Wrestling Q&A (Joey Ryan, The Dudleys, Finishers, NXT) – October 18, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A (Joey Ryan, The Dudleys, Finishers, NXT)
October 18, 2017

Let’s talk wrestling, shall we? And away we go…

1. Will Joey Ryan make it to the the WWE?

Nope. Joey is an entertaining and talented guy, but his image and character wouldn’t go well with the WWE’s PG image and there would be too much controversy involved if they were to bring him in. In the old days, he may have had a chance, but in today’s politically correct world, not at all.

2. If you’re going to wrestle, what will be your FINISHING MOVE?

Either the brain claw, aka Baron Von Raschke / the Von Erichs or the Cobra Clutch, aka Masked Superstar (the best) or Sgt. Slaughter.

3. Worst finisher ever?

The ones that immediately come to mind for me are Scotty 2 Hotty’s “Worm”, The Rock’s “People’s Elbow”, Santino’s “Cobra” and Hulk Hogan’s “Leg Drop”.

4. For you, what is the greatest Wrestlemania bout of all time?

It’s not the most technical match in the world by any means, but the match that had the best build and was nothing but pure showmanship at it’s very best, representing everything that the image of Wrestlemania should be, and setting the bar for every match that has happened at Wrestlemania since, would be Hogan versus Andre at Wrestlemania III. It set the standard and every else just falls in behind.

5. If you could change something in NXT what would it be?

There really isn’t all that much on NXT that needs changing. HHH runs a pretty tight ship and the presentation is as old-school as a company can be these days, which is a great thing. Maybe I would allow more talents from the main roster, who aren’t being used often, to come down and work with the NXT talent, as Zack Ryder did with Mojo Rawley as the Hype Bros. That would give the main roster talents more opportunity to be used, plus they can pass their knowledge and experience on to the next generation and help the NXT talents develop into stronger WWE Superstars.

6. Debatable topic: as of tonight since both Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley are both officially retired, where are they ranked as far as all-time great tag teams in the history of pro wrestling?

I’m not really sure where I’d rank them so far as all-time goes. They were a fantastic team and left a great legacy, to be sure. For their era, the “Attitude Era” and the past twenty years or so, I’d definitely put the Dudley Boyz in the Top 5. For all-time, when you throw in teams like The Anderson Brothers, The Road Warriors, The Midnight Express, Steamboat & Youngblood, etc, their ranking goes down a little bit. I don’t know about Top 5 or even Top 10 of all time, but I’ll give the devil his due and they’d probably be in my Top 15 for sure.

And that’s the end of that. No more wrestling questions for today, probably. We’ll see though. Thanks for reading. Questions, comments and any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care.


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