A Dream & The City Hall – October 28, 2017

A Dream And The City Hall
October 28, 2017

Good morning and welcome to the early AM world of Dougie? It’s 7:15am and I have to be at work this morning by 9am to open up the ABC House of Spirits, plus I have one other thing to do first. It’s too damn early folks. But I’m up and have been for nearly 30 minutes… and I’m already ready for work. Whassup wit dat? I guess there are advantages to laying the clothes out the night before. Get up, quick shower, brush the teeth and I’m ready to go. Have I mentioned that it’s too damn early? And the rent is too damn high.

I had a weird dream last night. Most of the details are fading fast as I wake up more and more, but the basics are this. I’m working for Nic’s again, but I still have my current job too so this must be a part time gig. It’s not at a store, but in some kind of other building and I’m working with this guy I used to work with and he’s just chillin’ and smoking a cigarette and wearing a Sailor’s outfit for some reason. And Ken (Nichols) is following me around and saying that “we’re doing this because of Block”. I’m just like, “yeah, whatever” and make a comment that I don’t fit in anymore and feel like the odd man out. And Dean (Nichols) walks into the room and asks, “What don’t I know about? Hey Bud!”. And I throw a broom down on the floor and walked towards the door like, “I’m done. This is crazy!” And then my alarm went off and I woke up. What is that all about? I guess I need to quit reading all the political stuff on Facebook right before going to bed because it’s a bit overwhelming and now it’s affecting my dreams. Oh vey!

I will be so glad when this whole City Council race is over with and things can (hopefully) go back to normal with hopefully the right (new) people winning their elections and squashing this whole new “City Hall” crap right in the bud. Don’t get me wrong. On a personal level, I have nothing against the three incumbents. Well, two of them anyhow. I see them and they speak and I speak and we have nice little conversations about this and that and it’s all good. It’s nothing personal, but I think that this whole $14,000,000.00 deal (and larger than that when the smoke clears and the math is done) about a New City Hall and making that such a priority when this town is in such crap shape is wrong and a bad decision. There are so many other things that need to be addressed and focused on first and a new building, when there are already so many empty buildings already and so many people needing jobs and help, isn’t going to improve anything. And the final straw for me is the destruction of the former City Hall, the Barrett Building. It’s absolutely wrong and just so damn petty and sad. The way it appears is that destruction could start at any moment and doing this roughly a week or so before the election, where the whole reason that they’re claiming to need to destroy that gand manor may be nipped in the bud, is just so damn petty and a slap in the face to everyone who opposes the current City Council’s grand vision for their Taj Mahal mansion.

I actually have my own personal and selfish reasons for wanting to see the Mans (that’s what I call it and what it was called before being renamed the Barrett Building) has so many memories of good times and good people for me. A friend, Alex, now passed (RIP) lived there in the early 90’s and that was our hang-out and party house if you want to use that label. For us, it was just friends, old and new, together and having fun and making memories that would last a lifetime. If those walls could talk and the stories they could tell. When the old home was bought by the city and made into the new City Hall, I actually got a chuckle that the city officials were doing their business where myself and a few dozen others had partied so hard just a few years earlier. That building is an important part of my life from my early 20’s and I know so many others who feel the same way. And now, it’s just a tool being used by our current City Council to say that they are going to do what they want, regardless of what anyone else thinks or wants and regardless of what is best for our community. I don’t claim to have the answers, but I do know one thing. A new damn City Hall and the destruction of the Barrett Building sure as hell isn’t it.

By the way, has everyone seen the post where Dr. Block, our Mayor, posted a picture of Councilwoman Dee’s house on Facebook. This is in retaliation for an ad that was posted on the front page of the Laurinburg Excuse where they showed a picture of a property owned by Dr. Block here in Scotland County and a picture of a house he owns in Moore County and made a notation of this is where Dr. Block’s priorities are. And so Dr. Block retaliated and since they posted a picture of his house, he posted a picture of Dee’s. Petty and childish, I know, but still also kind of funny. I have to admit, I laughed.

And this rant ends here. I just remembered that I still have to go take my shots (diabetes) and clean the litter box (Goldie). And then it’ll be time to leave so I’d best get to hopping if I want to have time to go by the store and drop some things off on the way to work. So all you get is a short rant about the new City Hall and the Barrett Place. If you live in Laurinburg, vote in the election and please DO NOT vote for the incumbents. Evans, Garby and Evans is the way to go or Brian Gainey is good too. Brian is a great guy and would also do an excellent job if elected. Nothing personal as I said earlier, but J.D., Dee and Drew… every action has consequences and with their attempts to force that new City Hall on us, a big debt that we do not need, they don’t need to be representing us as the City Council. Just saying.

I have to go do stuff now. I’ll be back late tonight with a Wrestling Q&A and probably some other stuff as well. Thanks for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care.



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