Opposing Views – October 16, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Opposing Views
October 16, 2017

“Opposing Views” is where I take questions given by the Facebook page of the California-based website, “Opposing Views” and give my fair and balanced, totally unbiased opinions and answers. In other words, they ask and I answer and I’m right! ‘Nuff said! Let’s get ‘er done…

Use one word to describe the Obamas.


Hillary Clinton says NFL players absolutely have the right to protest. Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with her?

I agree with her. Player DO have the right to protest… on their own time. When they are in uniform and representing a group or team and are employees of said team, they have to respect the rules and wishes and of the team first though and put the team first, something that these football players don’t seem to get. If their actions cause a disruption for their employer, costs the team money (which it has) and damage the reputation of their employer (which they also have), then the protests need to stop unless the players are willing to accept any consequences that may happen as a result, such as suspension, fines or even termination. If I do things that disrupt my place of employment and / or hurt the business or it’s reputation, I would be suspended or fired. That’s just how it goes. That’s life. Why should these guys be any different?

Zachary Peters shot and killed three intruders who broke into his home — and a court ruled that he did absolutely nothing wrong. Do you support the ruling?

Absolutely. Once the intruders entered his home and threatened Peters and his family, they lost any rights they had and he was totally correct in being able to protect himself and his family by any means necessary. Look at what I said in the previous question about consequences. These guys broke into his home and as a result, they ended up dead. If they hadn’t broke into the man’s home,. they’d probably still be alive today. They made their decision and suffered the consequences.

Paul Ryan says Trump is a far better president than Obama ever was. Agree or disagree?

On this, Ryan is correct. Trump IS a far better President than Obama ever was. Of course, Obama set the bar so low with his poor policies, his appeasement to Iran, North Korea, Russia and Syria and his lies to the American public that anyone would have a hard time being any worse.

Would America be better off with Hillary in office instead of Trump?

With Hillary, we’d have more of the same thing that has weakened this country over the past eight years, including poor domestic and foreign policies, lying to the American public while padding her own pockets, raising the American debt to record levels while unemployment raises even more and the American dream is considered unfair and turns more and more into the American nightmare. I think we’re much better off with our current President, Donald Trump.

Would Joe Biden get your vote if he ran against Trump in 2020?


17-year-old India Landry says the American flag represents racism, so she refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at school. When her principal saw this, she promptly turned to her and said “Well, you’re kicked out of here.” Do you SUPPORT or OPPOSE the principal’s decision?

While in school, as a student, India should be following the rules and policies set forth by the school so I understand the principal’s decision. But instead of just suspending her, I would try and turn it into a learning lesson. The girl would remain suspended, but the suspension can be lifted if the girl can prepare an essay and presentation on “Why the Flag is racist”, with facts and sources to back them up. A 17 year old high school student should be able to write an essay and report and be able to back up her reasoning so allow her to do that. If she can present a valid enough argument, she returns to school and is allowed to not stand for the Anthem. If she can’t support her argument and defend her stance, she stands from then on. It’s a school so make it an educational process and life lesson instead of just, “You’re suspended”. Just a thought.

And that’s all for now. I have to go get ready for work now. Thank you for reading. Questions, comments and thoughts are welcome. And until the next time, take care and have a great one.


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