Music Fact or Fiction – October 27, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction
October 27, 2017

Let’s sing and dance for a bit, shall we? I’ve roughly about 25 minutes to go before I have to leave for work and another glorious night at the local Alphabet Store. That’s plenty of time to do a Fact or Fiction, music style, isn’t it? Of course it is and so we shall. The questions come from my friends over at And the comments that follow… that’s me. Let’s do this…

1. Twiggy Ramirez’s career is likely over after the rape accusations from his ex.

FICTION: Maybe in a perfect world or even a semi-sane world, he would be toast, but these days, a person can do anything (except for pray or support Donald Trump) and all is forgiven eventually. Ramirez is poison right now and will need to lay low for a while, but eventually, some promoter or some band is going to come calling and he’ll be back onstage playing his guitar and doing the whole “I’ve changed and am looking for redemption” thing. Damn, I’m getting cynical these days, but that’s just how I expect it to go, justice be damned (unless Twiggy turns out to be Republican or a Trump supporter – and then he’s history and buried.)

2. Kid Rock would have won his race for Senate if he ran.

FICTION: As much as I would love to personally see a “Senator Rock”, it wouldn’t have happened. Rock is a smart guy and a helluva talent and musician, but is he qualified to be a United States Senator? Well, neither was Obama or Al Franken and they both got elected so that’s a bad question. But Rock would have a hard time getting the powers-that-be behind him and I think once the smoke and hype cleared, people would second guess his candidacy and vote for the other guy. His real-guy charm has strong appeal, but as a part of the Washington DC crowd, I just can’t see it happening.

3. Janet Jackson will appear at the Super Bowl halftime show.

FICTION: While it would be cool and would make big news for her and Justin Timberlake, the fact that everyone is already speculating and talking about it means she doesn’t have to and the audience will already be there. Justin is a smart performer and while I could see a tease of Janet, I think he’ll more likely just do a solo and if there are any “guests” onstage with him, it’d probably be N’Sync instead.

4. Taylor Swift’s “Gorgeous” isn’t as memorable as the other two singles from Reputation.

FACT: I listened to the song and while it’s okay, it’s nothing special. Nothing really stands out that makes me want to hear it again. Her earlier singles were far better.

5. You enjoyed Selena Gomez’s new songs “Wolves.”

FACT: It’s okay and kind of fun. Not really my style and when I see Gomez, I still think of her from the “Wizard’s Of Waverly Place” and not really as a singer, but at least I don’t think of her as Justin Beiber’s “beard” anymore so I guess that’s a good thing, right? The song is okay and I’ll listen again if it comes up on my YouTube feed. That’s about all the endorsement I can give though.

6. Youtube’s new series Best.Cover.Ever is worth watching.

FACT: People do videos of themselves covering songs on YouTube and it’s all part of a competition now. It’s the YouTube version of American Idol or The Voice. Good concept and since the folks are doing covers anyhow, why not have them compete for a shot at YouTube fame, right. I won’t be seeking it out to watch, but if it pops up and I’m in the mood, I’ll watch.

And there you go. I’ve got to leave for work in less than 5 minutes so I’m ending this here. Thanks for reading. Comments, questions and all feedback is welcome. Until the next time, take care.


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