Wrestling Q&A – October 3, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Pro Wrestling Q&A
October 3, 2017

Are you ready to get down and dirty, funky like a monkey and shaking that booty all night long, baby? Well, don’t do it here. It’s weird and looks funny. Here is for questions, about wrestling. They come from everywhere, but mainly Facebook and the KoK. And the answers come from me. Let’s do this…

Who in your opinion has gained the most from being called up from NXT and who’s suffered from it the most?

For who has gained the most, you could say the first NXT Champion Seth Rollins or maybe Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose or maybe even that buddy of theirs, Roman Reigns. What did they call themselves? The Shield. The other best example would be Kevin Owens. As for who has suffered the most, it would be either Bayley, who was so hot in NXT, but lukewarm at best on the main roster or else The Ascension. They dominated the NXT Tag Team Division and then, almost immediately upon their debut on the main roster, they were fed to the New Age Outlaws and haven’t mattered since.

What are your honest thoughts on Randy Orton?

A good wrestler, but not the most charismatic character in the world. Can be counted on for solid matches, but just kind of boring in my eyes. Nothing against Randy when he has a good opponent to feud with or a good person to team with (aka Bray Wyatt), but works best in small doses for me anyhow.

Who’s your current favorite wwe tag team??

It has to be those two former Social Misfits who are now A-Listers as part of the Miztourage, aka Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. It won’t be long before these two men are the Raw Tag Team Champions and it’s long overdue to see them get some kind of push. Two very underrated superstars who make up a great team together.

In your mind, what qualifies a wrestler as a legend? Like at what moment do you look at a wrestler and say “he’s a legend now”?

It’s hard to say because it works differently for every person, but I guess when he or she has had a solid and moderately long career, when they’re over with fans and get a fantastic reaction every time they appear and when you can look at them and say that they will never have to work the small Indy shows again unless they want to. That’s why someone like Trish Stratus can be considered a legend, but someone like Ron Killings (R-Truth) isn’t. Truth is in all honesty, the better worker, but Trish has that it and the connection with WWE fans at least that she’s always going to get a reaction of epic proportion every time she appears. Truth might get a big pop if he’s involved in a major story line or if he has “Little Jimmy” with him, but he’s just as likely to hear crickets when he comes out too. But for each person, it’s different. It’s all a matter of perception.

Is or was there ever a wrestler or tag team that you heard about and got a lot of hype, but then when you saw them, you weren’t impressed?

This one is way too easy. What about The Ascension. They were so good and dominant in NXT, but then they came to the main roster and it’s been curtain jerker central ever since.

When did you first start watching wrestling?

Many, many, many moons ago, in the early 70’s. I was around 7 – 8 years old and have been a fan ever since.

What kept you watching?

The over-the top characters, the great athletic action, the energy and excitement and the drama, all rolled into one big package. It was then and is now my addiction.

Favorite match?

Of all time, comes from Clash of Champions 4, I believe. It was a match pitching the Midnight Express (Stan Lane & Bobby Eaton) w/ Jim Cornette versus two of the Four Horsemen, Ric Flair and Barry Windham, accompanied by James J. Dillon, in a rare heel versus heel match. The Horsemen won and the match was amazing and an instant classic I’ve enjoyed watching many, many times over the years. It’s on the Network.  And my favorite live match that still stands out is from almost twenty years ago at an Indy show in Durham, NC.  Michael Youngblood versus Ethan Storm.  Those two tore the house down and each other apart in one helluva amazing match.  By the way, Youngblood was my future roommate and little brother and Storm is my current boss-man and a good friend.  But then, they were both starting out and Michael had a little experience already.  Storm not so much but they went in there with a mission to steal the show. And guess what?  They did.

Favorite active wrestler?

It’s not just one, but the wrestlers I always enjoy seeing include Miz, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Kevin Owens, Charlotte Flair and Heath Slater (he has kids!)

Where do you see wrestling in 5 years?

Even bigger than it is now and a big part of our American culture, taking more and more fans away from those controversial “pussy sports” like football and UFC and letting the people enjoy true athletes and the greatest improvisational actors and actresses ever. WWE and pro wrestling in general: Then, Now and Forever! ‘Nuff said!

And that’s all of that. Now I have to go have breakfast and do Food Lion and then it’ll be time for Day 7 of the “Ten Days” project. Thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments, and all feedback is welcome. Take care, my friends. Have a great one.


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