Opposing Views – January 2, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Opposing Views
January 2, 2018

I don’t know why I even bother doing the political thing we call “Opposing Views” anymore. Politics suck and so do most politicians and I’m not talking about in the good way. We haven’t had an honest person in Washington D.C. since Jesse Helms passed away and these clowns now? Give me a break. This may be the last edition of “Opposing Views” for my site. Or it may just be the start of an onslaught of political commentary. We have elections coming up in November, right? We’ll just have to see what happens.

As for tonight, the questions come from the claiming to be of no agenda, but definitely leaning to the left Facebook page of the group called, “Opposing Views”. They suck in the whole “unbiased” category, but they have some great questions sometimes. And the answers, well that is all just me. Let’s do this…

Update: I got distracted and started watching RAW. Yeah, the WWE actually held my interest for a few moments. Go figure. And then I went to bed so obviously, this didn’t get completed and posted. It’s now 7:25am and I’m getting ready for work. I’ve got a few minutes while my breakfast cooks. Egg rolls. Yummy! Let’s do this now…

Obama may be out of office now, but Americans still seem to love him. Do you admire him?

What American’s are you talking to because the majority I speak to every day are glad he’s out of office and gone from our lives. Do I admire him? I admire the way he managed to get away with so much crap and blatantly lie to the American people day in and day out and people still think he’s the shit. Guess what? He’s not.

Would you like to see Obamas face on Mt. Rushmore some day?

Mt. Rushmore is reserved for Presidents who actually mean something and accomplished things during their time in office to make America better. I don’t think that Obama would be a good fit.

Do you think Obama was a better leader for America than Trump is?

Obama wasn’t so much a leader as a “boss”. He would always take the credit, pass the blame and refused to listen or take advice and admit that he might actually not know it all. Trump is a blowhard and an ego-maniac, but he knows how to delegate authority and things seem to get getting back on the right track under his watch. Based on what I’ve witnessed and seen so far with both men, I definitely think Trump is a leader, while Obama was the boss.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says Trump is completely embarrassing the United States on the world’s stage right now. Is he right?

The man who, while serving as Governor of California, got his kid’s nanny pregnant, is talking about someone else being embarrassing? I’ve seen Kindergarten Cop. Arnold has no right to talk about anyone… period.

Yes or no: Are the Clintons criminals?


Paul Ryan says Trump is a far better president than Obama ever was. Agree or disagree?

Let the facts speak for themselves. The economy is growing. The stock market is doing well. Taxes are coming down. Consumer confidence is up. Unemployment is down. The number of people getting food stamps has dropped. Illegal immigration is down. People are proud to be American’s again. So I think all of that would go under “Agree”. Ryan is a joke sometimes, but he’s right here.

Use one word to describe Michelle Obama.


Matthew McConaughey says Americans need to come together and give Trump a chance to succeed. Do you agree with McConaughey?

Absolutely. Trump is the President of the United States and whether you like it or not, if he fails, we all suffer as a result. If he succeeds, we all benefit and are rewarded. It’s just common sense that it’s better for America if the President succeeds and does well. I hope he does.

Would you like to see Elizabeth Warren run for president one day?

Yes, just to ensure that whoever the Republican nominee gets a huge and clean victory. Warren is even less qualified than Obama was or Trump (allegedly) was and is a joke as a Senator. She’s also a habitual liar and a hypocrite. Hmmmmm. On second thought, she’d probably get elected by the new generation of idiots out there who don’t want a leader who does what needs to be done, but instead want someone who will lie to them, coddle to them, give them free things and pass the buck. She’s certainly all that.

Which president makes you more proud of America: Trump or Obama?

Trump. And build that damn wall!

Would you support a bill to protect Confederate monuments nationwide?

I think a bill to protect ALL monuments, be it Confederate, Civil rights, or whatever, would be a good thing. History is to be learned from and respected, not ignored and destroyed because someone has hurt feelings. Those that don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it. Leave the monuments alone and let’s learn from them.

Describe the Clinton family in one word.


Do you support a homeowner’s right to shoot an intruder in their home?

Absolutely. A person’s home is their castle and if someone has broken in, a person should have every right to defend themselves, their families and their home. The criminal sacrificed all rights when they made that decision to trespass and become a threat and thus, should be treated accordingly. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. I’m through. Time now to go finish getting ready for work. Thoughts, comments and any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading. And until the next time, stay safe and stay warm. It’s very cold outside. Take care…


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