Trump are about as opposite of presidents as you could get. Was Obama the better leader for America?


And there you go. Another one in the books. Thoughts, comments, questions and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. I’m going to bed now. Until the next time, stay safe and have a great one. Take care…


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